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13 The Importance of Learning English in Indonesia

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English has become an international language that helps people communicate across the world. The language has entered Indonesia and making impacts in people’s lives. Indonesians are beginning to understand the importance of learning English. Below are 13 Importance of Learning English in Indonesia. Read to find out how English can help Indonesians in their daily life.


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1. Earn International Scholarships

For those who are looking for international scholarships in Indonesia, learning the English language is a crucial thing. Some international scholarships will only give away their scholarships to people who have a certain level in the English language. There will be tests and interviews to prove how good your English is. When you can at least master the language a little bit, there is a higher chance that you will receive a scholarship.

2. Make International Friends

There are so many people outside Indonesia who can end up being your friends. However, these people mostly cannot speak Bahasa Indonesia. The best way to reach out to make international friends is to learn English. English has become a language that connects people all over the world. Speaking English is even a part of teenager lifestyle in Indonesia. When you are confident enough in your English, you can muster up the courage to make friends from another country.

3. Help Other People Who Doesn’t Understand English

Some Indonesians can now speak English very well. However, some still find difficulties in the language. By learning English, you can help other people to understand English. Start helping the closest people around you whenever they find difficulties in understanding something. Moreover, they could be your friends or your family members. It is a great feeling when you can help someone with your knowledge in English.

4. Getting a Job

Learning English in Indonesia is so important because it can give you a lot of benefits. One of them is getting a job. There are actually some job positions that require people to know or understand English. People will interview their potential workers by using English. If you can already use the language with ease then you could actually ace the interview. It is a great way to land a job in Indonesia. Also, you might want to learn Indonesian work culture to help you out.

5. Know the Meaning Behind Signs

When you learn English in Indonesia, even the most basic words are important. It can help you in a lot of ways. For example, you can know the meaning behind signs. A simple door sign might say ‘push’ or ‘pull’. Knowing what those English words mean can help you open a door correctly. Furthermore, it can save you from unnecessary embarrassment from opening a door incorrectly.

6. Understand International News Reports

In Indonesia, most news reports are available in Bahasa Indonesia of course. Other than that, some are reported using the local language from a certain region in Indonesia. However, there are a lot of international news reports too. These news reports are mostly in English. Learning English can help you understand the news better. Additionally, you gain more knowledge about a certain event that is happening in the world.

7. Understand Borrowed Words

When you can learn English and understand it, you might be able to have a deeper understanding in the Bahasa Indonesia language. Some words in Bahasa Indonesia are actually borrowed words from English. For example, the word siluet in Bahasa Indonesia is actually ‘silhouette’ in English. So, when you also know that the word is English, you can use it correctly because you understand the meaning.

8. Become Part in Globalisation

Globalisation has become a crucial and impactful thing to happen in our lifetime. It connects people from all sorts of ethnic background and culture. So, when you learn English you can use the knowledge to connect with other. In other words, you can interact with people all over the globe.

9. Act as Translator

You can act as a translator when you learn English in Indonesia. In case there are some lost tourists, you can direct them to the right place because you at least have some knowledge in the English language. When there are people who want to speak with foreigners, you can help them out too.

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10. Read English Books

In Indonesia, some books are also available in English. Understanding a book through its original language can help you gain more knowledge. Other than that, you can also read the English book to improve your English further. You can learn how to create the right structure for sentences. You may also improve your vocabularies.

11. Use Social Medias

Most people who use social medias use English as their language. This is when English become handy. While you are in Indonesia, you can use other language to connect with someone else out there through your social media. You may even attract some people to the Indonesian culture and language. Exposing yourself to the world using English can help people know Indonesia more. But while on the internet, always remember internet rules in Indonesia to avoid trouble.

12. Correct Wrong English

In Indonesia there might be some products or labels which have the wrong structure in English. In fact, it is a very common thing. But when you learn the proper English structure in Indonesia, you can identify these mistakes easier. Moreover, you can also know how to correct those wrong English sentences.

13. Write in English

This last importance of learning English in Indonesia is very useful. When you know how to write in English, you can avoid mistakes in writing English incorrectly. Moreover, you can use this skill when you use your social medias or blogs. That way, you can reach out to more people outside of Indonesia. This is another great way to let people know Indonesia even more.

English can definitely help Indonesians to broaden their knowledge. It could help them have successful careers and bigger education opportunity. The language has indeed help open many doors to chances in the world.

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