13 Surprising Benefits Of Balinese Massage

Arguably almost every woman in this world has ever felt the pleasure of massage. The art of massage has long been recognized in several Asian countries, including Indonesia. No wonder if the massage griya mushroomed and visited many. Even foreign citizens did not miss to enjoy it. Massage lovers believe that every message will have […]

30 Ways of Life in Bali and Its People

Surely way of life for each people is really different. There’s one rule that can divide both of them. There’s one law that can make the other people live differently, and those things make Indonesia actually more rich by the diversity of its people. Read also: Hindu Temple at Bali Hinduism in Bali History of […]

12 Family Life in Bali

Bali is a very famous cultural tourism destination to foreign countries. No wonder, if the longer Bali the more foreign visitors. They come to Bali not just enjoy the beauty of nature. Some of them claim to be curious about the cultural diversity in Bali. One of the things that interest them is the tradition […]

10 Social Cultures in Bali You Can Experience

Bali province lies in the Eastern part of Java island. This province is included in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. The archipelago was once called as the Little Sundanese. The Balinese people inhabit Bali Island which is now a province with eight districts and one city. The Balinese live in a neighborhood called Pawongan, Pawongan itself is divided […]

Tattoo in Bali – History – Tradition – Types

Tattoo or rajah is a sign, symbol, letters, or picture made by inserting pigment into the human’s skin. In Indonesia itself, tattoo was originally a culture from Mentawai West Sumatera. Mentawai itself is nominated as one of Most Famous Tribes in Indonesia. Other than Mentawai, several tribes that knew tattoo application since long time ago is  Dayak […]

Lifestyle in Bali Indonesia – Society – Habits

Bali is the most famous Indonesian island in the country. The island is filled with beautiful sceneries of rice paddies and beaches. There are also many Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia. Although Bali is known for its tourists status, the Balinese are actually more conservative. They have their own way of living. Moreover, they also have […]

Cultures in Bali – Traditions – Ceremonies

Bali? Who doesnt know about Bali? So many tourists make it as their first destination when come to Indonesia. Many people also make it as their honeymoon destination because Bali is beautiful and have so much culture inside which make them different with another islands, thats why its called as The Island of The Gods. […]

Top 8 Traditional Balinese Dance (#4 is Fascinating)

Bali is one of the most well-known island in Indonesia for the foreigners. Most of the foreigners, in fact, only realize Bali is part of Indonesia few years after visiting Bali. The enchantment of Bali is indeed unbreakable. Bali has succeeded captivating the foreigners with their culture wealth. The tradition that always upheld in their […]