15 Why is Bali A Good Place To Visit

Indonesia is very lucky because it not only has a variety of cultures, food, dances and so on. However, Indonesia also has the privilege of its beautiful and charming island. One of them is the island of Bali, all must have known the island of Bali.

There are many uniqueness, beauty, and features that you can get on this island. Apart from the uniqueness of culture, language, food, dance, there are also tourist attractions that are worth visiting. The following is an explanation of different types of recreation in Bali.

Even foreign tourists are very addicted to visiting and returning to Bali. Next, we will discuss the various features of Bali, which you should not miss. See the explanation of why is Bali a good place to visit that you need to know, as below:

1. Because Bali is very famous

Bali is very famous as a beautiful and beautiful island, not only in Indonesia but also in foreign countries. No wonder that eventually many people visited Bali. Many famous Hollywood artists and well-known athletes from all corners of the world come to Bali on vacation. Generally, they feel proud when they have vacationed to Bali.

2. Bali is famous for its food

About culinary, Bali is indeed a place that offers a variety of delicious menus. It feels incomplete if you come to an area without eating the typical culinary area.

Bali has several unique cuisines such as satay plecing, satay lilit, tepeng rice, betutu chicken and jinggo rice. The price is guaranteed affordable and certainly feels very tempting to your taste. Some things you should know are things you should not miss in Bali.

3. Lots of cheap promos for vacationing in Bali

Why is Bali a good place to visit is because the number of travel agency businesses is currently increasing, especially Internet-based ones.

Various ways are carried out by agencies to attract visitors to get customers. One of them is offering a promo for a trip to Bali. In addition, many airlines also offer cheap flight tickets to Bali. Lodging in the vicinity of tourist areas in Bali also does not want to lose to provide extra cheap offers for customer satisfaction and promotion of tourist destinations.

4. Many hotel choices in Bali

Because Bali is the preferred destination for many people, it’s no wonder promos are also offered by the hotel. In addition to hotels, there are also many ordinary lodging places that are offered at fairly cheap prices, visitors just choose which one is the choice and also the destination.

Besides being cheap, the facilities are also not inferior to star-rated hotel facilities. Here are recommendations for those of you who like shopping, namely things you can buy in Bali.

5. Balinese are famous for being friendly and living in harmony

In Bali, it is famous for its harmonious, friendly and harmonious life. This can be seen from how they carry out worship with wisdom, accepting foreigners. As well as being able to respect each person regardless of religion, race, and status. And Balinese people are very famous for their strong religious life.

6. Bali is famous for its unique rice fields

Why is Bali, the next good place to visit is Bali has lots of rice fields in mountainous areas?. The rice field system known as the terracing system that is used by farmers makes the scenery of rice fields in Bali more beautiful and charming.

For example, many Balinese artists live in Ubud which gives the impression of peace and away from the crowd. The rural atmosphere in Bali will be very suitable for those of you who want to escape from the city crowd or take a moment of solitude. You must avoid the following, if you don’t want to be punished, that are things you should never do in Bali Indonesia.

7. Many beautiful beach tours

There is no doubt about Bali as a destination for beautiful beaches. Beaches are one of the reasons why many people visit this island.

Bali does have a series of beaches with amazing charm. So that it can hypnotize its visitors to return to Bali. Almost all beaches in Bali have soft white sand and cool blue water. There are also many supporting facilities around the beach, this makes the beaches in Bali more crowded with tourists.

8. Many challenging water games in Bali

Besides Bali being the main choice of tourist destinations, both local and foreign. Here are the reasons why is Bali a good place to visit, because in Bali many offer a variety of water sports such as Flying Board, Banana Boat, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Waterski, Rafting, and Jetski.

Especially in the Tanjung Benoa area, you can find almost all water sports and of course at affordable prices. Here there are the facts and interesting things to buy in Bali souvenir recommendations.

9. Bali is rich in famous traditional cultural wisdom

Apart from tourist attractions, food, in Bali also has a variety of unique cultures, customs. A very strong culture like dance culture, habits in worship, unique building forms and many others. This makes many visitors curious about all that. And if traced in depth, it turns out knowing Balinese culture is very pleasant and impressed.

10. Lots of clubs or nightlife centers

One of the festivities in Bali that you can enjoy is the nightlife that is also not less vibrant. Nightclubs in Bali are famous for the price of drinks with various brands and types at affordable prices, and the types of entertainment provided are no less interesting.

Not infrequently clubs in Bali invite famous DJs from around the world to appear with the aim to entertain their visitors. If you are a fan of the night world, there is nothing wrong if you visit just to socialize and unwind.


Next, you have to know, why is Bali a good place to visit is like a few explanations below:

  • In Bali, you can find many souvenir shops that sell unique and interesting Balinese accessories. Besides that, souvenirs are made in a traditional way, in a distinctive form, and for the price is certainly very affordable for visitors. Souvenirs can be shirts, sandals, accessories, food and many more. What is certain is that you will be satisfied with all the souvenirs available in Bali.
  • The religious ceremony in Bali is quite phenomenal and very unique. Because it only exists in Bali you can see amazing religious ceremonies, such as Ngaben ceremonies, self-purification ceremonies, tooth cutting ceremonies and so on. Each ceremony has a purpose and also the meaning that is contained, as an expression of gratitude to God and respect for other living creatures. You must try the fun and interesting activities in Bali mostly recommended.
  • Why is Bali, the next good place to visit, Bali has an attraction for places of worship like Pura. In every Balinese house must have a temple building, which functioned as a place of worship. Temple in each house is different, starting from the size and shape. It is amazing and beautiful, visitors can visit temples in polite clothes and say good things too.
  • You can enjoy entertainment facilities while in Bali, such as yoga, spa, and other soothing and refreshing treatments. For those of you who need body care to be fresher and also make you much more relaxed.
  • You can also enjoy typical Balinese dance, besides that in Bali, there are many other unique tourist attractions that have not been touched by people. Examples include beaches in remote Bali, waterfalls and so on.

So first, the explanation of why is Bali is a good place to visit, hopefully, it will be of benefit during your vacation in Bali.