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50 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Indonesia

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Indonesia is indeed a very good place for vacation, for everyone in this worlds. Even though some people, especially in the foreign countries still don’t know about this country, but they might heard the name of Bali before.


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The thing is, they don’t know that Bali is located inside Indonesia. So we here to help those kind of people who still don’t have any clue about what is actually good things or good points of this country. All included on our article for today, the reasons why you should visit Indonesia. See complete of them below :

1. Indonesian Capital City, Jakarta, has its own amazing specialities

Well, for you who don’t know this information, we’re just gonna tell you about the capital city of Indonesia. It’s Jakarta, the city full with modernization, and a paradise in the evening when people can enjoy some stuff like restaurants or cafes. There are also several notable malls in here that people really like.

2. The Komodo Dragon

Another reason why you should visit Indonesia is the existence of Komodo Dragon. Some say that the Dragon is only a fairy tale, and cannot be found in our world today. But they surely wrong. Even thought the description of an actual dragon and this Komodo is a bit different, but this is the only live dragon, and prehistoric animal that you can only find in Komodo Island, Indonesia.

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3. The Diving spots that are really good

Also, Indonesia is known for its spectacular diving spots. Usually they exist in the areas like Bali and other eastern islands. Some notably good ones are found in Lombok area and also Nusa Tenggara area.

4. Seeing the richness of Sumatra Island

In the western side of Indonesia, you can see that there’s this long island called Sumatra. It has so many histories about the spreading of Islam religion and natural disasters. But, once you go in there, you can find so many good things like many coffee shops, mangrove forest, and also Sumatran Orangutan !

5. Seeing the richness of Borneo

Little bit far from there, located just 1 cm from the world map, there’s this island of Borneo. This island is known for its foresty areas. No wonder that so many film makers, and video game companies use the location as a source to find natural sounds that needed in their movies or video games.

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6. Visiting the chilling mountains

In Indonesia, there are several calm mountains that you need to visit. For example, there are this Bromo mountain in East Java, filled with so many amazing spots inside, and also the mythical Rinjani Mountain in the far east side of Indonesia.

7. Seeing temples in Bali

There are several temples that still standing still until know, and they located in almost every area in Indonesia country. The strong structure of the building make them able to stand all this time. You can find the examples of this, like Prambanan or Borobudur Temple.

8. Indonesia is like heaven for backpacker

For the backpacker out there, Indonesia is already famous for its very cheap price. Cheap indeed, but comes with understandable quality. The price of foods and settlements in here are considered the cheapest amongst all countries in ASEAN.

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9. Incredibly affordable hotels

Like said above, the price of hotels in Indonesia are considered pretty affordable. You can always pick the higher price for higher quality of course.

10. or maybe guest house

For the tourists who really like the situation of calmness and peace, the guest house might be the best choice. The price of them is usually equal to the cost of hotels, but can surpass it if you book the high quality guest house.

11. There are so many quiet yet amazing places, like Lombok

The busy situation of  a city is not for everyone. There are some people who really want to finally be able to free from there and having a bit of calm in their life. Indonesia has so many choices of them, especially  the eastern place like Lombok.

12. There’s one Asia’s Biggest National Park

In the Papua island, one of the biggest islands in Indonesia, there’s this area called Lorents, the heritage of UNESCO. This area is covering some beautiful places like forest, tundra, and glacier at some point with a vast 9.674 square miles.

13. Paris Van Java

Paris in Java island? Is it truly a nonsense? There’s a city that called by so many people by Paris Van Java, or the Javanese Paris called Bandung. Well, the city doesn’t have high tower like Eiffels, but surely the condition in there, the weather, are pretty much the same.

14. Yogyakarta, the city of culture

If you want to learn about culture, come to Yogyakarta city. It’s the best place to learn about the culture of Indonesia, especially Javanese.

15. Witness the majestic temples in Java island

Like said in the informations above, there are several temples that still standing, even though they were built many years before us. One of them included in 7 world wonders, the Borobudur temple.

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16. Lengkuas island hides one of the most amazing light houses in the world

In an island called Lengkuas island, there’s a light house that looks so amazing, but sadly not so many know it.

17. Indonesia is very green

The good thing about Indonesia is, the country is very green. Almost 50% of the country is mainly forest. That makes Indonesia the greenest country in the world.

18. But the price level is considered low

This is considered as beneficial for some people, especially the tourists. They can get whatever they want in a very good price because the currency of Indonesia is lower than other countries.

19. Bakso

There’s one cuisine in Indonesia called Bakso, or basically means meatball. This one is the kind of food you should try when visiting Indonesia.

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20. Charming islands

Because known as maritime country, the fact that Indonesia has so many islands is not surprising. Especially because there are so many beautiful islands in here like the Nusa Tenggara, and some small exclusive islands.

21. Doing some beach tours in Bali

In Bali, there are some beaches that you must visit. If Sanur is too mainstream for you, you can always switch on other beach like Pandawa beach for example known for its one of a kind view.

22. Raja Ampat, one heaven on the earth

Again, this one speciality comes from another island located in Indonesia. The island called Raja Ampat, where the divers are gathering in here to enjoy some of the best diving spots in the world.

23. The wild animals in Indonesia

The number of animals in Indonesia is so many. You can always see some of them in the zoo, and the conservation place.

24. Cheap food stalls that are very friendly

And good thing for backpacker again, the price of cuisines and snacks in here is the best!

25. Tasting the Civet or Luwak Coffee

Anothe reason why people coming in Indonesia is because of the original and exclusive Luwak Coffee that created from a small creature called Civet.

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Beside those things taht mentioned in the information above, we also want to tell you the other 25 points to complete our list of 50 reasons why you should visit Indonesia. You can see the additional information below :

  1. High class retreats
  2. Wide tea plantations
  3. The iconic Teh Botol
  4. Are you strawberry lover? This country is perfect for you
  5. Its Ring of Fire
  6. Wonderful Kawah Putih
  7. Going into the deepness of Caves
  8. Seeing the National Monument in Jakarta
  9. Many Factory Outlets
  10. Local people that are really friendly toward tourists
  11. Rich of culture
  12. and rich of tradition
  13. The Wayang Puppet
  14. Witness the process of making a Batik
  15. Enjoying Gamelan music
  16. Chilling in Nyepi Day
  17. Tasting the famous Nasi Goreng
  18. Socializing with Sumatran Orangutans
  19. and also Bornean’s
  20. Hanging around some big malls in Jakarta
  21. Taking your partner to natural romantic places
  22. Gasping sunrise at Bromo Mountain
  23. Visiting Ubud Monkey Forest
  24. Catching the Bemo vehicle
  25. Doing some cooking class

So that is our complete article about reasons why you should visit Indonesia. As you can see there, Indonesia has several good points that cannot be found in other countries, like its richness in culture, art, and tradition. Those things then added with some other good benefits to make the reasons more stronger. So, visiting Indonesia wouldn’t be bad idea at all.

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