10 Most Common Side Dish in Indonesia

Indonesia is not only rich about its natural biodiversity, but also on its food culinary. The typical of Indonesian cuisine has the different taste that you will never taste in the country anywhere else.

Indonesian food is always complemented by natural spices that make Indonesian specialties taste very good and have a unique taste. In addition, Indonesian food has a special side dish to accompany rice. Indonesian people have unique creations to complement their rice friends, Indonesia also has its own characteristics so that friends can be a favorite for themselves. Here is the list of most common side dish in Indonesia.

  1. Rendang

Rendang is a typical food from Padang, rendang has a very good taste because it is combined with spices. Rendang is not just plain cooked beef. However, rendang is a very tasty food to be used as a side dish, with coconut milk and spices. It will definitely make you addicted to eating.

Usually when Padang people make rendang, they will give a distinctive taste and a different sensation when you eat it. This one side rendang has a different flavor.

  1. Satay

Satay is the most popular Indonesian food, and one of the typical Indonesian dishes. Sate there are several areas that serve satay with different spices. Satay is a food that is familiar to us all, even to foreign countries this Indonesian satay is enjoyed.

This satay has several types of meat, there are cows, goats, rabbits to horses and many more creations. Satay is very authentic with very fitting peanut spices, satay is also very suitable to be a side dish with rice or rice cake.

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  1. Pecel Lele

Pecel Lele is a typical Betawi food that is very popular in Indonesia as a side dish with rice. For lovers of catfish dishes would be very fond of eating catfish pecel as a side dish.

Pecel lele is actually fried catfish which is served with chili sauce, and green vegetables to increase the sensation when eating it. Catfish pecel is usually sold a lot on the street lane at night, this catfish pecel has been a favorite side since long ago.

  1. Semur Jengkol

For some people, jengkol is a very tasty food and gives a unique taste when eating it. Jengkol can also be processed into various types of food, but there are also some people who do not like jengkol. Now this jengkol stew is very good for side dishes for those who like jengkol.

This jengkol stew has the basic ingredients of coconut milk and some spices that make the spices from this stew feel good, not to mention the unique jengkol flavor. The side dish of Semur Jengkol only exists in Indonesia.

  1. Tempe Goreng

Besides mendoan tempeh which can be made into a side dish, fried tempeh is also no less popular. Tempe has indeed become typical of Indonesia, which until now has become famous abroad, many tourists are interested in this tempe dish.

Fried tempeh is very tasty when it becomes side dishes and accompanied by chili, hot rice and salted fish. Although this simple look of food is always the favorite side of Indonesian people who love Indonesian cuisine.

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  1. Perkedel

There are a lot of cakes, there are jangung patties, potatoes and others. The dough is indeed a simple food to be a side dish, but this is very good for a friend of rice.

The cakes are made from jangung / potato, leeks, garlic, and other spices. This dough has a very soft texture because the ingredients are pulverized to be smooth first, the cakes become the most popular side dish in Indonesia.

  1. Tofu

Tofu is usually juxtaposed with tempeh for side dishes. Tofu has a soft taste in it and is also crispy on the outside when you cook it by frying it until it’s crispy outside. Tofu is a typical Indonesian side dish that is best accompanied by chili paste.

The sense of knowing that makes us always addicted and also the taste of chilli paste that has a very good taste, is what makes fried tofu and chili sauce the most favorite side dish in Indonesia.

  1. Eggplant Balado

Eggplant Balado is very concentrated with herbs and spices that make the sensation feel when we eat it. Eggplant Balado also has a red appearance and is also full of chilli seeds which makes us drool when we see it.

Eggplant Balado is very tasty as a side dish with hot rice, to make the sensation more enjoyable. Eggplant Balado is also much favored by the Indonesian people, in addition to delicious Balado eggplant also has a unique taste and is good to be a side dish of rice friends.

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  1. Cah kangkung

It is originally made of water spinach. This legend vegetable is really famous in country. Cah Kangkung is a type of vegetable that is very tasty if you make a side dish to eat. This water spinach is like stir-fried vegetables, but the difference is that the water spinach uses Indonesian spices which make this water spinach taste different and make you addicted.

Cah kangkung also has a different way of cooking in other regions, some use additional tauco, terasi and other additions that make this dish delicious for eating rice dishes typical of each region.

  1. Kerupuk or Cracker

Kerupuk or Crackers are snacks that are generally made from the mixture of tapioca flour mixed with flavoring ingredients such as shrimp or fish. Crackers are made by steaming the mixture until cooked, then cut it thin, dried in the sun until it is dry and fried with a lot of cooking oil.

Crackers are not always made from tapioca flour, but more than 3 preparation processes. Making, drying and cooking (can be fried with oil or sand, or burned). Crunchy textured crackers and are often used as a complement to various Indonesian foods such as fried rice and gado-gad

After reading those side dish above, are you interested to try? All of the side dish above could easily found in Indonesia.