80+ Fascinating and Unique Facts About Indonesia (What Travelers Need)

Indonesia is already well-known for having many unique characteristics in every way. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia consists of having more than 10000 islands. Indonesia is also known as heaven of tourist cause many places that worth to visit, cultures which can gain your knowledge and experiences. Sometimes, many tourists also make Indonesia for their business place as Indonesia is one of the largest trading place in the world. However, Some people especially international foreign may not know about Indonesia. Indonesia has unique places and traditions that can attract between local and international tourists to visit Indonesia. Indonesia’s culture, it has many unique things to know and learn about and makes you find it interesting. Here some things that you should know about Indonesia’s unique cultures.

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Unique Places

If France has a Eiffel tower, Italy has Pisa Tower, South Korea has Namsan Tower, Indonesia also known as Country which have the most unique places that worth to visit. Not only in capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, but also in other province. Here some unique places that can be recommended to visit.

1. Chicken Church ( Central Java )

Gereja AyamIf you love to visit some unique places, you must come to one of church in Indonesia  called “Chicken Church”. This church has a unique structural like shaped like chicken that you can find it interesting. This church already built since 1990 and the one and only unique church in the world. Some people called it as one of church which is for Christian Religion. Actually, the creator of this church said that this place is only for people who believe in God and want to pray for getting wisdom. So, this Chicken church can be visited for all people in any religion without find it strangely. If you want to visit there, you can go to Magelang City, Indonesia

Here, you can find some awesome vintage Spot, unique creature of building and also beautiful scenery if you see the view on top after take a step on unique ladder there. Since 2000, Chicken church officially closed due lack of financial but nowadays, many people visit there and share it into social media. Then this place is become popular again for people who love unique things. The view that Chicken church offered is match to you who like a nostalgic art and old-like spot to take an an awesome photo and unforgettable moment.

2. Janjang Saribu ( West Sumatera )

The Great Wall IndonesiaJanjang Saribu is new landmark located in Agam City, West Sumatra,Indonesia. Janjang Saribu become popular because its structure is similar with “The Great Wall of China”,  then many people called Janjang Saribu is “The Great Wall of Indonesia. Janjang Saribu was officially published for public in 2013 by Tifatul Sembiring, when he still as President of Communication and Information Ministry. The length of this wall reaches of 780 meters and 2 meters in side. Even though not as similar as The Great Wall China, Janjang Saribu is one of Unique place that you can find it interesting.

Nowadays, Janjang Saribu is not only for tourists who want to sight-seeing, but also Indonesian people use this Great Wall to hiking and refresh their mind by walking. To reach the high top of the wall, for people who already love to hiking, it takes 25 until 30 minutes but if you are a begineer for hiking, it takes more 30 minutes so you must in a good conditionfor hike Janjang Saribu Great wall.

In Janjang Saribu, There are some facilities such as Toilet, Pray Room, Walking Spot, and also many Souvenir Shop. You can buy some merchandise to recollect your memories in Janjang Saribu after you back to your country for tourists .

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3. Birah – Birahan Island ( South Kalimantan )

Pulau Birah Birahan KalimantanAs you know that Indonesia has so many beautiful islands that really makes you relaxe from daily activities. Both the nature and air is still fresh to make our brain feel wisdom. For those who love beach and do water sport activities, you must visit this beautiful island called “Birah – Birahan”.  Birah – Birahan island is located in KotaBaru, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. To reaches this island, you may take a boat in Kenyamukan Port to Island with 700.000 – 900.000 rupiahs per boat, and it takes 8 hours to arrive Birah – Birahan Island.

Birah – Birahan Island has three zones of beaches. First is Coral zone, Rock zone, and Seaweed zone. This zones are really beautiful for snorkeling because they have many beautiful fishes live around there. When you want snorkeling, you must have your self-equipment because there is no place who provide the equipment.

After snorkeling, you can do some activities in island such as do football, sightseeing, and then take a beautiful picture because the Sea. Then, you can not forget about the sunset. In this island, Sunset is worth  to wait. Its similar to Sunset in Kuta beach, Bali. Even more colorful with the blend of Sunlight, cloud, and the deep blue water. Its make a perfect creature sunset that make you smile.

