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The Number of How Many of Indonesia’s Islands are Inhabited

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Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) recorded that 87.62 percent or 15,337 islands in Indonesia is uninhabited. That means only 12.38 percent or about 2,342 islands are inhabited from the number of islands as many as 17,504 islands.


The Government of Indonesia in 2007 at the United Nations Conference on the Standards of Geographical Names (UNCSGN) in New York has deposited 4,981 islands to the United Nations.

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The Outer islands of Indonesia

The government is focus to give a priority to the management of small islands is to 92 outer islands. From the CTF’s list, 92 small and outer islands are mostly in Eastern Indonesia, for example in Papua and Maluku. Meanwhile in the western part of Indonesia, the spread of the island is mostly in the Riau Islands and Aceh. Here is the list:

  1. Alor (NTT)
  2. Ararkula (Maluku)
  3. Asutubun (Maluku)
  4. Rising (North Sulawesi),
  5. Barung (East Java),
  6. Batarkusu (Maluku),
  7. Batek (NTT)
  8. Batu Bawaikang (North Sulawesi),
  9. Batu Berhanti (Batam),
  10. Rock Goyang (Maluku),
  11. Small Stone (Lampung),
  12. Batu Mandi (Riau Islands),
  13. Bengal (Aceh)
  14. Bepondi (Papua),
  15. Idols (North Sumatra),
  16. Bras (Papua),
  17. Budd (Papua),
  18. Damar (Riau Islands),
  19. Fund (NTT),
  20. Ndana (NTT),
  21. deli (Baten),
  22. Dona (NTT),
  23. Enggano (Bengkulu),
  24. Enu (Maluku),
  25. Fani (Papua),
  26. Fanildo (Papua),
  27. Gosong Makassar (East Kalimantan),
  28. Intata (North Sulawesi),
  29. Little Iyu (Kepulauan Riau),
  30. Jiew (Maluku),
  31. Kakarutan (North Sulawesi),
  32. Coral (Maluku),
  33. Karaweira (Maluku),
  34. Little Karimun (Karimun),
  35. Kawalusu (North Sulawesi),
  36. Kawio (north Sulawesi),
  37. Head (Riau Islands),
  38. Kisar (Maluku),
  39. Kolepon (Papua),
  40. South Kultubai (Maluku),
  41. North Kultubai (Maluku),
  42. Laag (Papua),
  43. Larat (Maluku),
  44. Llety (Maluku),
  45. Liki (Papua),
  46. Lingian (Central Sulawesi),
  47. Liran (Maluku),
  48. Makalehi (North Sulawesi),
  49. Mangkai (Riau Islands),
  50. Mangudu (NTT),
  51. Manterawu (North Sulawesi),
  52. Manuk (West Java),
  53. Marampit (North Sulawesi),
  54. Maratua (East Kalimantan),
  55. Marore (North Sulawesi),
  56. Marsela (Maluku),
  57. Meatimiarang (Maluku),
  58. Mega (Bengkulu),
  59. Miangas (North Sulawesi),
  60. Miossu (Papua),
  61. Nipa (Riau Islands),
  62. Nongsa (Riau Islands),
  63. Nusakembangan (Central Java),
  64. Panambulai (Maluku),
  65. Panehan (East Java)
  66. Pelampong (Riau Islands),
  67. Raya (Aceh),
  68. Rondo (Aceh),
  69. Deer (Aceh),
  70. Salando (Central Sulawesi),
  71. Great Salaut (Aceh),
  72. Sambit (East Kalimantan),
  73. Sebatik (East Kalimantan),
  74. Sebetul (Riau Islands),
  75. Sekatung (Riau Islands),
  76. Sekel (East Java),
  77. Selaru (Maluku),
  78. Semiun (Riau Islands),
  79. sentut (Riau Islands),
  80. Senua (Riau Islands),
  81. Sibarubaru (West Sumatra),
  82. Simeuleuceut (Aceh),
  83. Simuk (North Sumatra),
  84. Sinyaunyau (West Sumatra),
  85. Sophialouisa (NTB),
  86. Small Subi (Riau Islands),
  87. Tokong beayar (Riau Islands),
  88. Tokong Blue Angle (Riau Islands),
  89. Tokong Nanas (Riau Islands),
  90. Tokongboro (Kepulauan Riau)
  91. Wetar (Maluku),
  92. Wunga (North Sumatra).

