15 Why is Bali A Good Place To Visit

Indonesia is very lucky because it not only has a variety of cultures, food, dances and so on. However, Indonesia also has the privilege of its beautiful and charming island. One of them is the island of Bali, all must have known the island of Bali. There are many uniqueness, beauty, and features that you […]

13 Things You Should Not Miss in Bali

Before you will decide to go on holiday to Bali, it would be nice to know what fun places to be used as a place to enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali. Make a list of places, locations, what types of activities you will do, so that your vacation can be spent on […]

13 Things You Can Buy in Bali

When you are on holiday to the island of Bali, of course, there are many interesting things you can do there. Starting from beach tourism, nature tourism, enjoying the sunset, tasting Balinese culinary, meeting friendly Balinese to buying Balinese accessories made handmade. Of course this can be a special satisfaction for you, moreover, you can […]

13 Things You Should Never Do in Bali Indonesia

Bali is one of the world’s most enjoyable tourist destinations, many tourists choose the island of Bali as a place to vacation, honeymoon, prewedding, relaxing, business trips, seminars and so on. Apart from that, Bali is indeed a city filled with natural, cultural, traditional charms and a beautiful and interesting place. Apart from that, the […]

15 What Should I Buy in Indonesia

Indonesia is indeed a country that is rich in natural beauty, culture, language, food and also antiques and traditional specialties that can be bought. Many Indonesian craftsmen create goods with attractive shapes and prices. Of course, this is sold not only for local buyers as well as foreign buyers. You have tried the interesting things to […]

15 Where Should I Stay in Bali indonesia

During your vacation on the island of Bali is certainly not difficult, there are many residences in the form of hotels, motels, places to stay or boarding that are offered at low prices. You just choose which location you like, as long as you are in Bali, of course, in addition to needing a place […]

15 Socio Cultural Impacts Of Tourism In Bali

Where it is known that almost some people in Bali work and risk their fate in the areas related to tourism, so the impact of tourism itself, as a result, can help the welfare of society in Bali in general. Where the spread of more tourism-related jobs can provide more employment opportunities to the people […]

10 Historical Building in Bali

There are many beautiful buildings and also historic on the island of Bali. In addition to being a famous and enchanting place, this island has a lot of high history and strong cultural customs. If you visit Bali will be able to feel how friendly and nuances of thick custom. Read also : History of […]

10 Historical Monuments in Bali

Bali Island is famous not only for its beautiful city and its natural attractions. In Bali, there are many tourist attractions sculptures and monuments that deserve to be a choice of your historic holiday. There are many unique forms of buildings and sculptures that can fascinate you, the work of unique and interesting building beauty. […]

Is It Safe To Live In Jakarta Indonesia? 13 Answers For You

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. In Indonesia, Jakarta is the city with the highest activity. It can be said that Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. As a business center, politics and culture, Jakarta is home to the headquarters of state-owned enterprises, private companies and foreign companies. The city is also the […]