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Other places :

  1. Belitung Island, Bangka Belitung – One of exotic island that full of clear white sands and beautiful color of with small islands around here.
  2. Green Canyon, West Java – Green Canyon is the most beautiful nature’s creature from Java. There are flow of river, green Valley, and , Enchanted Forest which makes perfect blend in one picture and can captures your eyes easily.
  3. Rinjani Mountain, Nusa Tenggara Barat – One of Favorite Mountain by hiker. Rinjani Mountain has extraordinary scenery than other mountain in Indonesia. Strong wind usually come in Mid of August.
  4. Cibodas Botanical Garden, West Java – The beautiful green garden that has been popular to be one of place you must visit in Indonesia. Cibodas garden has been recognized as heaven park in Asia.
  5. Sunda Kelapa Port, North Jakarta – This port is a land of photographer. If you love Photography, you can visit this port. Its has many unique boats and if you don’t want to go to beach, the sunrise or sunset is worth to seen.
  6. Upside Down World, Yogyakarta – This place offers to taste how you are if you at inverted world. All architecture and furniture is purely original and gives an awesome vibe.
  7. Kemarau Island, South Sumatera – An original Love Island in Indonesia. it has seven Pagodas which become phenomenal, you can reach this island by boat.
  8.  Padar Island, West Nusa Tenggara – What makes this place is unique is the view at the top of islands, you will see the beautiful natural architecture of Komodo island.
  9. Kalipancur Waterfall, Central Java – Located in near Nogasaren Village, not so far from Salatiga. You can breath some fresh air and also swimming or diving.
  10. Keluang Island, Aceh – Island that has 15 Hectares with a beautiful white sands, strong hill beside it, and bat cave.
  11. Brown Canyon, Central Java – Just like a green Canyon, Brown Canyon offers us beautiful perfect green – brown mixtures of natural architecture.
  12. Mentawai Island, West Sumatera – The heaven of surfing in Indonesia. It has 400 points for surfer in this island. The view of sunrise and sunset are also perfectly gorgeous picture.
  13. Pinus Forest, Central Java – For a wisdom and fresh air seeker, also want to get a closer with nature. Pinus Forest will be heal you immediately.
  14. Kaba Hill, Bengkulu – Recommended for a beginner backpacker who want to try hiking for the first time, you can try at Kaba Hill.
  15. Kerinci Mountain, Jambi – The most favorite and thriller hiking track for backpacker because Kerinci is the largest mountain in Sumatera.
  16. Balak Beach, Lampung – Beach that has most rocks and corals on it. The color of them is match with beautiful clean water.
  17. Suramadu Bridge, East Java – If you love photography, you must capture your moment at Suramadu Bridge because the structure of bridge is really long and at the top of river.
  18. Toba Lake, North Sumatera – The most popular lake with the story behind it. The visitors will be fascinating about small mountain that look a like with boat shape.
  19.  Tsunami Island, Aceh – Aceh people usually called as Sudhen island. This island is one of Tsunami in Aceh in 2004’s heritage.
  20. Borobudur Temple, Central Java – One of spectacular heritage of Indonesia located in Magelang. It will make you travel back in time to see the truth of the history this temple.
  21. Blue Lake, Central Kalimantan – This lake is usually called as “House of Orang Utan” . Many Orang Utan lives there. Gain more popular because the white sands in bottom sea then make the water is so blue and beautiful.
  22. Wakatobi Island, Southeast Sulawesi – If Mentawai Island is heaven of surfing, Wakatobi Island is a land of diving. many fishes and others live under this beach of Wakatobi Island and you can be anticipate for it.
  23. National Gallery, North Jakarta –It contains of various art from Aceh to Papua. You also can see modern art such as street photography, street calligraphy, and etc.
  24. Lara Jonggrang Restaurant, Central Jakarta – Here you can enjoy authentic Indonesian food with enchanting and cultural eateries in Jakarta. Inspired by the legend of a stunningly beautiful princess from Javanese mythology, this restaurant offered the region’s mystical history through its detailed interior design also unique antiquities furniture which perfectly decorated.
  25. Sibolangit Resort, North Sumatera – One of an option if you want to take a rest after travelling. This resort provides incredible night view of natural scenery with various lamp take a spotlight on it. The facilities can make you comfortable so you can have a good sleep and sweet dream.

