History of Basketball in Indonesia

The basketball is one of favorite sport in America and some of western countries. However, Basketball is also the popular sport in Indonesia. Basketball consists of two-group player, within 5 persons for each group. They should make an effort to throw the ball into opposite’s basket with some blockades from the opposite group. Basketball is more effective to play because it doesn’t need any large place to play it. A basketball big competition is usually done in America or England.

Although it is not as famous as football in Indonesia, basketball actually has the long term for its developing in Indonesia. Basketball didn’t instantly well played or Indonesians, it was needed some stages until basketball well spread like today. Here, the history of basketball in Indonesia.

  1. 1920s

It was started when some Chinese brought the basketball game to Indonesia. It was because basketball has already been developed in China. Chinese in Indonesia made a kind Chinese school in Indonesia. They started to make basketball as the main sport that was usually played at that school. They also created a community for the Chinese basketball player. Some of local inhabitant in Indonesia started to learn how to play basketball from Chinese school.

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2. 1930s-1948s

Indonesia hadn’t declared the independence, however some cities in Indonesia had already created their own club in across of Indonesia. After independence day on August 17, 1945, the basketball game has already spread in the fighting city like Solo and Yogyakarta.The first time basketball game was played nationally at the first PONI (Pekan Olahraga Nasional) in Solo 1948. It got the good impression from the viewers and also the players itself.

3. 1951s-1953

On 23October 1953, “Persatuan Basketball Seluruh Indonesia” or The United of basketball Indonesia was formed. Then in 1955, the organization of basketball changed into “Persatuan Bola Basket Seluruh Indonesia” or abbreviated asPerbasi. Perbasi was started to be accepted in International Basketball Federation in 1953. Then in 1954, Indonesia sent the basketball player to the Asean Games in Manila.

4. 1982s

On April 3rd 1982, it was the most important day for the historical story of Basketball in Indonesia. It was the first time of basketball competition was conducted. The first atch was Rajawali club from Jakarta and Semangat Sinar Surya Yogyakarta club from Yogyakarta.  The competition name was Kobatama. It was the prestige competition ever in that time.

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5. 1990s-2000s

After the term of 30 years, the basketball today makes a lot of changes in the development. The first was when ‘Deteksi Basketball League’ (DBL) was created. The event was well conducted and gave the different impression in the basketball competition for the students in Indonesia. And Indonesians enthusiasm toward this competition gave the influence toward basketball match at schools in Indonesia. That is why basketball becomes one of the sport that has to play at school now.

6. 2000s –now

It was the year when the professional league basketball was established. While the first national competition Basketball named as Kobatama, it was changed into National Basketball League (NBL). There was also formed the league for women called Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL). However, Perbasi exists up to now. It was played in various regions in Indonesia.

The history of basketball in Indonesia is quite simple, right? Now you have got a new knowledge about history in Indonesia, if you need more information about sports in Indonesia to read, you could see  Badminton in Indonesia,  Pencak Silat, and others.

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