List of The Best Natural Medicine in Bali

Basically feeling ill is really normal, especially if you have some busy activities that needed to be done shortly. Humans have limits. If we surpass the limit, pushing ourselves to do so many activities that our body can’t actually handle, we’ll likely to receive illness. In order to treat our body well, we need to take the medicines that can provide the cure for the body problems. Usually, if you go to the doctor, you’ll end up having some pills that you need to take regularly.

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According to some journals of health, consuming heavy amount of chemical medicines can give you the side effects that can lead up to a more serious problem, like the chronic kidney problems that still becoming a horror for everyone. So, if you want to switch to another type of medicine, you can go for the herbal or natural medicine. The herbal medicine in Indonesia is known as Jamu, which is a drink from many different and useful ingredients. You can also get some natural medicine in Bali when you traveling around the island to treat your body.

1. Beras Kencur

As for the first one in the list of natural medicine in Bali or Indonesia, and basically, the most famous one of all the kinds of Jammu is Beras Kencur. This one is usually consumed by the kids. Their parents give them Beras Kencur because it has this special benefit, which is to increase their appetite so the kids can get sufficient nutrition for their foods.

However, the taste of Beras Kencur is really refreshing. It’s even more refreshing if you keep it in the refrigerator. It also contains little sweet taste that comes from the combination of the ingredients such as rice extract, galingale extract, ginger, and tamarind extract. It’s basically suitable for the people at all age and can be a trustable refresher during afternoon times for better body condition and stamina.

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2. Kunyit Asem

And then the second one in the natural medicine in Bali is Kunyit Asem. This natural medicine is the second most popular type of Jamu in Indonesia. This one is really suitable for all the women out there who have the problem with their menstruation. Consuming this Kunyit Asem can relieve the pain of menstruation without adding any side effects for the consumers, so it’s actually better than the chemical medicines.

However, to make a portion of Kunyit Asem jamu, the basic ingredients are actually so easy to find. Basically, you only need the two of them, which is the tamarind and turmeric. For more delicious taste, you can add the sugar based on your own like. Aside for relieving the pain of menstruation, the Kunyit Asem also has the other benefits such as lowering body eight and making skin more bright naturally.

3. Galian Singset

For the people who already married, they need to take their health seriously, especially for their vital organ. Some people even said that one of the keys to family harmony is the “private activity”. That’s why, both wife and husband should take care of their vital organs seriously by consuming healthy things, like this Galian Singset for example.

This Jamu is for the wives who want to make their vitals tighten naturally. With this, they don’t need to go somewhere else looking for the alternatives or even go to the doctor to do some serious approach. However, if you want to make one home, you should prepare some ingredients such as tamarind, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, temulawak, and the other compliments.

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4. Temulawak

Usually, during rainy season like this, it’s really easy to catch the flu. The body condition needs to be kept healthy to avoid it. Some people prefer making a chicken soup in order to cure this illness with ease. But, as for the drink, you can make a special jamu named Jamu Temulawak. With the combination of the soup and the jamu, your body will get warmer and healthy shortly.

The Temulawak is indeed one of many dependable natural medicines in Bali and in Indonesia basically. Temulawak is the Indonesian spice that can be used for so many things, including to make a glass of jamu. To make a Jamu from Temulawak, you also need to add some other ingredients like palm sugar, tamarind, and pandan leaves. The Jamu Temulawak can also cure some other diseases like dizziness, sickness, and also the flu itself.

5. Cabe Puyang

Now, the jamu for men. Usually, men are known for having large amount stamina and body fitness. But at a certain limit, they can work overtime, making their body condition decreased eventually. This can be the source of many other diseases, such as influenza and also the stiff muscles that can easily make their productivity down. Usually in Indonesia, to treat this kind of illness, the people usually go massaging to cure it and make their body warmer.

But, if the treatment from the outside can not simply make the disease away, then they need to take the Caby Puyang jamu to cure the disease from the inside. The Jamu is indeed very helpful because it contains nutrition that can heal several problems like stiff muscles, stomach ache, numb in leg or arm, and cure influenza. With only two basic ingredients, the Cabe (chili) Puyang and turmeric, your diseases will go away.

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6. Kunci Sirih

The next jamu is another type especially made for women. As you can see, there are two type of jamu that suitable for the women, the Galian Singset for the married one and this Kunci Sirih for basically women starting from teenager to adult. Even when they are still teenagers, they can still gain some important benefits from Jamu Kunci Sirih

This Jamu can give the unmarried girls the benefits like curing their vaginal disease and also get rid away of body odor. Yes, consuming a sufficient amount of Kunci Sirih can make your body smell better. Also, consuming the jamu Kunci Sirih can also give the other benefit, which strengthens the teeth. To make a portion, you need to prepare some things like tamarind, temulawak, and the special Sirih leaves.

7. Sinom

As one of the natural medicine in Bali, you can get a bottle of Sinom in some jamu sellers around the city. The Sinom is also a common thing to find, just like the jamu Beras Kencur in the first place. Jamu Sinom has one special and basic recipe which is the main power of this jamu, the turmeric. Who knows that this small thing is actually really beneficial?

So you may wonder what’s the actual difference between this Sinom and the other Jamu that made out of turmeric, called Kunyit Asam. The main difference is the usage of the additional ingredient, the young tamarind leaves or Sinom. The Sinom can give the jamu special taste and benefits, such as curing flank and vaginal problems.

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8. Uyup-uyup

So we talked about the jamu that suitable for the girls and married women. Is there a special jamu that has the benefits for the newly mom? Yes, the Uyup-uyup is the thing. The Jamu Uyup-uyup or Gepyokan is the type for them who just have their new baby. It can give the benefit of increasing the production of breast milk and also increasing mom’s body condition at the same time.

The Jamu Gepyokan also has the other benefit for the other people, because it can also cure the bad smell of your body. But, the most important use for the jamu is for the newly mom and the baby. The mom can get healthy and rich in breast milk production which is very useful for the baby.

So, the kinds of Jamu above are the actual natural medicine in Bali that you can get easily to give your body some good health benefits, including to treat your illness. However, if you want to create your own Jamu, you can always use the ingredients to make one. If you don’t know about them at all, you can see the list about ingredients of natural medicine in Bali below :

  1. Ajeran (Bidens pilosa L.)
  2. Anting-anting (Acalypha australis L.)
  3. Anyang-anyang (Elaeocarpus grandiflora)
  4. Tamarindusindica L.
  5. Bandotan (Agreratum conyzoides L.)
  6. Juicy Tuber (Pachyrrhizus erosus URB.)
  7. Spinach (Amaranthus spinosus L.)

The topic of natural medicine in Bali ends here. The people can always use natural medicines like Jamu for example as the alternative treatment for their diseases. The most important thing to do is to follow what the doctor says about the diseases. The natural medicine in Bali above is the thing that you can use after taking some medicine pills in order to keep the toxin away and reduce the side effects of those medicines.