Unique Foods

Indonesia has known of heaven of foods. Many type of delicious foods in Indonesia already recognized in the world. one of them is Rendang. Rendang has been known as one of favorite food you must try if you visit Indonesia. Not only Rendang, each of Indonesia’s province has its own food which really has a good taste and match your preference. Here some recommended of Indonesia’s culinary.

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1. Bika Ambon ( North Sumatera )

Bika Ambon Asli medanNot only places, Indonesia has many unique kind of foods that may you find it something different than other foods. Such as Bika Ambon. Some people think that Bika Ambon is from Ambon, North Sulawesi. In fact, Bika Ambon is come from Medan, North Sumatera. Bika Ambon is made by Egg, wheat, and coconut. Nowadays, it grows with many variants of flavor such as cheese, Durian, and Chocolate.

Bika Ambon is one of icon in Medan and most favorite cake that you must try if you visit Medan. However, Many Indonesian people recommended this cake to be souvenir for tourists. Many markets in other province sell Bika Ambon but the flavor is different than the original Bika ambon in Medan.

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2. Nasi Kucing ( Yogyakarta )

Nasi Kucing YogyakartaIf you ever visit Yogyakarta, there are many shop that selling Nasi Kucing. Actually, Cat Rice or Nasi Kucing is from Yogyakarta but nowadays, you can find it in capital city of Indonesia too. There is not like you eat a whole cat meat or eat with cat. The portion of rice and meal are like cat’s food portion. This food is good for people who don’t eat in a big portion.

In Solo, most of Nasi Kucing’s seller made the combine of rice with Bandeng fish and anchovies. Rice will be more delicious if you eat with traditional sauce.

3.Kue Dollar ( East Java )

Kue Dollar SurabayaDollar Chips or known as Kue Dollar is a food that you can find in every spot in Surabaya, East Java. Kue Dollar is one of popular souvenir you must buy if you visit Surabaya. The taste of Kue Dollar is crunchy and kind of sweet. You can enjoy in some variant flavor like cheese, ginger, and many more.

why Kue dollar is unique? because the shape of this food which contains egg, water, and flour are similar with Dollar Coin. Its remind us that this food already being consumed by Indonesia people since Netherlands and Japan Era. that’s why,  Kue Dollar is one of unique food in that you must taste in Indonesia.

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4. Bubur Manado ( North Sulawesi )

Bubur Manado SulawesiMany people who visit Sulawesi recommended this food as one of food you must try. Bubur Manado not only loved by Sulawesi people, but also Javanese. Many people who transmigrated to Java try to sells it and slowly become popular. The flavor is kind of different than if you taste it directly in Sulawesi.

The ingredients of Bubur Manado are rice, salt, pepper, and kind of other herbs that contains a high nutrition on it. Bubur Manado is good for vegetarian or unhealthy people. It gains your balancing health in your body. It will be nice if you taste it with frying fish and the flavor is more different than if you only eat Bubur Manado.

5. Selendang Mayang ( DKI Jakarta )

Selendang Mayang JakartaSelendang Mayang is one of favorite drink in Jakarta. Nowadays, we hard to find people who sell it. Selendang Mayang means each layer is composed of several colors. It Presents by cutting thin elongated like a scarf. Selendang Mayang gives you a fresh vibe with a many color blend on it. Selendang Mayang usually served in a big traditional event. It contains rice flour combine with seasoning water that can fill your hunger vibe. If you wanna taste this drink, you can go to Fatahillah Square, near Jakarta Kota Station. There are some people still selling it because Fatahillah is favorite place for tourist to sight – seeing the Fatahillah Museum. Commonly, There are around in Fatahillah square until Jakarta Kota Station. Therefore, Selendang mayang is a icon of Betawi ethnic.

6. Surabi ( West Java )

Surabi , Serabi BandungSurabi is one of traditional snack made from Bandung, West Java. Surabi is similar as pancake but Surabi has a smooth texture. Its made by rice flour and has a strong scent because they made in traditional stove and being fan until it cooked. There are two types of Surabi, Sweet Surabi and Salty Surabi. Indonesian sometimes called this food as “Serabi” .

