20 Fun Activities for Toddlers in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia filled with busy days and nights. The city is surrounded by working adults, trying to get some work done. However, that does not mean that there are no places for your children to enjoy themselves.

The city also offers many activities that will greatly cause a positive impact in your child’s growth. These 20 Activities for Toddlers in Jakarta are some of the best things to do in the city. Of course, parents are invited to come along too.

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1. Dance with Your Little Ones

Take your toddler to a program that focuses on movement. Dancing to music is a good way to teach your little one to recognise rhythm. It also helps them in mimicking an action that can stimulate their growth. A program that you can go to in Jakarta is called Movers and Shakers Music Together. They teach mother and kids who are still very, very young. Keeping your toddler active will turn them into a healthy adult.

2. Teach Them to Swim

Swimming is such a beneficial sport. It can save you from drowning and you can also play in a huge body of water safely. Why not teach this skill to your toddler? There are coaches and teachers who are willing to teach your toddler in Jakarta. Your child will be put inside the appropriate program. The class don’t last very long either so your child won’t get too tired. You will be very proud to find your toddler beginning to swim slowly in the pool.

3. Do Some Yoga

Have some yoga session with your toddler. Yes, young children can do yoga too. There are instructors with official certification to teach you and your child about yoga. This activity can improve the necessary motor skill in their development. The yoga moves are not hard as they are suited to the body of children. Moreover, you can create a very positive and calming bond with your child. At a later stage in their life, your kid might thank you for taking the time to teach them yoga.

4. Learn Music

Learning music at an early age can give a positive impact to your toddler. Your child will begin to understand how instrument works. Although, they may not instantly become a pro, they can play around with the different sounds. Their brain will experience some stimulation in musical recognition. Some music program in Jakarta such as the Canzona Music are willing to teach young children.

5. Play at Chipmunk’s Land

Take your toddler out to have fun by playing at Chipmunk’s Land in Jakarta. It’s a huge playground area that is located indoor. There is a special zone especially made for toddlers. If they get bored there, you can assist them to play at the other zones. Just always keep an eye out on them because the area is also filled with older children. Besides playing, there are also singing and dancing with the Chipmunk characters.

6. Treat Them to a Spa

Treat your baby to a spa. There are so many spas in Jakarta that you can go to. Find one that specialises in giving spa to mothers and their children. Most spas will treat your toddler to a relaxing bath, calming massage or fun pedicures. As for you mother, you will enjoy the therapeutic ambience while also bonding with your child. You will come out of the spa with a happy heart and a happier toddler.

7. Adventure at Lollipop’s Playland

Another big playground for your toddler is the Lollipop’s Playland. It’s also indoor and very safe. Each toddler that enters the area, is given a special bracelet to keep them going outside without permission. Parents are allowed to play with the kids. But they can also have some time off for themselves at the café while watching their child play.

8. Going to the Zoo

Go to the zoo in Jakarta. Take your toddler out to see all the wild animals in a safe way. They will be fascinated to see the monkeys, elephants and giraffes. At such a young age, it’s the best kind of activity to teach them about their environment. That there are other creatures out there in the world that are worth caring for. By introducing them to animals, your toddlers will also develop a sense of empathy in their personality.

9. Stimulate Senses at KindyRoo

KindyRoo is a popular education centre for young children. It started from Australia and has opened many franchises in other countries too. The programs are in English. They also take around an hour to finish. Your toddler will learn about learning, music, socialising and other activities that will help them grow. By taking your toddler to this education centre, you will see an immense change in your child. You might also want to read about Indonesian education system so you can have more insight on how to prepare your toddler for school later on.

10. Play at Kidspace

Kidspace is a space themed playground. Your child will have several playing zones in the area. Besides playing, your toddler can join fun classes. They include taekwondo and dancing. The place also offers a science program that your child can participate in. Introduce your kid to science because it helps to increase their knowledge. Your toddler will also learn among other children which will improve their social skill.

11. Play Pretend with Toddlers

Make your toddler feel like they’re living in their own ‘adult’ world. There is a place called Kidzania in Jakarta. It’s a large area that imitates a real city. They have roads, buildings and even their own currency. Your toddler will find it fun to have a profession they want and spend their day moving around the city.

12. Watch Movies for Kids

Most movie theaters are not exactly children friendly. But not to worry, there’s Cinmaxx Junior right in Jakarta. Toddlers can watch movies with comfortable seats that will make them enjoy the experience more. While watching the movie, they can have some snacks with them too. The food that they offer include ice cream and chips. There is also a playing area for your toddler in case they get bored.

13. Make Art

Making art with your toddler can also be an enjoyable activity in Jakarta. You can take your child in an art program in the Hadiprana Art Centre. Assist your child in creating their first masterpieces. The art skill that they are going to learn is going to help them stimulate their sense too. The programs offer the parents to choose whether they want their toddlers to learn in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

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Other Activities for Toddlers (14-20)

Besides the ones above, here are some more activities that you can do with your toddlers.

  • Cooking Programs: Teach your little one how to cook with chefs.
  • Safari Parks: Take your toddlers out to see animals.
  • Skating: Give your toddler a skating experience.
  • Play at the Beach: Let your toddler play with the waves and the sand.
  • Visit Taman Mini: Let them see a mini version of Indonesia.
  • Arrange Playdates: Your toddler can have a new best friend.
  • See the Sea World: Many aquatic animals for your toddler to see.

Beside what I explained above, here also I give you activities that Indonesian toddlers do. Check this out.

You will be surprised at how enthusiastic your toddlers will become while participating in these activities. The most important thing to remember is to not make them too tired. Also, tailor you child’s activities to the kinds that fit their personalities and needs.