The 15 Natural Pools in Bali Indonesia

If you want to have a stress-free life, you should be healthy by doing some sports and eating good things like vegetables and fruits. As for the sports, there are many variations of them that you can try. There’s one activity that really suitable for people who have asthma, swimming. The swimming can give you so many benefits, especially the ones that useful for asthma. For example, it can burn the calories, train the muscles, releasing some stress, and also strengthen organs function such as heart and lungs.

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However, if you’re traveling in some places like Bali island, for example, you may notice that there are many pools that you can pick. They usually also completed with pretty neat services for the tourists. If you want to try different atmosphere, you can always try to swim in the natural places or natural pools in Bali. They can give you much refreshment, more than in the nonnatural places. So, if you don’t know where to go, we want to give you a list of the natural pools in Bali. We divided them into three main categories, the waterfalls, the lakes, and also the hot springs. Enjoy.


As the first category is the lakes as one of the natural pools in Bali. Of course in the lake, you can go swimming. But, you should be careful because most of them have been pretty deep. That’s why many people would consider swimming only on the edge. However, Bali has the famous four lakes to swim, such as :

1. Lake Batur

Located in the area of Kintamani Bali, there’s the Lake Batur. This lake is considered to be the famous one of all the lakes in Bali. It’s also the biggest one of them all that also completed with a really nice view of the environment and the people’s religious activities. The lake is actually the caldera of Mount Batur that erupted long ago. You can even check it yourself by walking down to the center.

You can see the remains of the explosion, such as the rocks and the coals. However, it’s pretty safe to visit, everyone basically can visit it freely. With the background of the mountain or the lake, people can have their best pictures. You can also swim in here, even though it’s recommended to swim on the edge only.

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2. Lake Buyan

The second lake in the list of the natural pools in Bali is the Lake Buyan. The lake is located in the area of Sukasada of Buleleng regency, Bali. Even though the place is not developed yet like the other beaches, the people who visit it still can be happy because of the calm and refreshing atmosphere this place has. With all the simplicity, the Lake Buyan can show its greatness.

When you’re on the way to the lake, you can see there are some monkeys, the residents of the lake. You can also take some pictures with them if you want, but you need to be careful with your belongings. Not far from the lake, there’s a temple named Yeh Ketipat temple which is also great for your pictures. Around the location, you can also meet the other attractions such as Git-git waterfall and Twin Waterfall.

3. Lake Beratan

The third lake is the Lake Beratan. The lake is pretty famous now. Then, the lake is even used in the commercials on television. You can also find the picture of the lake in Indonesian money, Rupiah. You can clearly see it as a background in Rp50.000,-. However, the location of this one is in the area of Bedugul, Baturiti regency of Bali.

Many people come to this place because of the beautiful view it has. The area is not only famous for the lake, but also the temple that located near it, Ulundanu Beratan temple. The place is decorated with the trees around it, making it more beautiful. People are always enthusiast to take some pictures in this Lake Beratan. After ending your trip in Lake Beratan, you can also visit the nearest market, Bedugul market, to buy some strawberries to end your journey.

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4. Lake Tamblingan

As the last lake in the Lake Category of the list, we have this Lake Tamblingan. This and the Buyan Lake are actually the famous Twin Lake. Even though they are a twin, they have divided administratively. The locations of those two are different. Buyan Lake is located in Sukasada, Buleleng, while this Lake Tamblingan is in the Banjar, Buleleng.

Of all the four lakes, this one is the smallest. But, even though the size is minor to those three, the view that you can see in here is also as great as theirs. Just like the Lake Beratan, near Lake Tamblingan you can also find the temple called Gubug Tamblingan Temple. You can also visit the Munduk village that located nearby.


The waterfalls also included as the natural pools in Bali. On the base of waterfalls, there’s a small pool that can be used for swimming if it’s safe enough. On the list, we include two of them as you can see below :

5. Aling-aling Waterfall

The first waterfall is Aling-aling Waterfall. The location of this waterfall is in the Sambangan Village in Sambangan, Sukasada or Buleleng regency, Bali. You need to have a really fit body because visiting the waterfall ain’t easy peasy. You have to take some stairs first before actually arriving at the Aling-aling Waterfall.

The location around Aling-aling waterfall is really natural because of the existence of green vegetation around it. The waterfall itself is considered a unique one because it has two streams of water. The stream split on above. However, there’s a pool of water right under it that has the bluish color. Sometimes it’ll turn green.

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6. Wana Ayu Waterfall

And then there’s the Wana Ayu Waterfall that located in Padang Bulia village inside the Buleleng regency, North Bali. A little different from the waterfall above, Wana Ayu has this kind of stone cliff, which looks so great especially during the day. If you get lost somewhere, the locals can guide you easily.

The trek to reach this location is pretty steep, so it’s recommended to wear shoes or even better, boots, for reaching the Wana Ayu waterfall. The pool that located under the waterfall has a height about the adult’s stomach. So for the kids, they should wear a floating jacket for a safe swimming. The water is very clear and refreshing.

Hot Springs

Aside from being a good place for resting, the hot spring can also be used for swimming. But mostly, people use it for relaxing only. The hot spring that included inside the natural pools in Bali are :

7. Batur Natural Hot Spring

The first one is actually the famous spot in Kintamani, named Batur Natural Hot Spring. The address of this spot is in the Pekraman village of Kintamani, Bangli regency, Bali. Aside from offering the tourists with 50-degree Celsius of natural hot water, the place also has a very nice view of the mountains.

For the people who live in Bali island, they can pay for about Rp60.000,-. Meanwhile, the Indonesian tourists can pay for about Rp100.000,-. And the foreign tourists can enter with paying Rp150.000,-. After paying, the tourists can enjoy the best services this place has like Camping area, Cafe, and also the Toya Devasha restaurant.

8. Penatahan Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring

The next location is the Penatahan Yeh Panes Hot Spring. What a long name, don’t you think? The place is really recommended by the tourists as one of the best hot springs in Bali, even the world. Penatahan is a really nice one with the perfect village view, with rice terrace and local houses, the real Balinese feelings.

The hot spring itself located not far away from the rice terrace. So, sometimes the tourists take some pictures of them and the view. Source of this water spring is in the nearest temple, the Yeh Panes temple. Aside from enjoying the eight different pools, you can also visit the spa that also provided for the visitors.

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If the eight places above are still not enough you, we also prepare the other list containing the other natural pools in Bali. In this list, we combine them all into six different places, so inside it, you may find the waterfalls and hot springs altogether as all the lakes in Bali are already mentioned in the list above. Check them out :

  1. Kroya Waterfall
  2. Tibumana Waterfall
  3. Kanto Lampo Waterfall
  4. Tirta Usadha Hot Spring
  5. Belulang Hot Spring
  6. Sanih Natural Hot Spring
  7. Cemara Waterfall

So that’s the article about the natural pools in Bali. As you may notice there’s actually a lot of them that exist in this small island of Bali. You need some more time to swim in those special locations, so a day wouldn’t be enough.