In Bandung, Surabi be served in the morning as dessert after breakfast with Java sugar syrup on top of it. You can find this variant flavor of Surabi with topping such as sausages, cheeses, and mayonnaise.  Jakarta and Solo also have their type of Surabi. In Jakarta, Surabi usually called as “Kue Ape” meanwhile in Solo called as ” Srabi Solo”.

Here other foods that can We recommend if you visit Indonesia :

  1. Bangkong Curry, Central Java – Culinary food of Semarang, Central Java since 1950. The ingredients are small chopped chicken, frying onions, and white noodle. Its give a unforgettable taste if you eat with Seasoning Chicken.
  2. Oen Ice Cream Shop, East Java – One of handmade ice cream Shop. Many tourist love to taste sparkling delight coffee topping. For only 20 thousands rupiah, you can buy it and feel the melting sensation of the ice cream.
  3. Padang Satay, West Sumatera – Made by premium cow meat and seasoned by traditional herbs and spices. A little bit spicy but its so delicious if you eat when still hot after served.
  4. Tiaw Noodle, West Kalimantan  – Food that you must eat in Pattimura Street, Kalimantan. This Soup can be served in two types, Fried and boiled. Perfect blend of egg, Cabbage, bean sprouts with slice of meat on top. It makes you feel want to eat faster even though is hot.
  5. Pempek, South Sumatera – This food is icon of South Sumatera. Many Asian people love to eat this food because the scent of Tenggiri Fish. Pempek usually served with spicy syrup and fish powder.
  6. Coto Makassar, South Sulawesi – Full of Indonesia’s herb and spices seasoning in Soup. Served with slice of meat, and some veggies make this food is one of favorite if you visit South Sulawesi.
  7. Liwet Rice, Central Java – This food is unique because the rice is half – full cooked by water then being cooked in coconut water. Served with pumpkin soup, sliced of egg and meat then served in banana leaves. You can feel the traditional feeling after you taste this Liwet rice.
  8. Betutu Chicken, Bali – If you like spicy food, you must try Betutu chicken from Bali. Full of spicy herbs and spices for seasoning chicken. It makes you addicted with this food.
  9. Gudeg, Yogyakarta – Gudeg is one of food that served in complete meal. Beside a rice for main dish, you will get a other food such as Tempe, Tahu, slice of seasoning chicken, Krecek Sauce, and boiled eggs.
  10. Meatball Soup, East Java – Meatball Soup with traditional seasoning is one of popular food in Indonesia. You can find this food in metropolitan City. Best when you eat at night.
  11. Aceh Noodle, Aceh – One of trademark of Aceh’s Culinary. Most of tourists want to taste this noodle which combine with unique Herb and Spices.
  12. Papeda, Papua – Papua has traditional porridge called Papeda. Its made by sogu flour and served with Tongkol fish. Papeda is unique because it has sticky texture.
  13. Taliwang Chicken, West Nusa Tenggara – If you visit Nusa Tenggara, you must try this seasoning chicken. Its crunchy and little bit spicy in same time. If you love spicy foods, you can eat it with spicy peanut traditional sauce.
  14. Patin Fish Curry, Jambi – The strong scent of Patin Fish with seasoned soup make the taste is so delicious when you eat it hot. This food is healthy because it has less cholesterol.
  15. Lumpia, Central Java – Traditional snack which similar as Spring roll of Philippines. Lumpia is served by frying them. It is a savory snack made of thin pastry skin called “lumpia wrapper” combine of savory fillings, consists of chopped veggies.
  16. Cendol, West Java – Traditional drink consists of rice flour with natural coloring food liquid and shaped by mold. Cendol is sweet drink that keeps you healthy because the ingredients are using traditional herb.
  17. Limun Sarsaparilla, Yogyakarta – This traditional drinks is being favorited by Indonesian people since 1950. Limun Sarsaparilla gives a combine of mint and lemon taste which make you fresh.
  18. Wedang Ronde, Yogyakarta –  Yogyakarta’s trademark. Its consist of ginger, peanut, and slice of bread on it. You can find this drink a Malioboro Area.
  19. Gayo Coffee, Aceh – Popular traditional coffee in Indonesia beside Toraja. Gayo Coffee has a unique scent and smooth feeling when you drink it. Gayo Coffee also called as “the most organic coffee” in Indonesia.
  20. Java Green Tea, West Java – If you green tea addict, you must try this healthy Java Green tea. Drink Green Tea in daily can loss your weight and burn the body fat.
  21.  Carabikang, West Java – Traditional cake that contains many nutrition such as protein which very good for bone growth. It doesn’t use any chemical material to make it.

