14 Must Buy Souvenir in Bali Indonesia

Not complete if you are on vacation in Bali, after that you don’t buy some souvenir items that you can make a souvenir or a diving memory in Bali.

There are many types of souvenirs that are unique, attractive and also cheap prices that you can get in Bali. In addition, there are also many types and varieties, ranging from food, drinks, beauty, clothing, accessories and so on. There are the best things to buy in Jakarta just for you.

What is certain is that you will lose if you don’t try and buy it. Here’s why you must buy souvenirs in Bali, see some explanations and also the examples below:

1. Legian Street

Legian StreetOn Legian Street stretches from north to south along 2.5 kilometers. Along Jalan Legian Bali you will easily find shops that sell a variety of merchandise, and most of them are souvenir items.

Some luxury goods boutiques are also available along Legian street in full. To be freer to do shopping on Legian street, the best way you have to walk to the location because the place is very strategic and crowded. Here’s what you can get and things you can buy in Bali.

2. Beachwalk Shopping Center

Beachwalk Shopping CenterOne of the newest and most popular shopping places in Kuta Bali is Beachwalk Shopping Center. The location of the Beachwalk Shopping Center is right across the Kuta Bali beach location.

At Beachwalk Kuta Bali you can find international products and local products. Aside from being a shopping center, children’s play areas such as Miniapolis and dining places on the 2nd floor are also available at Beachwalk Kuta.

You can also see the cinema and other facilities in this place.

3. Discovery Shopping Mall

Discovery Shopping MallWhy should you buy souvenirs in Bali the next is a place to shop in Kuta Bali that must be visited, the most crowded with Chinese tourists is Discovery Shopping Mall Kuta. Discovery Shopping Mall is not a new mall and its location is in the center of Kuta tourism area.

Discovery Kuta Shopping Mall is always crowded with visitors, especially foreign tourists.

Most of the foreign tourists who visit Discovery Shopping Mall prefer souvenir shopping, and all the prices of goods have been priced right, so there is no need to bid again. Hence the things what should I buy in Indonesia.

4. Lippo Mall Kuta

Lippo Mall KutaThe location adjacent to the Discovery Shopping Mall location is a new mall called Lippo Mall Kuta.

The distance between the two malls is quite close and if you are looking for a mall that is located closest to the Ngurah Rai airport, Lippo Mall Kuta is the answer.

If you forget to buy souvenirs, you can stop by Lippo Mall Kuta before going to Ngurah Rai Airport. There are many types of items that you can buy in this place.

5. Mall Bali Galeria

Mall Bali GaleriaThe thing that makes Mall Bali Galleria a favorite of local Balinese people is that this shopping place is very complete.

Local products and international standard luxury goods are available. In addition, each store provides special brands, ranging from Oakley, Polo, Nike, and many other famous brands.

Every weekend, the mall Bali Galleria is always crowded with visits, especially the local people of Bali. At Mall Bali Galleria, it is available to complete from local food to international food. Bali Galeria Mall is located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci, Kuta. Anything that is best and interesting things to buy in Bali souvenir recommendations.

6. Kuta Art Market

Kuta Art MarketThe thing that must buy souvenirs in Bali is the Kuta art market. Located in the heart of Kuta Bali tourist area.

This shopping place is perfect for those of you who are looking for souvenirs, both typical of Bali or other regions in Indonesia. In the Kuta art market, more merchandise is available in the form of clothing.

Cheap accessories are also available such as silver rings, necklaces and bracelets and so on. You can bargain here according to your wishes, but you must be good at bidding.

7. Krisna Sunset Road

Krisna Sunset RoadIf you want to buy Balinese souvenirs and do not like to bargain prices or want the right price, then you must visit Krisna Sunset Road.

If you want to know the market price of Balinese souvenirs, then Krishna Sunset Road must be on your holiday itinerary in Bali.

There are various types of souvenirs available, ranging from clothing, bags, necklaces, bracelets, paintings, woodcrafts and even local food. Local food that many Indonesian tourists are looking for such as Milk Pie and chicken claw chips. What you need to know is the consumer buying habits in Indonesia.

8. Park 23 Mall Kuta

Park 23 Mall KutaPark 23 Mall Kuta is located at Jalan Kediri No 09, Kuta. Similar to other shopping malls at Park 23 Mall Kuta, the majority of International products are available such as outdoor brands and import eyewear centers.

Park 23 Mall Kuta is also available food court such as betutu noodles, MM juice, and Starbuck.

The main attraction of Park 23 is Mall Kuta, because of its location adjacent to one of the family’s water park attractions, namely Circus Waterpark Kuta.

9. Transmart Carrefour

Transmart CarrefourNext must-buy souvenir in Bali is Transmart Carrefour. The shopping center which is one of the largest in Bali has many types of retail stores that sell different products.

Like television, clothing, bookstores, there are also games for children. In addition to retail stores, you will also find Hypermart with a very large area with a very complete product selection.

Right for those of you who want to buy Balinese souvenirs, because there are a variety of souvenirs. Hence the top unusual souvenirs of Indonesia, one of them you must have!.

10. Sukawati Market Bali

Sukawati Market BaliSukawati Market is the largest art market in Bali. Sukawati Market is located in Sukawati Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali. Can be reached in approximately 45 minutes from Denpasar Airport.

In this market, you can find various kinds of Balinese clothing and art items. In Sukawati Market you are free to choose and bid on the price of the item.

Here you have to be good at bidding on the price of the item being sold, because usually, the traders give a rather expensive price, even though you can actually get it cheaper.


Furthermore, regarding the must-buy souvenir in Bali, which should not be missed, namely:

  • Ubud Bali Market, a characteristic of this market is that it still sells products that are similar to other art markets. You can buy woven bags, Balinese-written clothes, traditional Balinese clothing, to sculptures and paintings. And also sells delicious and delicious Balinese snacks. The reason why is Bali a good place to visit.
  • Guwang Market is located in Guwang Village, Gianyar. From Sukawati Market, the distance is only around 500 meters. Souvenir items sold are almost the same as those in the Sukawati market, you can bid at the cheapest price. All various items are complete and attractive.
  • Kumbasari Market is famous as a wholesale market. One market is so famous and located close to Pasar Badung. Handicraft items commonly sold as souvenirs at kiosks in Kuta and surrounding areas. You can buy clothes and accessories for your typical Balinese style. Not only small items but also statues and carvings. Then, there are also various furniture and knick-knacks to fill the house. There is also various woven bamboo you can get in this market. Here are the things you need to know, namely the famous things in Bali Indonesia.
  • Musro and Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, located on Jalan Kartika Plaza. It is the only mall in Bali that has access to the beach. Various clothing brands and dining places are provided in full. By late afternoon, tourists can enjoy the sunset while drinking tea or coffee at one of the nearby restaurants. This shopping mall is better known as Centro than Discovery Shopping Mall. Suitable for those of you who want to walk while buying things at the Mall near the beach.

So this article is about must-buy a souvenir in Bali, hopefully, it will be your reference in choosing the best place to buy Balinese souvenirs.