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17 Amazing Facts About Indonesia Rainforest

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The country of Indonesia is a tropical country, where the climate has 2 margin that is summer and winter or rain. As tropical climates in Indonesia, it also has a famous forest among the world’s forests.


As one of the largest contributors to oxygen both in Indonesia and around the world. You need to know all unique facts about Sumatra island.

Because the function of the rainforest has a huge impact on the survival of the universe, both human, plant, animal, and climate are now almost entering an extreme stage.

All tropical rainforests share the same characteristics including climate, precipitation, canopy structure, complex symbiotic relationships and amazing species diversity.

However, not every tropical rainforest can claim the right characteristics when compared to the region and there are rarely any clear boundaries. Many can blend in with adjacent mangrove forests, damp forests, mountain forests, or tropical fall forest. Example of the interesting facts of Jakarta city, Indonesia.

To know facts about Indonesia rainforest, here is the explanation:

1. Rainforest Locations

Tropical rainforests mainly occur in the equatorial regions of the world. Tropical rainforests are confined to a small field of latitude 22.5 ° North and 22.5 ° South equator – between Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer.

The global distribution of tropical rainforests can be divided into four continentals, natural or biomass regions: Ethiopia or Afrotropical rainforest, Australian or Australasian tropical forest, Oriental rainforest or Indomalayan / Asia, and Central and South American Neotropic. Interesting facts about customs in Bali Indonesia.

2. The Importance of Rainforest Roles

Rainforest is a “cradle of diversity”. They support 50 percent of all living organisms on Earth even though they cover less than 5% of the earth’s surface. The importance of the rainforest is truly immeasurable when it comes to species diversity.

Because of so many flora, fauna, and benefits of this rainforest role, as a protected forest and also a guarding forest in a living ecosystem. Hence interesting facts about Sumatra Tiger.

3. Rainforest Damage

Several thousand years ago, tropical rain forests were estimated to cover 12% of the earth’s surface. It’s about 6 million square miles (15.5 million sq. Km). It is currently estimated that less than 5% of Earth’s landmass is covered by this forest (about 2 to 3 million square miles). More importantly, two-thirds of the world’s tropical rainforest exists as fragmented remains.

So that the growth of rainforest is getting eroded by the times and the number of development and industry, feared the era of the next generation of continuity of rainforest existence disappeared.  Herewith samples of interesting facts about Sumatran orangutan that you should know.

4. The Greatest Rainforest

The largest unbroken rain forest stretch is found in the Amazon basin in South America. More than half of this forest is located in Brazil, which holds about a third of the world’s remaining tropical rainforests. The other 20% of the world’s rainforest is in Indonesia and the Congo Basin, while the world’s rainforest balance is spread across the globe in the tropics.

Therefore Indonesia itself is still fairly still leaves a decent rainforest, if not maintained and protected it will eventually turn into a function of a land or building. You need to know fascinating facts about Sumatran coffee.

5. Rainforest Outside the Tropics

Tropical rainforests are not only found in the tropics, but also in temperate climates such as Canada, the United States, and the former Soviet Union. These forests, like other tropical rain forests, receive year-round rainfall and are characterized by closed canopies and high species diversity but no warmth and sunshine throughout the year.

The facts about Indonesia rainforest became one of them, spelled out to be the largest forest in southeast Asia. The beautiful interesting of Indonesian komodo dragon facts that people don’t know.

6. Rainforest Humidity

An important characteristic of tropical rainforests is moisture. Tropical rainforests are usually located in tropical zones where solar energy often produces rainstorms. Rainforest is exposed to heavy rainfall, at least 80 “and in some areas above 430” of rain every year. High rainfall volumes in the rainforest can cause rivers and creeks to rise 10-20 feet for two hours.

This can result in overflowing of rivers and floods may occur if the land inhabited by humans is not properly addressed. Because of this humidity that makes oxygen supply in Indonesia good and high. Terrible and sad of facts about a tsunami in Sumatra island Indonesia.

7. Rainforest Canopy Layers

Much of life in the rainforest is vertically in the trees, above the shady forest floor – in its lining. Each canopy layer of the tropical rainforest has unique plant and animal species that interact with the ecosystems around them.

The main tropical rainforests are divided into at least five layers: overstore, true canopy, understory, bush layer, and forest floor. They all have an important role to play with each other. Hence facts about Javanese culture that you should know.

8. Rainforest Protection

Tropical rainforests are not so much fun to visit. They are hot and humid, hard to reach, full insects, and have wildlife that is hard to find. However, according to Rhett A. Butler at A Place Out of Time: Tropical Rainforests and Destructors they face, there is an irrefutable reason to protect the rainforest, as it will be very difficult for the targeted area.

A steep, dangerous and unpredictable climate with an immature experience. Example, you will know of interesting facts about culture and art in West Sumatra.

9. Loss of Rainforest Rules

With forest loss, local communities are losing systems that perform valuable but unconscious services such as ensuring clean water flow and protecting communities from frequent floods and droughts. Forests act as a kind of sponge, soaking up a large amount of rainfall carried by tropical rain, and releasing water periodically.

The regulating range of this tropical rainforest prevents the cycles of devastating floods and droughts. It deals with all the facts about the traditional wooden puppets of Bali.

10. The existence of Erosion

The loss of trees, which hold the ground hostage with its roots, causes widespread erosion throughout the tropics. Only a small area has good soil, which after being cleaned is quickly washed by heavy rain. Decrease and people have to spend revenue to import foreign fertilizers or clean up additional forests. Of course, this is an impact on rainforest life in Indonesia in the future. Examples related to fascinating facts about Surabaya Indonesia.


In addition to the above, facts about Indonesia rainforest are:

  • A fully functional forest has a large capacity to regenerate. Hunting of the grueling tropical rainforest species can reduce the species needed for forest sustainability and regeneration.
  • The emergence of tropical diseases and outbreaks of new diseases include dengue fever that is not good as Ebola and Lassa Fever.
  • The facts about Indonesia rainforest next is a breeding ground for the life of various flora and fauna in Indonesia. Become one of the habitats that become the balance of the world’s ecosystems.
  • Rainforests get at least 250cm of rainfall a year. Sometimes it’s almost doubled to 450cm.
  • A quarter of the material for modern medicine comes from plants in the rainforest.
  • Due to the thickness and thickness of the trees in the rainforest, it can take up to 10 minutes for rainwater to fall from the rainforest canopy to the bottom.
  • The benefits of the rainforest are helping to stabilize the world’s climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Hopefully, the explanation of the facts about Indonesia rainforest makes us more appreciate the forest in our beloved country. Of course by keeping, caring and protecting as a way of maintaining so many lives and benefits for humans in the future. See you again.

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