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Unique Traditions

1. Debus ( Banten )

Debus, Tradisional Debus BantenDebus is one of traditional attraction that still exist until now especially in Banten. Debus is dangerous attraction. It contents of material arts that using Silat movements and traditional weapon such as Golok and Keris, kind of traditional knife in Indonesia.

Debus is an art since one hundred year ago and growing up in Banten. Debus is focus on people who can maintenance his/her body immunity. For example, people can not get scars even if he walks in scattered mirror. Doesn’t bleed if getting hurt by knife, and other activities who using body for performance. Debus, in general, is include dance and song for almighty God. That kind of attraction to shows gratitude to God. Nowadays, Debus is rated as one of dangerous art cause many performer is using mystic on it.

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2. Ngaben ( Bali )

Tradisi Bali, Ngaben Bali. HinduBali is one of province that get most attraction by Internasional Tourist. Most of beautiful place is worth to be visited there. But if you know, Bali also have one of unique tradition that still maintained of local people. It called Ngaben.

Ngaben is one of funeral ceremony which the corpse must be burn and it called corpse’s cremation. The days before Ngaben, family of the corpse must make “Bade” and “Lembu” by colorful paper, and the strong woods. Bade and Lembu is place for the corpse to be burned. Most of people who lived in Bali is Hinduism. They do the ceremony  when corpse already placed in Bade and Lembu, After that fire is slowly burn the corpse.

Hindu’s people believe that when fire slowly burn the corpse, it can releases every bond between world and the one who died so he or she can find the truth and eternity in Nirvana.

4. Kenduri Blang ( Aceh )

Kenduri Blang, Aceh, Tanam PadiYou may find it strange because the name of it traditions is already hard to read. This unique tradition is really exist in Aceh, Sumatera. Kenduri Blang is usually hold when farmers want to planting Paddy in their field.

Kenduri Blang is one of tradition which farmers are gather together in field and hear some advises of the head of Kenduri Blang’s tradition. After that, they eat together and continue to  planting. Usually, this tradition is hold for praying to God for hoping best results of planting.

4. Lompat Batu ( North Sumatera )

Lompat Batu, Tapak Batu SumateraHigh Jump on Rock or Indonesia people usually called as Lompat Batu Tradition is one of unique tradition that popular in Indonesia. Come from North Sumatera, this tradition is hold in Bawo Matuluo village or known as sun hill. Lompat Batu is ceremony that usually hold for every man who growing adults in every year.

Lompat Batu Ceremony is tradition for choosing a adults man. Men will be accepted as tough and mature man if can jump high and passes more than two meters of rock’s heap. Before do a ritual, the men must wearing traditional cloth, and step on small rock before jumping the heap of rock. Every year, most of teens in North Sumatera are gladly to participate in this kind of tradition.

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5. Cutting Finger ( Papua )

Cutting Finger, Tradisional Papua, TraditionPapua, especially Dani’s tribe has one of unique tradition that maybe other world doesn’t have. Its called Cutting Finger tradition. For Dani’s tribe, finger is symbol of harmony and power which must be owned by every human. Finger is also known as the first place to build a cooperation so hand can work as together. If finger can not work properly, it will influence to hands and work will be getting worse.

Dani’s tribe believse that someone who died still has a connection with people who still alive. For getting a balance bond between each others, People who still alive must give a soul for died person and finger is chosen as symbol of it. Cutting finger is doing by woman in Dani’s tribe. When husband died, the wife must do cutting finger tradition with a help of her father or siblings.

The process of cutting finger  is begin with ceremony. Woman’s hand will be tied between her fingers. After that, She does a ritual pray and then father will be cut her finger without any medicine to reduce the hurt feeling. Dani’s tribe believes that the sadness will be gone with the feeling when her fingers already cutting.

