The List of Indonesia’s Natural Resources

Every country needs resources for their development. The resources that they need are the human resource and also the natural resources which are also considered very important in industry. No wonder that many countries want to preserve the resources as many as they can be because once they all gone, there’s nothing much to do except importing from other countries.

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Fortunately, Indonesia is blessed with large amount of natural resources that come in many forms. Not only the government who can see this as a great opportunity to grow, but the other countries can also join in to give this country some nice investment. Many countries become friends with Indonesia because of the richness of natural resources is not something common. With this list of 15 Indonesia’s natural resources, you can see what kind of resource that looks pretty promising.

1. The Best Gold Quarry in the World

The first one in the list of Indonesia’s natural resources is the Gold. As you may know already, Gold is considered a rare mineral that always has a high value. Gold even becoming one of some items that suitable for investment, besides stocks, obligations, and other instruments. Fortunately, this country is blessed with much gold, hidden under its soil.

In Indonesia, people can even get a gold in some locations like rivers for example. But, to get the gold in those natural locations, they need a tool. Sometimes, in the large companies, they use advanced technology for digging the gold. For some people who also want to seek the gold, they would rather use simpler tools like a bowl and something for looking some gold that was found in the river.

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2. Soil

Next one after the gold is the soil. Because rice is really important in Indonesia, no wonder that many farmers took the benefits of fertile soil to plant some stuff like rice itself, vegetables, and also fruits. The soil in this country is really fertile like you can even plant anything and it’ll grow just like that. Is it a miracle?

There’s even a song mentioning that the soil in Indonesia is just like heaven’s. “Even when you’re planting a wood, vegetables will grow instead”. But, with all this opportunity, Indonesia still can’t surpass other countries like Myanmar or Malaysia as top exporter. But maybe, some years later from now, Indonesia becoming a top exporter of rice, foods, and vegetables will not be a myth anymore.

3. Mine

The gold is like a treasure for everyone. Who doesn’t want to own a gram or two of gold? If the gold is too rare, there’s another item which also becomes a valuable resource, coal. The coal business is still growing in this country, remembering there’s a large amount of coal still hidden. But, we should remember that this one is considered as “limited” resource.

So, if someday the supply of coal finally depleted, we can’t do anything besides switching to other alternatives. We don’t want that to happen shortly, right? That’s why we shouldn’t follow our greed to dig extensively. However, the central of the coal mine is in two main islands, Borneo and Sumatra, with the famous national corporation, Bukit Asam.

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4. Natural Gas

The next resource that basically needed by everyone around the world is natural gas. Gas is something that almost as valuable as the gold basically. You can see around you. Your vehicle needs gas. We’re cooking with a stove that supported by gas. Basically, almost every important thing that we use relate to gas.

That’s why the value of Gas is still increasing, even though the supply out there is thinning. In Indonesia, there are two blocks that known for processing and producing the gas for the people. They are Natuna Block and Cepu Block. They also produce the oil to be processed into gasoline. But, the sad truth is, most gas productions are owned by foreign corporations. But we can still depend on Pertamina, the biggest national corporation in Indonesia.

5. Having some exotic attractions that are known around the world

Exotic means an exclusive thing that you can’t find everywhere else. So, the exclusive attractions are the wonderful places, locations or buildings that standing as tourism place that you can only find in the land of Indonesia. If you already visited Indonesia, you may familiar with some attractions like Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, and also Komodo Island, right?

Some of them like Borobudur Temple and Komodo Island are included in Seven Wonders of the World. It’s considered as a pretty unusual thing, and also remarkable, to find places that standing from hundred years ago. Seeing the live dragons before your very eyes is mesmerizing. Beside those, Indonesia also has some other beautiful spots that you should visit in your next trip.

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6. The Islands

And the next one that should be included as one of many Indonesia’s natural resources in the islands. If you see the map of Indonesia, you can understand that there’s a lot of islands located just in this country. In fact, the number of those islands reaches eight teen thousand and thirty hundred six islands. And some percent of them even unnamed.

From those 18.306 islands, the number of the named island is 7.807. Those that unnamed reaches 9.634, higher in number than before. These islands are so important because some islands that included in them can provide devisa to Indonesia via tourism, such as Bali island and those West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara island.

7. Language

We’re talking with a language. Language is like a connector for one person to the others to send as many information via our mouth. As we know already, English is International Language. Everyone should learn it if they want to expand their connection globally. But in Indonesia, the number of languages here is so abundant.

Each region has their own unique traditional language. For example, people who live in Central, West, and East Java mostly use Javanese. In Jakarta, their traditional language is the Betawi language. In Bali, there’s the Balinese language and many more. In Indonesia, there are about 583 different languages, the highest one in this whole world.

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8. Tropical Forests

The forest can provide us with oxygen, which is the most important thing in our life, more valuable than any golds, more needed than money. But sadly, some people or even corporations cut down the forest in order to turn them into industrial area, for a factory perhaps. The forests are always decreasing all over the world, while the pollutions keep thickening.

Indonesia, is the lungs of the world. Many people would consider to call Indonesia with that nickname because of the widest tropical forest you can find in this world. They are located in three different islands such as Sumatra island, Borneo, and Sulawesi. The Earth really depends on these tropical forests to maintain its climate. Let’s hoping together that those tropical forests can survive this “disaster”.

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9. The Biggest Maritime Country in the World

With those many islands located in the country, no wonder that many people call Indonesia as the largest maritime country in the world. Imagine that Indonesia has about ninety-three thousands square kilometers of water area. It’s about 25% of the world. With that, Indonesia can control the flow of economy via water, just like it did during the Sriwijaya Kingdom Dynasty long years ago.

Besides becoming a gate for the world’s economy, Indonesia can surprise you with the joyful and mesmerizing underwater world. Yes, in this country, there’s a lot of diving spots that can give you the best underwater view like Lombok or Raja Ampat Papua. With those beauties, many people around the world would like to come to visit Indonesia just for seeing them.

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However, from the 15 in total, we already told you about nine of them right on the explanation above. So, to complete them, we also prepared a small list containing the other six that also included inside the list of Indonesia’s natural resources.

  1. The Indonesian people
  2. Strategic geographical location
  3. Clear Water
  4. Corals
  5. Flora
  6. Fauna

So that’s the topic for today, Indonesia’s natural resources. Even though they still have a large quantity, but the fact that they can not be replaced by other things should be concerned. We should use those resources wisely and not exploit them based on our greed.