20 Fun Activities in Bandung (#9 is Super Fun)

Bandung is one of the most visited cities in Indonesia. It is located in West of Java. You can find so many things in Bandung as it is famous for their fashion industry and also their cuisines. Do these 20 Fun Activities in Bandung so that you can have a full experience of the city.

1. Eat Delicious Food

Put Sundanese food on the top of your priority list. There are so many famous sundanese food in Bandung that you just have to try while you’re in the city. Other regions in Indonesia might sell these food, but you’ll never find the ones that are as delicious as the ones in Bandung. After all, it’s where they originated from. Definitely try batagor and seblak which is becoming very popular all over Indonesia.

2. Tour with the Bandros Bus

It would be great to get to know all the iconic and popular places in Bandung. Rather than spending your time or your money in many accommodations, you can just take a tour bus. There is a special tour bus in Bandung called the Bandros Bus. The name ‘Bandros’ is taken from one of their traditional food. The bus is a double decker bus with an open top. So, if you want to get a great view and don’t mind the sun too much then you can try to get a seat on the second level.

3. See the Stunning Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is something that you should definitely visit when you are in Bandung. It is a famous crater with a white lake. The lake is close to the volcanic mountain of Patuha. The colour is white with a hint of green. What makes this lake more fascinating is its ability to change its colour. The colour can change depending on its current temperature. The sulphuric smell coming out of the lake can be quite strong. It’s completely safe to inhale but bring something to cover your nose with in case you can’t handle the smell.

4. Enjoy an Angklung Performance

You must not miss out on watching an angklung performance. Angklung is one of famous musical instruments in Indonesia. It is made of bamboo and sound is created by shaking it. You can come to the Saung Angklung Udjo Show to enjoy people playing the angklung. You can also set up a schedule to learn angklung. Other than enjoying a spectacular show in Bandung, you’ll leave the city with an impressive musical skill.

5. Take in the Lake Patenggang Scenery

Lake Patenggang is another beautiful lake that is located nearby Kawah Putih. So, that’s good news if you are planning to visit both on the same day. Surrounding the lake, is a beautiful scenery of the villagers and tea plantations. There is an island in the lake named Pulau Asmara. It’s small and you can travel there with a boat that you rent. You can stay in the island if you want as they offer villas. Enjoy the lake from your own room as the water will be your view.

6. Ride Horses

Just because you are not an equestrian, it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to ride horses. You can have a horse riding session in Bandung. There’s a ranch that provides this service called De Ranch. It’s quite a popular space among the tourist because of the lovely environment there. If you don’t feel like riding horses, you can just watch the animals eating grass while you’re munching on the snacks sold in the Ranch.

7. See the Volcano

Besides visiting the lakes that are located around volcanic mountains, why not go to the volcano mountain too? There is one particular volcanic mountain in Bandung that is legendary. It’s called Tangkuban Perahu. The meaning of its name depicts an upturned boat because the shape of the mountain is just like that. The mountain is active and it’s also legendary because there is a folktale behind it. You can walk around the mountain, ride your vehicles or even ride a horse to enjoy the mountain.

8. Shopping on a Budget

Shopping is a must in Bandung. The city will not disappoint you. After all, Bandung is often nicknamed as the Paris of Indonesia. You can find what you need as additional materials to your fashion necessities in Bandung. Some boutiques will sell clothes that are not so expensive. But for those of you who are more into authentic things, then observe carefully the materials you’re buying. Keep in mind of all  things to avoid in Bandung.

9. Strawberry Picking

Strawberries need a specific cool temperature so they can grow to their maximum potential. As Bandung is located in a high land, it’s the perfect area to grow these fruits. There are many strawberry gardens in Bandung. Their sweet and sour taste makes them a favourite fruit among many people. People of all ages will love picking strawberries as not all areas in Indonesia provide such activity.

10. Observe the Stars

Observe the universe from Bandung. See the stars beyond the earth in the Bosscha Observatory. The Bosscha Observatory was built in 1923, making it very old. You can use the telescopes in the observatory any time you want. The place is open for 24 hours. After all, you don’t have to wait for night time to see the stars. They are still there during the day. You will only have to pay a small fee to use their equipments.

11. Learn Farming Activities

Take over a farmer’s duty by learning how to care for crops and livestock in Bandung. There’s a place where visitors are educated on most aspects on agriculture of Indonesia. This place is called Jendela Alam. They will teach you how to prepare your seeds before planting. You will also learn how to harvest your crops. For the animals, you can feed the cows and milk them as well.

12. Visit the Tea Plantation

There are many tea plantations in Bandung. Similar to how strawberries are grown, tea needs a cool atmosphere to grow. You will not regret visiting one of the tea plantations. The place is quiet and you are surrounded in greeneries. There are places that you can stay in that do not cost much. Take a walk among the plantation, drink a cup of warm tea or buy all sorts of souvenirs that are available in the plantation.

13. Relax at the Hot Spring

Treat your body with the water from the hot spring in Bandung. A very popular place is the Ciater Hot Springs. The hot spring is surrounded with beautiful garden. There are gazebos around for you to enjoy the place even more. The water in the hot spring comes from the Tangkuban Perahu. Many people believe that the water has health benefits.

More Fun Things to Do (14-20)

Don’t forget these other fun activities that you can do in Bandung.

  • Fun at Trans Studio: Theme park for all ages located in an indoor area.
  • Appreciate Artful Sculptures: See the masterpieces of local art at NuArt Sculpture.
  • Visit the Grand Mosque: The Grand Mosque is an icon in Bandung.
  • Marvel the Cathedral: Another icon and one of the oldest church in Indonesia.
  • Go Water Rafting: Fight the currents at Pangalengan River.
  • See the Vihara: A Buddhist temple where you can meet monks.
  • Take a Walk at Jalan Asia-Afrika: A historical street influencing Indonesia’s revolution.

Here give you some activities that you can experience when you in Bandung. Check this out.

Hopefully these activities can serve as guide for you to explore Bandung. It’s a historical city with plenty to offer. Make some of your best memories in Indonesia by getting to know Bandung.