Nowadays, this tradition is already prohibited by government because it kind of immature and inhumanity. But if you visit Dani’s Tribe in Papua, you still can see women who lost their fingers because the tradition.

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Here the other tradition which may make you feel interesting and fascinating :

  1. Karapan Sapi, East Java – A couple of cow must pull the wood carrier and do competition with other cow. First, this tradition is only for work in agricultural field by Madura people.
  2. Kebo – Keboan , East Java – The ritual that using 2 peoples covered themselves like a buffalo then work in field like a buffalo. This ritual is purposed for ask rain to almighty God.
  3. Tiwah Ritual, Central Kalimantan – The ritual is hold to move a corpse from his or her cemetery to place named Sandung. Dayak’s tribe still doing this ritual until now.
  4. Cutting teeth, West Sumatera – People especially women in West Sumatera still believe the myth. It said that after do cutting teeth tradition, they will be more beautiful and have a strong woman aura to seduce men.
  5. Tapa Bisu, Yogyakarta – Tapa Bisu ritual is held in certain time because it suppose to be aware of what we do right or false in a year.
  6. Mandi – mandi Tradition, DKI Jakarta – Portugis tradition adapted by DKI Jakarta. This ritual is for keep in touch with colleagues and forgiveness.
  7. Makepung, Bali – Same as Karapan Sapi in Madura but the name is different. Bali people believe that cow is a valuable animal which used by Shiva God.
  8. Balimau Kasai Ritual, Riau – The Ritual which all people in Riau are bathing together in a wide place to welcoming Ramadhan Month.
  9. Tawur Nasi, Central Java – Ritual played by teens of Java with smile face and happy feeling. If they don’t do this ritual, they believed their harvest can be a fail to grow better than before.
  10. Kissing Festival, Bali – If France has a Baiser Festival, Bali has Kissing Festival called Omed – Omedan. Many teens who still single do kissing each other and this festival is being held since 17 Century.

Unique Dances

Indonesian has many beautiful dance in every provinces. About 700 tribes in Indonesia and most of them have its own culture especially the traditional dance. Indonesia has more than three hundred of traditional dance in International, some of Indonesian’s traditional dance already well-known. It makes international people want to learn it. Some of them sometimes visit Indonesia and stay for a months only to learn about traditional dances.

1. Bali Traditional Dance ( Bali )

Tari Pendet Bali, Bali DanceBali Traditional Dances is known as “Pendet Dance” is one of art movement tradition which already popular in the world. Bali traditional Dance is become welcoming dance for tourist who visit Bali. This Dance usually only play if there is religion event because Pendet dance is a symbol of the Highness of Nirwana is come and we appreciated it for take a granted by them.

Pendet Dance is made by I Wayan Rindi. Many tourists want to learn about Pendet dance because the elegant movements and splendid expression which sometimes showed by a Pendet Dancer. The detail of movements are probably hard for a beginner, but if already learn step by step, it shows the skillful movements because key of mastering this dance is only learn every detail in dance.

2. Saman Traditional Dance ( Aceh )

Tari Saman, Saman Dance, Traditional Dance, tradisional Aceh also has an unique dance called Saman Dance. Saman is come from Gayo ethnic group and only performed in formal event. Saman Dance has a fast rhythm speed of song, and strong harmony between the dancers. These two elements is a key of the performance for give a best results.

To learn Saman, you must gain and make a bond with other dancers. Because, Saman is all about harmony which every movements can not be finished by self. Saman dance also need one of song’s guide who lead every step of the song.

Saman dance already can be learn not only in Aceh, but also in other city too because the movements of dance is unique so many school include this dance as school club. In 2011, UNESCO is officially recognized that Saman dance is one of masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity. ASEAN also recognized as one of best ASEAN cultural at 25th awards of ASEANTA Excellence in 2012.

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3. Jaipong Traditional Dance ( West Java )

Tari Jaipong, Jaipong dance, Traditional DanceJaipong Traditional Dance is made by one of traditional dancer named “Gugum Gembira” in 1960. what make this traditional dance unique that the whole of dance movement is really fresh, energetic, and sometimes humor. Jaipong dance is usually called as “Sociability dance” because the characteristic of the movement is spontaneous, high spirit like a teens, kind of erotic to seduce, and sometimes innocence. Similar like when you want to get a lover.

