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Seeking The Mysterious Death Valley in Java Indonesia

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Once again, Indonesia is the home for many exoctic places. Some of them even notice by some famous artists in Hollywood. And some of them, are hidden beneath the mountains, or the high grounds of Indonesia. If you happen to be the casual tourist that who want to visit the already famous places in Indonesia like Kuta or Borobudur Temple, that’s okay, it’s good for us. But if you happen to be a challenging seeker that want to adventure toward the deeper side of Indonesia, maybe you should take a look at this place.


The name is Death Valley or in Indonesian called as Lembah Kematian. Even though there are always some valleys in Java island, this one created the terryfing histories of them all. Located in Nusakambangan island, the island to give the highest punishment to the prisoners with terrible crime. The Valley is used for a place for execution, mainly for that, but for the other purposes, the usage of the place is remain hidden.

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Because of the gloomy aura of the place, usually some people who pass by will see some ghosts of the prisoners that always haunting the place. There was one story, when the nearby food seller as haunted by one prisoner spirit, during the day. With sucha terrifying record, maybe visiting  the valley of Death will always be second choice. But, if you relaly want to know about it, we provide some little informations below :

The Valley of Death in Nusakambangan

Not sot so many people know about the dark side of Nusakambangan. Yes, even thouh it’s already gloomy because of the fatc that Nusakambangan is the place to put the bad guys away form society, but there’s also some myth that lurk the area of Nusakambangan. Even though fro the extreme travelers, the Nusakambangan can be a little challenging. For your information, Nusakambangan is also not a place for prisoners only, but it’s also being a spot that filled with so many beautiful stuff.

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Even thought the island was claimed by the Minister of Law and Humanity, but for the developmnt of the island to be a grat attraction for every body, the people at the Cilacap Tourism Service. To be honest, in this Nusakambangan, there are some attractions that can be enjoy by all people.

Like the Sand Cave, which was made naturally by the nature of course, and that one attraction also getting its fame through short years. Also, there’s this beautiful view of Nusakambangan, which is contains a panorama of lake, mountains, and the hills around.  All of them are still in their best condition, because wall maintained by the corresponding officers at Cilacap Tourism Service.

But, not so many knows about the hidden place beneath the island of Nusakambangan. Like you can guess, the valley of death is not the ordinary place you would go to. Let us tell you about the story of Nusakambangan first. In here, there are nine kinds of cel that wil filled with dfferent levels of suspect. Starting from the lowest level of security firs, there are The Batu (Stone) Cells, The Besi (Iron) Cells, Permisan Cells, and the Kembang Kuning.

Plus, there’s another one called The White Sand Cells or called as Super Maximum Security Cells, you an guess what’s inside. Maybe some of you wonder, where are the others beside those. They are not working anymore, either because of the long usage without maintaining, or maybe they want to built the new ones.

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A little bit information about the last one, the cells with the maximum security is not only place to give the criminals punishment. But, they also being trained with so many different skills inside ,w with hipe that once they finally get out from this place, they can be a new person. But, the cell utself is amde out of iron and unbrekable stell. Also, there are some high waves thta surrounding the cells, preventing the criminals to run away.

But, if you think that the cell is the ugliest place of al, you’re wrong. Remembering we still inthe Nusakambangan island area, we can go to the valley of death. It has a name, the Nirbaya Valley. So, as we said in the paragraph above, the valley used to elimianate or giving the criminals their death penalty they deserve. There are some spots here that usually used as a place to do that, and they are just secret that kept by the officers. You can find the execution spots so easily though. You can even fnd the wooden planks that used. That’s creepy and you mental can be blown up just by looking at it. With that spooky condition, no wonder people who walking or just pasing the location feel a bit of odd aura.

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The Valley of Death of Nirbaya, located in the island of Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java. You can notice this Nusakambangan easily by the directions that shown by the wooden signs or plank that wll take you to the nearest harbor. Form there, you can take a boat ride to go to the island. Usually there will be a group of people who will take you to the location. It’s not so long journey, while having a trip, you can see the view around you, which looks so pretty.

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But, once you finally come to the valley, you can feel that you’re not alone, even though you come there by yourself. The situation there is a lot more different than the villages in Nusakambangan, where there are some people doing their stuff. But in the valley itself, all you can find is a haunting place that maybe shouldn’t be visited by anyone.


Of course, as a really bad place, the valley has some of its myths. But, those myths are really thick ith ghost and another world. Many people claim that they ofenly hear the sounds of people, crying for help in the depth of the woods. Some ghost even asking the people to repair their graves. But beside the actual ghosts, if you brave enough to visit the valley, you can hear the sound of steps, then the tormented people crying for help, sounds of cry, and even some yellings of fear and terror.

Yep, those are the things that you maybe can find inside the valley, especially during the night. Creepy isn’t it? So, for you the brave warriors, you can try your luck in here, visiting the horror of death valley in Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java, Indonesia. Careful not to deal with something strange in there. Also careful from the snakes, there are a lot of them.

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That’s our topic for today, the haunted valley of death in Nusakambangan. If you really interested about it, it’s adviced for you to get a permission for the police patrol first, before proceeding to the area. You can also check some tourism services that will take you to this place safely, but there are not so many of them. With such a best luck, maybe you can finally hop in to this valley, legally. Don’t be a criminal.

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