13 Famous Things In Bali Indonesia

Bali is known as the gods island, the island of a thousand temples, or the island of heaven. Bali does have extraordinary natural beauty, from hills, mountains, clouds, lakes, forests, terraced rice fields, giant wooden blocks, and the endless beauty of its marvelous sea coast.

Not only that, Bali has a variety of noble cultural values and is still embedded in its society. Bali has a variety of unique traditions that are still held firmly in sacredness, a variety of cultures that have their own characteristics.

Here are famous things in Bali Indonesia :

1. Candi Bentar Gate (Balinese Traditional House)

Balinese traditional house is called Candi Bentar Archway. Bentar Temple in the door gate going into the king’s palace.

Candi Bentar Gate is made of red stone and carved by rock. In general, this Balinese traditional house is filled with ornaments of trinkets, carvings with natural colors then statues of ritual symbols.

Candi Bentar building is separated so that the Balinese traditional house building becomes a lot of small buildings in one area. 

In modern time, there began to be changes in the building of the Balinese traditional house, which was once a separate building, and buildings that currently have no separate buildings. Read alsothe importance of temple in Bali. 

2. Balinese Traditional Clothing

The traditional Balinese men’s clothing is in the form of destra (headband), songket, saput, and is equipped with a keris inserted in the waist area behind. 

Whereas with this traditional Balinese woman’s clothing, the woman uses two strands of kaing songket, setket songket and scarves, besides using two songket strands and so on.

Balinese traditional dress for women is equipped with golden flower ornaments and frangipani flower ornaments above the head. 

Jewelry to decorate this woman’s customary Balinese clothing is like a necklace, eardrop, and bracelet.

3. Traditional Balinese Dance: Kecak Dance

Kecak dance is a very popular dance in Bali. This dance is played by dozens of male members, in which the dance is played while sitting and circling.

Kecak dance tells the story of the Ramayana when a line of monkeys helps Rama to fight Rahwana.

 The song that accompanies the kecak dance is taken from the rituals of the sanghyang dance.

Sanghyang dancers will be under the conscious (Unconscious) nature, making communication with God or with the spirits of the ancestors, then convey the expectations he wants to the community.

4. Balinese Traditional Dance: Pendet Dance

Pendet dance can be called as a form of welcoming the descent of the gods into the world.

As time went on, dance artists on the island of Bali turned the dance into a welcome dance.

The modern version of Pendet Dance was made by I Wayan Rindi in the 1950s.

I wayan Rindi is an artist who has watched all Balinese dance all his life. I Wayan Rindi loves Balinese culture, so he is being a teacher of Pendet dance from generation to generation.

He created a choreography of Pendet Dance specifically the opening ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta.

The choreograper of Pendet Dance was made to be danced by approximately 800 people, which was originally danced by 5 people. See also the others most famous dance in Bali.

5. Friendly Balinese Society

Bali people have very friendly nature, by having a lifestyle like Bhineka and very few with the rules or too fanatical about something, have customs and traditions that are always held firmly in their daily lives. 

Actually, Balinese people have various kinds of habits that are often used in their own lives.

Maybe all of the friends who have been to Bali, whether it’s for vacation, or there is a study tour from campus or school, or there is a family meeting knowing about the habits of Balinese people in living life.

6. Balinese Traditional Ceremony: Pawiwahan (Marriage Ceremony)

Other transition ceremonies are marriage or Pawiwahan. Pawiwahan for the Balinese is a testimony before Sang Hyang Widi and also to the community that the two people who will marry (bride) have bound themselves as husband and wife. 

In the implementation of this marriage, a good day will be chosen first, in accordance with the requirements, style. Balinese have their own way of calculating good days and dates according to their dates.

Almost all people are still familiar with the Balinese calendar system because they are still using the Balinese calendar in their daily life.

7. Balinese Traditional Ceremony: Ngaben Ceremony

Ngaben ceremony is a corpse burning ceremony carried out by Hindus in Bali.

This traditional ceremony is held to purify the spirits of ancestors of people who have passed away. And headed to their resting place by carrying out the burning of the corpse. 

In Hinduism, Brahma has several kinds of idioms, besides being the creator god, Brahma is believed to have the same meaning as the God of Fire. 

So Ngaben traditional ceremony is the process of purifying the spirits by doing the way it is done using fire in order to get back to the creator. The fire according to the people who are Hindu Balinese religion is the incarnation of Lord Brahma which can burn all the impurities contained in the corpse and the spirit of the person who has passed away.

8. Bali Tourism Places: Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a tourist attraction on the island of Bali which is very popular among tourists.

Kuta beach is most visited by tourists because the location of the beach is close to the airport, the feel of the beach is beautiful.

The cost is quite cheap, and the waves which is perfect for beginner surfers.

Kuta Beach is also very popular with a very beautiful sunset where the view of the sunset is very beautiful and makes a very high attraction. Formerly Kuta Beach was one of the major ports, and the trade center on the island of Bali.

9. Traditional Balinese Food: Bebek Betutu

Betutu duck originating from Kuta, is the favorite food of the kings in Bali.

The way to cook it is quite unique. The meat that has been seasoned must be massaged first.

With massages ,the duck meat will become tender and the marinade soak into the bones. Ducks that have been massaged and then wrapped using banana leaves or betel leaves are then roasted in husk fire.

The process of cooking betutu ducks takes hours so betutu ducks are only cooked when there are traditional events or religious ceremonies.

10. Traditional Balinese Food: Babi Guling

Everyone must have heard this traditional Balinese food. Babi Guling is made from piglets whose stomach is filled with herbs and vegetables, such as cassava leaves, then roasted while spinning (rolled around) until cooked.

Initially Babi Guling were used for traditional or religious ceremonies.

But now guling pigs can be found easily in various restaurants, stalls, and hotels in Bali. The most famous bolsters are from Gianyar Regency. See also popular foods to eat in Bali

11. Traditional Balinese Food: Jinggo Rice

Nasi jinggo is a Balinese food from white rice served in a banana leaf wrap with side dishes and sambal.

The rice is only about the size of a fist and the side dish is usually sambal goreng tempe, serundeng and shredded chicken.

It is said that the word jinggo comes from the Hokkien jeng go language which means one thousand five hundred.

Prior to the 1997 financial crisis, this jinggo rice was indeed sold at Rp 1,500.00 per serving. The small portion is reminiscent of angkringan cat rice from Central Java.

12. Bali Sightseeing: Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is famous for its beauty, especially at sunset. Tanah Lot Temple which consists of 2 temples is a temple to worship the sea god. 

The main uniqueness of Tanah Lot Temple is this temple is located on a large rock on the seafront.

At high tide, you cannot get close to Tanah Lot Temple because around the reefs supporting Tanah Lot Temple will be flooded with sea water.

At low tide you can see some tame sea snakes which according to the locals are guardians of Tanah Lot Temple. In addition, at this Bali tourist location you can also hold a tame and harmless holy snake. Read also underwater temples in Bali. 

13. Bali Tourist Attractions: Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is above a cliff jutting into the sea.

Uluwatu Temple not only offers a Balinese religious atmosphere, but also offers a beautiful panorama, especially the beauty of the famous sunset.

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