Many tourist who visited in Bandung want to learn this dance because is easy and can be learned it quickly. Especially for Woman, this dance is known as dance who can make your lover more love you than usual. The dance is perfectly blend with song and from start to end is show different charm that man can get enough to your performance. Until now, Jaipong is one of traditional dance that foreign find it interesting to watch or learn.

4. Cakalele Traditional Dance ( North Maluku )

tari tradisional, Traditional Dance, IndonesiaIndonesia also has province named Maluku which has many cultures and traditions that still exist until now. One of popular tradition is Cakalele traditional dance. Cakalele traditional dance also known as Perang dance because they use traditional knife for property. This dance usually showed for welcoming tourists or tradition ceremony.

Cakalele traditional dance is usually performed by 30 men and women in a couple with a sound of flute as back sound. The man dancers usually hold a Parang and Salawaku, traditional knife of Indonesia then wear red and yellow combination of cloth.  Meanwhile, the women using white cloth and holding a handkerchief.

Cakalele traditional dance is one of honored performance for the Maluku’s ancertors which most of them are sailors. The clothes are also showing about patriotism and heroism of all heroes in Indonesia.

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5. Cirebon Mask Traditional dance ( West Java )

Tari Topeng, Mask Dance, Mask traditional dance.Mask traditional dance is traditional dance in Indonesia. Many Provinces has it own mask traditional dance. The one which popular is from Cirebon. Cirebon mask traditional dance is submitted as one of local original art of West Java. Mask traditional dance of Cirebon has a lot of variety and experienced growth in dance as well as stories to be showed. Sometimes, the mask dance performed by solo dancer but in other situation, it can be performed as group.

Cirebon Mask Traditional dance has it own characteristic that make it different than other mask traditional dance in Indonesia. Cirebon Mask dance has 5 types of mask :

  • Panji is one of mask that representative of innocence type and have a meaning that always have a faith to almighty God
  • Samba is mask that representative of Children . It can shows that religion must be learned in young age and always do kindness
  • Rumyang is mask that representative of teens. It shows that in teen’s age, you must always remember God
  • Tumenggung is mask that representative of adults, it shows that you can already choose your way to be more feel bleesed because a sincerity of God.
  • Kelana is mask that representative of devils. It reminds that in life we always choose between good and bad. If you choose good, all the good things will come and also for the bad things.

There are reason behind it why the dance is called Mask dance. Every mask has it own meaning so if you watch or learn it, you will feel the religion’s vibe on it.

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Here are some traditional dance that you may don’t know in Indonesia :

  1. Kecak Dance, Bali – This dance becomes unique because it has mystic aura when you dance or watch it. But the movement is worthy to watch.
  2. Piring Dance, West Sumatera – This dance is use plate formain focus . Dancers keep dance while holding plate in both hands.
  3. Kipas Dance, South Sulawesi – This Dance is also use colorful traditional fan. Dance can be played by men or women and usually showed in certain formal event.
  4. Serimpi Dance, Yogyakarta – Be played by four woman who play their each role in water, fire, wind, and earth. It can be a symbol of nature.
  5. Kuda Lumping Dance, East Java – Dance is unique because played by some men with horse replica’s property with gamelan music as a back sound. Mystic aura also around this performance.
  6. Ronggeng Dance, Central Java – This dance is usually played by a women because it has sensual and erotical in each movement.
  7. Swan Dance,  Central Java – Swan or usually called Angsa dance is usually played by a group of woman with one woman sit on a big swan property and being lifted with other dancers.
  8. Cendrawasih Dance, Bali – This dance is played by dancer is being Cendrawasih bird look – a – like. One of beautiful dance with the graceful movement become main focus of the dance.
  9. Barong Dance, Bali – Look-a like a Barongsai in China but using traditional move, music, and song on it.
  10. Seudati Dance, Aceh – Dance which showing the religious movement and have an Aceh’s characteristic on it.

And there are some unique facts about Indonesia. I granted you will don’t feel regret if you choose Indonesia as one of your favorite place to spend your holiday time.

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