10 Best Food Restaurant in Bali Legian You Must Try!

Legian Street is the main road connecting Kuta with Seminyak in Bali. The street is filled with shops, bars, hotels and clubs.

Due to the number of night entertainment and its location close to Kuta Beach, make Legian Street become one of the popular tourist destination among tourists in Bali. Legian Street is often misunderstood with Legian.

Whereas, actually Legian Street is a connector  between Kuta area with Legian. So Jalan Legian actually means a link to Legian Village, not the whole of Legian itself. There you can taste some best food in Legian Bali

  1. Various sate at Gourmet Sate House

Most Indonesians love the sate food. If you are the sate lovers, then when you vacation to Kuta Bali, I strongly recommend to visit Gourmet Sate House. The restaurant in Legian Kuta specializes in serving sate dishes, and for now there are 12 different types of satay dishes. So when you visit Gourmet Sate House, I’m sure you’ll find your favorite satay menu. There is even also available satay from lamb and satay made of rabbit meat. Do you dare try sate from danging rabbit?

All of the satay menu is served with peanut sauce, pickled with rice or lontong choice. In addition, food prices may change at any time. Culinary type of satay, as you know the price per serving is more expensive, if you compare with other Indonesian culinary.

  1. Warung Indonesia Gang Ronta

Finding a place to eat that serves cheap food in Kuta Bali is not difficult. One of the food stalls in Legian Kuta Bali serves a menu of cuisine for the tongue of Indonesian people at a low price is Warung Indonesia in Gang Ronta Kuta. There are two choices of food reservations at Warung Indonesia Gang Ronta, you can order from the food menu or choose the side dishes and vegetables, according to your liking.

If you want to get a cheaper price, choose a food menu from the food counter. For the price of food if you choose directly from the food counter, then the price depends on the choice of menu you choose. In addition, avoid the menu of red meat such as beef rendang.

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  1. Fried rice in Warung Nikmat

As the name implies, Warung Nikmat, the taste of cuisine is also delicious. Just like in the stall of Indonesia Gang Ronta, in Warung Nikmat Kuta is also available two ways to order food. The first way to order from the food menu is available and the second way, choose the food you like from the food counter.

If I prefer to choose the sea from the counter, just by choosing the right side dish you like, the price of the food becomes varied. Therefore, if you are looking for a food stall serving Indonesian cuisine, look for halal dining in Kuta at a low price.

  1. Balinese traditional food in Warung Wardani Tuban Kuta

Vacation to Bali without enjoying the typical Balinese cuisine, I think it is not complete holiday to Bali. Then where to eat in Kuta Bali that serves a typical Balinese menu, kosher and affordable prices? My recommendation is Warung Wardani Tuban Kuta. Although the dining room that serves a typical Balinese menu there are many in the area of Kuta, but for me personally taste the cuisine in Warung Wardani no match.

Warung Wardani on the island of Bali there are two, one is in Denpasar and the other one is in the area of Tuban Kuta, adjacent to Ngurah Rai airport. The main menu at the Wardani stall is Balinese mixed rice, and you will not find another food menu.

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  1. Cheap Indonesian food in Warung Murah

If you are looking for food stalls around Kuta Bali, present a buffet stall, with Indonesian cuisine, and prices should be cheap? Then the Cheap Double Six Stall fits perfectly with the criteria you are looking for.

Warung Murah, as the name implies, this place serves food menu at Rp 20.000 / portion. One serving consists of white rice, side dishes and vegetables. Choice of rice also there are many like white rice, yellow rice and brown rice. Choice of vegetables and chili also there are many.

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  1. Pork in Warung Sate Babi

From the name of the shop, you already know for sure the main menu is a pork satay satay. The look and layout of a stall like a pavement, but the taste of the satay is very steady (a little spicy anyway, but still hold).

There are two types of pork satay sold in stalls satay Pork Bottom Tree, there are pork skewers and pork wrapped satay. Price per pin is Rp 2,500, not including longtong. The meat tasted soft and easy chewing. Besides the flavor of the spices infiltrate the meat. In addition to satay, also available soup pork and pepes tuna fish.

7. Salad in Falafel House

Here, you will be spoiled with a wide selection of dishes, from Mediterranean flavor to the Middle East. The menu that must be tried is Falafel (a kind of peanut butter) and Tabbouleh (Middle Eastern vegetable salad), and of course the one that can not be missed is Hummus, a kind of pasta from beans. In addition to the taste is very authentic, these foods also have a good nutritional content for the body. It is located in Jalan Legian No. 133 Kuta Bali.

And not only that, Falafel House also offers a wide selection of healthy drinks, such as fruit and vegetable juices that are not only useful to remove toxins from the body and in addition to vitamin intake, but also efficacious for beauty.

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  1. Fried Rice and Tumpeng at Sunda Kelapa Restaurant Bali

This dining place is located near the residential area of Kuta. The food is really delicious and the price is very affordable. And of course, no less delicious here is Nasi Goreng. You should try this Indonesia seasoning foods once in a life! It is very delicious food.

Who does not like this food? Moreover it feels like a home-style. Complete Tumpeng rice for celebration or celebration is also available at Sunda Kelapa. Well, for this one, it’s good if you order from a few days earlier.

  1. Fried Chicken mamie in The Rhadana Kuta

If you miss home food on vacation, then you can find it in a kosher-certified restaurant located in the unique hotel of The Rhadana Kuta. Carrying the traditional Javanese concept with all-wood decoration and carvings and colorful chairs, this restaurant offers a comfortable atmosphere for both couples and honeymooners with friends.

The Menu champion here is Mamie Fried Chicken that tastes not inferior to the mother-made fried chicken at home. Complete with tofu, tempeh and crackers! In addition to chicken, shrimp processed menu is delicious you can try.

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  1. International foods in Tamarind Restaurant Bali

Located in Nusa Dua’s elite area, Tamarind Restaurant Bali (also known as Tamarind Kitchen & Lounge) is a masterpiece that provides an unforgettable dining experience for guests. Located right on the edge of a beautiful beach, the building is made of structures and woven bamboo is ready to become the latest iconic dining on the Island of the Gods.

In addition to beautiful panoramic beaches, here you will also be lulled by a variety of tempting dishes. The chef and staff at Tamarind Restaurant Bali are ready to serve lunch and dinner with classy International and Indonesian menu that is not only delicious but also healthy and certainly halal.

Those are some recommended foods in Legian Bali. Once you visit Bali, you have to try the foods at the recommendations above.