Ownership and control of small islands and most on behalf of individuals or strangers is prohibited by Law No. 32 of 2014 on Marine and Law No. 27 of 2007 on the Management of Coastal Areas and Small Islands. This year KKP will focus on controlling the ownership of small and outer islands in Indonesia

For that, the management of the island concerned is very important, both for uninhabited and uninhabited islands. In the future, the number of Indonesian islands that have been named can still increase because not all the small islands that have been in the validation, carried out verification of the name of the island.

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The uninhabited island in Indonesia

Not only the outer island, Indonesia also still gives the big monitor to some uninhabited island in Indonesia. Some of them also have beautiful scenery and everyone could visit there. Here is the list:

  1. Intata island

Intata Island is the most uninhabited uninhabited island in Indonesia, because the sea is clear, and the white sand that spoil the eye. This island is one of the small islands among the 11 outermost islands in the province of North Sulawesi. In Intata is not available lodging, because the island is not uninhabited. But do not worry that you can stop by Kakorotan Island which is across from Intata Island. A friendly Karorotan resident will be willing to accommodate you in their home.

  1. Mandiki Island

This one island is a small island located in the area of West Sumbawa. The characteristic of this island is many large and small rocks scattered around it. Therefore, this island is also often called by the name of Pulau Batu. In addition, some are calling it as a Genang Island which means drum, because its shape is similar to drum.

The island has clear waters, so you can snorkel or dive to explore the underwater beauty. In addition, if you are big guts, you can climb the highest rock cliffs on this island. Generally, this cliff becomes a favorite point of the tourists who visited Mandiki Island.

  1. Pasumpahan Island

The next uninhabited island is located in Padang City, namely Pulau Pasumpahan. This island presents a beautiful panorama of the sea, has a fairly long coastline, and is surrounded by many small islands. Small islands that make this Spill has a very amazing natural beauty.

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  1. Pombo island

The next uninhabited island is located 5 km from Ambon Island, Central Maluku. Pombo Island has a high biodiversity and ecosystem, which is why Pombo Island is used as a conservation area of land that is designated as a nature reserve and the waters surrounding it as a marine nature park.

On this island you can swim, snorkel, dive, fishing, trekking, bird watching, walking around the island, and various other nature tourism activities. On this island you will also find Pombo birds. This species of birds fly back and forth with a number of quite a lot.

  1. Selayar Island

The island is located on the north side of Gresik regency, East Java. Selayar Island has beaches with very fine white sand, such as Pamatata Beach, Tanaera Beach, or Lansangireng Beach.

It is not only the beauty of the beach, but also the beautiful underwater panorama of Takabonerate National Park is available in this island. Under the sea from Takabonerate it has coral atoll with an area of 220 thousand hectares and is the largest atoll in Southeast Asia and the third largest in the world. Beautiful underwater biota that you can meet is a wide range of fish, sea snails, turtles, colorful coral and other marine biota.

  1. Cemara Besar Island

If we visit the Karimun Islands of Java precisely from the opposite side of Jepara, we will arrive at a Cemara Besar Island. The location of the island is located in Central Java Province is already owned by SUPM is the School of Fisheries Medium Enterprises. The island that looks shimmering with white sand has many cypress trees so no doubt if the island is called Pulau Cemara Besar.

The more unique is, you will be spoiled with white sand scenery that stretched extends and extends. The plain jutted from the direction of the island to the ocean after the waves receded. That’s the usual tourist attraction. However, we must be careful because there are many stingrays that sting behind the beach so it is advisable to use footwear.

Those are the short explanations of the inhabitant island in Indonesia. In conclusion, we should preserve the island by keep the balance of environment well so the island won’t be disappear.

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