10 Interesting facts of Jamu, Herbal Medicine From Indonesia

Jamu is a traditional herbal beverage from Indonesia. It’s very popular among Javanese people as Jamu is developed in this region. Jamu has been around for years as Javanese people keep producing it from generation to generation. Most of Javanese people consume Jamu to keep their body healthy. Other than that, Jamu is believed to […]

Get to Know About Gamelan, An Authentic Sound From Indonesia

Gamelan is a widely known traditional music originally coming from Indonesia. Specifically, it’s originally from Java. Some other region may have different version as well, but Gamelan is more popular in Javanese region. The name Gamelan derives from Javanese phrase, Gamel and An. Gamel in Javanese language means to beat (musical instrument) and An means […]

13 Importance Of Temple In Bali

Getting to know the island of Bali is not only a stunning tourist destination. However, on the other hand, Bali became very famous for its local culture as well as its unique and interesting religious rituals. Examples of one of which is building a temple built with traditional Balinese architecture. Very beautiful and also interesting […]

30 Facts About Javanese Culture That You Should Know

Always said so many times, Indonesia is the only one country of you looking for the culture and arts that crarfter and made uniquely by its people. For examples, there are some regions that have their own unique culture. There are the Javanese, Papuanese, Betawi culture, and many more waiting to discover. See also : […]

17 Extraordinary Natural Heritage Site in Indonesia

Beside the natural treasures, there are also soemthing left on the land of Indonesia. What is the thing? It’s the natural heritage. Yes, even some of them are not so natural, even made by some ancient people. But, we can also said that those are the heritages that they left for us, waiting to be […]

Top 15 Museum in Yogyakarta (Traditional & Modern)

Jogjakarta has always been a place where culture and history are preserved, this is because the Sultanate of Jogja that’s still in the running till now. Thus Jogyakarta is also known for its cultural and historical tourism. In addition to the temple and Keraton then you can also visit the many museums there. See Also: […]

Top 15 Art and Culture of Jakarta Indonesia

Like we all know, Jakarta is a capital city of Indonesia. Its very crowded filled, filled with business and pollution. However, beside that, Jakarta has many great cultures that you must know. Their cultures often called as Betawi Cultures. Of course, they have some speciality than the others. See also : Papua Culture Indonesia Chinese […]

Javanese Batik Fabric – Culture – Tradition – Types

Do you know Batik?. First of all, Batik is a cultural heritage of Indonesia which has a high value and fusion of art, filled with philosophical meanings and meaningful symbols that show the way of thinking of the community that create it. However, This special thing  is a craft that has become part of Indonesian culture especially […]