14 Useful Tips in Bali Indonesia

You are on vacation to Bali, from now on make a list of trips and also the visit that you will do. So that your vacation in Bali can be used for positive activities and has an unforgettable impression.

In Bali, there are lots of fun and fun activities that you can do, besides traveling you can also spend your time sunbathing, playing water games, enjoying the natural scenery, doing spas, shopping for souvenirs and much more. Hence the great and things you can only get in Bali Island.

So that you can enjoy all these activities, we will discuss tips in Bali Indonesia that you can follow, here is the explanation:

1. Enjoy the types of beaches in Bali

Before you know the names of beaches like Kuta, Pandawa, or Padang-Padang, Kutalah Beach is the mainstay when you first arrived in Bali.

This is because Kuta Beach is indeed the most famous among other beaches. Even though it’s not the most beautiful, it’s especially close to Ngurah Rai and Legian airports, a paradise for cheap inns and guesthouses.

Kuta is usually crowded and very full of foreign tourists. I was so busy, once your feet touched the sand you would feel as if there were no more in Indonesia. From the Japanese to Caucasians, everything is there!

2. See lots of offerings in every street and house

Because it is your first time in Bali, you must be surprised to see many offerings everywhere. Previously you already understood that in Bali most of them were Hindus. However, in Bali, the offerings are in the form of being placed on the sidewalk to the cashier’s desk, and of course, that is a very unique sight for you. It’s normal if you look carefully. In fact, sometimes the photos of the offerings are uploaded on social media.

You have also been treated by those who have been to Bali to be careful and maintain politeness when in the area of worship. This includes when you see lots of offerings! You really take care of yourself so you don’t step on or over this sacred object. The following about different types of recreation in Bali that you should know.

3. Try to braid hair on the beach

The next Indonesian Bali tips are after being tired of traveling around Kuta Beach, you can relax by the beach while enjoying the breeze and the sun. Many people approach you to offer their services. To make your vacation to Balimu even more legitimate, you try to braid your hair.

While sunbathing, you are also willing to have your hair tweaked and not for a long time your appearance has become more and more like a ‘Balinese tourist’ with a Bob Marley style dreadlocks. You will maintain this type of hair until you return to your home region.

4. Make a temporary tattoo on the beach

On the edge of Kuta Beach, you can also try tattoos. This is just a temporary tattoo that will wear off within one month. You can make a small to large tattoo.

Start from animals, letters, numbers, everything is there! Because this is a permanent tattoo, you can also tattoo with the name or date of birth of your boyfriend. Guaranteed fun and cheap, good art if you like beauty. Here are a few things you should not miss in Bali.

5. Play water play on the beach

There is a lot of water play in Bali because Bali has a beautiful and safe beach to play water. You can try banana boat rides, diving, snorkeling, surfing and many more.

What is sure to be fun and fun to fill a holiday while in Bali. You can order the game first, the price is also very affordable. Or you can capture every moment by using your photo camera.

6. Buy souvenirs in Bali

Other tips in Bali Indonesia is that while you are tired of walking around the beach, you try to visit shopping places in Bali. The easiest and many places you find are clothing sellers that read ‘Bali’ which are found in small roadside stalls. A thin shirt with a barong picture is your choice.

You will wear these clothes while in Bali because of the cool ingredients. You also buy a few pieces for souvenirs. Pay attention and know the following about things you should never do in Bali Indonesia.

7. Hunting cheap clothes at Bali outlets

Satisfied to explore the coast, you can try to find surfing brand items that are being discounted. Buy is famous for its cheap surf clothes warehouse. Look at the board that reads “70% discount” at a factory outlet that sells branded items that you have known before, you are crazy.

The price is too much cheaper for you in your city. While there is a discount, you take advantage of this opportunity well. Even though 70 percent discount happens all the time, you know, and if you are given the opportunity to go here again, you will easily find it again.

8. Visit Sangeh Forest in Bali

The tips in Bali Indonesia that you can do next are visiting Sangeh. Sangeh is another tourist spot that you must visit when you first go to this island.

There, you will meet agile and dynamic monkeys that if you are not careful, you will be ready to steal your camera and cellphone. But Sangeh which is actually the name of the forest is shady and good for photographs.

The distance between one tourist spot to another tourist place is quite far, and you may not pass if you do not rent a private vehicle. Don’t be confused, here is the best hotel reference where should I stay in Bali Indonesia you must try it.

9. Try visiting a temple in Bali

Visiting famous temples in Bali is at least your effort so that your vacation in Bali is not only filled with fun and shopping.

You can also go visit the temple and enjoy the beauty of the buildings and nature around it. Two famous temples that are always crowded with visitors are Ulun Danu Temple and Tanah Lot. The pictures of the two are always scattered on postcards since the 90s, and you are obliged to try so you are not curious about temples in Bali.

10. Buy Balinese specialties

Towards going home, you will visit the central shop for souvenirs and buy snacks that you think are typical and can only be found in Bali. Balinese milk, bean and bark pies are your main choices for souvenirs. If you have more money, you can also buy various aromatherapy soap and Balinese scrubs. Because a lot of various items are tempting to try and buy so you are not curious.


Here are some more examples of tips in Bali Indonesia that you can know:

  • Culture is one thing that cannot be separated from the existence of tourism objects in Bali. Therefore it is highly recommended for you to enjoy interesting culture, dance, religious ceremonies in Bali.
  • You can try visiting an art sales center in Bali. In these markets, there are many who sell interesting Balinese items and also cheap prices guaranteed you will be satisfied. This market is called the Sukawati Art Market.
  • You can also try doing yoga sports that are very famous in Bali. There are many yoga courses that you can follow, determine your choices and adjust to the budget you have, and enjoy the sensation of yoga. The following of interesting things to buy in Bali souvenir recommendations.
  • Enjoy the sunset and a beautiful dinner. You and your partner can spend time together with a romantic dinner by the beach with a natural atmosphere and amazing night lights.

So some explanations about tips in Bali Indonesia, hopefully, you will be on the island of Bali. See you soon.