The Most Popular Jobs in Indonesia

Of course after studying in elemntary school, and the going to the middle school, and then high school and finally a collage, we want to be something that we always wanted. Finding a career is not an easy thing, because you need at least a research first on the particular job. Also as an adult, we need to calculate the payment, is it can fulfill our expenses or not.

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Being a job with a very good level of wage is not the only thing that people will looking for. Even though most of them want to get a job with a very high payment (which is like impossible on the start), the stress level in a particular job is also concerned. Stress can lead to depression and suicide on its highest level. So, if you’re confuse of what kind of job would you take, then maybe our list of the popular jobs in Indonesia can help you :

1. Teacher

Being a teacher is one noble job in the world. Teacher is actually the person who is responsible for the success of their students. Those kids grew up to be whatever they want, as succesful as they can be. And with their teachings, all the good things in life including social life and education can be brought up for many generations.

The teaching job in Indonesia has  a pretty high level of security. Having a sufficient education is not enough to be a good teacher. Well manner and also patient are the requirements that most people should fulfilled first before actually applying to be a teacher. Teaching kids with creativity in creating learning methods that are understandable is also an important aspect.

2. Bank Employees

Of course, to get a high salary a.k.a money, one should work where the money keeps circulating. And the perfect place for that is Bank. In Bank, there’s money coming in and coming out everyday. The money cycle should be understood in the first place if you want to apply to basically any bank in every country, including Indonesia.

There’s a lot of bank in Indonesia, owned by either government or privately. Usually, the works in Bank require a skill in accounting field. Beside that, the management and analysist skill are also hunted. It’s pretty fair, because when you’re working in a Bank, especially government owned ones, you can have a proper salary and many supports for your very hard work.

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3. Government Employees

The next one that also included in the popular jobs in Indonesia is Government employees. Working in a bank that owned by government also sometimes required people to do a test first to be a government employee. During a year, there will be a test, exclusively held for the people who interested to be one. Many people would love to be government employee, because it has a considerably high salary.

But, the test is very strict though. Not many people can pass it. That’s why, before the test actually happens, many people would like to study first in learning institutions, or by themself with reading books about the government test. Also, when you’re finally included as a government employee, you should be ready to be placed everywhere in Indonesia.

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4. Marketing

You can become rich if you can sell. So, selling method or skill is the most important requirement to be a succesfull person, especially if you want to be an enterpreneur and build your own company. But, if you want to gather some skills first and want to feel what kind of experience they have in a company, maybe working in marketing division can suit you.

At first, most company will require its employess to “go outside”. Yes, most of them will test your merketing skills outside. It’s a perfect place though for anyone who would love to spend their days outside the company. You’ll be needed to sell some stuff outside, totally focus on customer. After passing that test, you can finally work in the company again to be focused on company’s marketing strategy.

5. Indonesian Migrant Workers

For the people who don’t have the opportunity to experience studying in high school or university, don’t be worry because you can also have an chance to make some money working outside Indonesia. Yes, to be an Indonesian Migrant Workers. This work is actually quite popular in Indonesia, most people from villages are coming to the city just for trying to be one.

Even people from cities also interested in this job. The main reason is, because the salary can be huge when you’re working as an Indonesian migrant workers. After applying and done some test and paying for administrastion, you’ll be transported to foreign countries to work at your new workplace. Your salary depends on what’s the currency of that country.

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6. IT

Many say that IT is very confusing. But, if you realize it, the need of IT keeps improving in this year and the future. We as human can not be divided from techonology. Our laptop, phone, and even some applications contained within our phone are of course important to support our life in this very modern life time.

And many companies require this rare skill in the world of IT. That’s why, the IT workers are always needed in a company, especially if that company want to do expansion. The opportunity is wide open for basically everyone with this particular skill, especially for the fresh graduates who have a improved or the newest skill in IT.

7. Journalist

The next job is a journalist. Being a journalist is not that easy. When you’re doing an interview or a life report, there will be unusual events. And as a reporter or journalist, you should capture those moments. