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15 Things To Do In Jakarta Old Town

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When you walk and enjoy the beauty of the old city in Jakarta, you can try many things there. There are many types of culinary tours, photo tours, art markets, and so on.


The old city witnesses the history of the Indonesian struggle against the invaders. In addition, this typical Dutch-style building is an attraction for visitors.  Hence you should know the interesting facts of Jakarta Old Town.

Apart from its unique shape, the architecture is cool, and there are also many restaurants serving western-style food blending Indonesian specialties.

You should try many things in this place, to know what things are. The following are the recommended old things to do in Jakarta old town for you:

1. Doing a Relaxing Bike

When you are on vacation in the old city, there are many relaxing bikes, old bikes or ontel that are rented to be used around. Or you can rent a motorcycle taxi that can be taken to walk around the old city.

It’s very beautiful and it’s also fun to be able to enjoy the scenery around the old city by bicycle. Healthy for the body and you can style the past with a relaxed bike. the following the advantages of living in Jakarta Indonesia.

2. Doing Photos at Akar Jumanji House

The next thing you can do in the old city is taking pictures. You can capture all your excitement with loved ones with photos while in the old city. One of the interesting photo spots that you should try is the Jumanji root house.

At first glance, it looks spooky, but there are many interesting unique spots. Take advantage of the many angles there that you can capture and become photos of personal collections, which you can show off as personal photos and photos on your social media.

3. Enjoying the view of the sunset on Sunda Kelapa

The recommended old things to do in Jakarta old town, you can enjoy the sunset when the afternoon arrives.

Because it is most delicious if you visit at dusk, you can see the beauty of the sunset directly on Sunda Kelapa. In addition, there are many cafes and restaurants that offer a variety of delicious food menus and just enjoy a cup of coffee.

Able to make you and your partner really – really enjoy the beauty of the city. The following are the famous places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia that you must try it.

4. Enjoy Lumping Horse Attractions

There are many rides available in the old city, one of which is the attraction of Kuda Lumping. The distinctive art of Java is one attraction that is often shown to visitors in the old city.

Kuda Lumping is famous as a dance attraction mixed with mysticism, at first this show was indeed presented as an attraction to the kings of the era some know ago. Until now this culture is still maintained and is an absolute culture in Indonesia.

5. Enjoy the Attractions of Ondel – Ondel

This culture originating from Jakarta has become a characteristic. Where the venue and its attractions are not to be missed, famous as the original ondel-ondel Betawi.

The mixing of Betawi, Chinese and Arabic cultures is so interesting, ondel – ondel which is in the form of a large doll makes many people curious to know the culture.

So that ondel-ondel is worthy of being a Jakarta culture that has never been obsolete by time and time. Recommendations that you should know, namely are restaurants with the best breakfast in Jakarta.

6. See the interesting attractions of Life Sculpture Art

Next is recommended old things to do in Jakarta old town that you can witness, namely the offering of living sculptures.

There are many human sculptures with colorful paint contained in the body of the living statue. You can take a selfie and take pictures with friends and relatives.

The uniqueness of human life sculptures attracts the attention of many visitors, besides being unique, the man who became the statue can do many funny attractions.

7. Enjoy the Delicious and Food Menu

Besides you can enjoy many performances as well as the beauty of the old city. Don’t forget to miss the variety of foods, snacks, and types of delicious drinks around the old city.

There are many restaurants and cafes both on the side of the road and in the building, all serving delicious menus also do not drain your funds.

Food menu starting from authentic Indonesian menus to western menus that you can try. So it’s not wrong if the old city keeps a lot of tourist choices including culinary tourism. For your references are the best restaurants in Jakarta for valentine.

8. Around the Museum

You can also go around the museum in the old city. The museum that offers history, also art objects and relics of colonial times.

In addition, in the museum, you can find out about the history of the old city and some forms of historical objects that have a value of struggle.

Interesting place and you can visit with family. The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00 WIB. You simply choose which museum you want to visit, from the Bank Indonesia museum to the Fatahilah museum.

9. Seeing Many Artworks from Street Artists

Recommended old things to do in Jakarta old town that you can do by seeing a lot of hand art in the old city.

You can buy a variety of souvenirs ranging from accessories, paintings, display items, t-shirts and so on. The price offered is quite diverse, from the price that can be negotiated to the right price.

You who want to bring by a typical old city can buy it with a variety of variations. Or you can buy cute and interesting miniatures or key displays. You must try the best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife.

10. Watching Many Dramatic Arts

In the old city, you can also watch many life art attractions such as drama, puppet art performances, dance arts and many more.

Every performance is played by several players, all of which are free of charge. You who have a hobby of art are very suitable to witness this in the old city.


Apart from the above, there are still some recommended old things to do in Jakarta old town that you can know:

  • Many interesting costumes that you can see in the old city, there are many volunteers or artists using costumes such as kings and queens, as well as costumes from Dutch soldiers in ancient times.
  • There are many street musicians that you can meet along the way in the old city. Music accompaniment and also paintings by artists, with beautiful and eye-catching works. The following are the things to buy in Jakarta recommended.
  • The night the atmosphere in the old city is getting lively and crowded. You who love nightlife can feel an interesting sensation. There are lots of snacks, interesting photo spots to capture on social media or photographs that you like.
  • Travel to the old city will be even more interesting if you use a fleet of railroad transportation. There is no need to feel stuck, only when the length of the train is fuller, so it is better if you want to go to the old city using the train, go early. Here they are the most luxurious Malls in Jakarta you should know.
  • You can also visit an old library building that is there. In the library, you can find a large collection of books that are rarely found elsewhere. You who like reading should try to visit while in the old city.

Thus, several explanations regarding recommended old things to do in Jakarta old town. Hopefully, it will be a reference for you to visit and happy to travel.

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