30 Facts About Indonesian Lifestyle That Are Very Unique

We as humans of course live in a cycle that is always done every single day. Because of the evryday use of that cycle, we create like habits, which is sometimes the same and not the same with the other people on another countries.

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With those habits that done almost everyday, we having this kind of unique lifestyle. And now, we’re going to talk about the lifestyle of Indonesians in this article. Some on the list are can not be found on other countries, even your own country. And sometimes, the lifestyle is very strange to people, but still, it’s the way of life of Indonesians. So here it is, the facts about Indonesian lifestyle.

1 There’s only few numbers of people who becoming entrepreneur

The first fact that we’re gonna discuss is the facta about the Indonesian economic. Many economist said that the reason why Indonesia is ot being the developed country is because the mindset of the most Indonesian people, who don’t want to start being an entrepreneur. Maybe this one reason is so important, because by being an entrepreneur, they can increase their wealth, the enomic level of people around them, and finally increasing the economic level of the country. The reason why they won’t to start is afraid of losing and also the other one is not gaining much profit.

2 The people are very curious about something

This is the one havit that mostly Indonesian have. Even though there are several people who tend to be individuals, there are some people also who like to know everything about anything. This “disease” in Indonesia is called Kepo. Sometimes, it’s okay if they do curios about something that maybe they don’t know about. But sometimes, it can be too annoying when they want to gain the information in any way they like, including stalking.

3 It’s not polite to stare at somebody

There’s also staring habit in Indonesia. And it’s for everybody, not just for the teenagers toward the old. Well, if you being stared by a person you don’t know, what do you think? It’s pretty annoying right? And sometimes can be scary too. Staring for a while is of course a okay. But, if stare at someone for too long, you can invite some problems. So, be sure to gaze at someone properly to respect this one habit.

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4 “Besok”

Well, this one is also one habit that is really annoying especially for the foreigners who want to have a meeting or the other activities with Indonesians. Sometimes, we Indonesian people use the term of “Besok” or tomorrow, when we want to decline someone’s invitation. Like for example, “lihat besok lah ya” (let’s see for tomorrow), or “besok besok deh” (maybe later). We use these words in order to respect the people who invite us. But in the same time , the foreigners will be confuse with our respond.

5 Very elastic time

This one is also included as one habit of Indonesians. Sometimes, it’ll invite some laugh if we remembering about the event of this elastic time. Elastic time in here means that Indonesians is very usual with the late of time. The discipline level in Indonesia can be considered low compared to the other countries, like Japan, with its respect towards time. That’s why, there will be some punishments or penalty for the people who always late at school or work.

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6 It’s good to ask somebody for directions

In Indonesia, there’s a phrase “ Malu bertanya sesat dijalan” (to shy for asking directions, you’ll be lost). And that very simple phrase is still exist in our own soul. With that, we as Indonesians don’t feel so shy when asking people for directions, even though now there’s application like google maps. We just start to ask somebody and they will give us very heplful responds. With that, you’ll never get lost.

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7 Always showing respects

Respect is the main thing in Indonesia. Since child, the people of Indonesia already told the importance to respect towards somebody older. It’s stronger because the people connect it to other element of religion. So, it’s not a strange thing to watch kids or teenagers saying hi to the older persons next to them that they’ve known when they’re meeting them on the street.

8 Avoid all form of conflicts with laugh and generosity

Actually, as Indonesians, we don’t like to be in a conflict. Beside it’s so tiring, the conflict itself doesn’t have any use for the life of the people. So, we try to calm our mind and make the atmosphere more fun with laugh and generosity. With that, we can strat further from the fire of conflicts.

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9 The Shaman practice

Even though there are problem solvers already, some people in Indonesia still believe in the old way, visiting Shaman, asking him or her for resolutions. In Indonesia, there are some pratices of it in some certain place around the countries. Even though with the modernization era that keeps growing with education and technology, some people still hoping on the help of a shaman, which mostly use black magic for the patients.

10 The power of Kerokan

When the weather is so confusing, going from rain, and then dry, and rain comes again, people ususally got caught in a flu. We Indonesians usually refer this disease as Masuk Angin. Actually in here, Masuk Angin and flu are different thing, even though scientifically they are the same. To make this disease goes away, people usually do the activity of Kerokan. It’s basically just scrapping the body with coins, or some other non pointy stuff.

11 Don’t like to do much walk

If you look at the traffic in Indonesia, maybe you’ll be blown up by how crowded, how stressful and how annoying it is. That has the relation with one if the facts about Indonesian lifestyle, who doesn’t like to do much walking. Some people prefer to having theiw own vehicles, and the ride them on the street that already filled with so many vehicles.

12 Always wake up early

The good thing is, many Indonesians prefer to wake more early. During 4am in the morning, the muslims should take the Shubuh pray. Some people then continue to sleep afer that, but the other productive people like to spend the time for preparing stuff before going to work. Wifes wil usually already present in the kitchen for making breakfast, the husband who usually see the news at televisiom after taking a pray, and the kids preparing their book. This can also be a training for discipline.

13  Toilet tissue has so many functions

Don’t be surprised by any other functions of toilet tissue in here. For Indonesians, there are no difference between the usual tissue, and the toilet tissue. They even don’t know it’s a toilet tissue because mainly, the toilet in Indonesia is using water, not tissue. Maybe because of this culture, many stalls in Indonesia provide the tissue toilet that usually used after eating.

14 Having a lot of stuff on motorcycle

This happens during the activity of Mudik or going home days before the Eid. In Indonesia, there are many people who can only afford a motorcycle. With  so many stuff that they want to bring to their home, usually they just put everything on motorcyle and then tied them down with a rope. This is dangerous way of riding, even police warn it.

15 Taking a bath more than once in a day

Taking a bath during the morning is a must. But sometimes, after work or school, our body usually has bad smell. To release it, taking a bath is necessary.

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Aside from those 15 facts about Indonesian lifestyle that the locals always have, we want to provide another list filled with the other 15 facts to make a full list that contains 30 of the unique lifetyle the indonesians always have.

  1. Polite in answering
  2. Really concern about the other person
  3. Humble with new comers
  4. Spitting habbit
  5. Smoking habbit
  6. Some times don’t wear maks when having flu
  7. Having very long thumbnail
  8. The five seconds rule also valid
  9. The way of taking bath is also unique
  10. Teenagers love to hanging around the cafes, even stalls just beside the main road
  11. Some couples would gather on the bridge (that is also work as romantic place)
  12. The soap operas are too mainstream
  13. But also famous
  14. There’s one group of noisy girls called Cabe-cabean
  15. Ilegal road races are so many

That is the total 30 facts about Indonesian lifestyle, which is very unique, even for the some Indonesians. So what do you think about it? Is there a same habit or lifestyle that is also can be found in your country?

Part of the facts of Indonesian lifestyle maybe a bit annoying for somebody, especially for the elactic time one. But, the politeness, the funny character, and also very humble can cover all of those bad habits that Indonesians have.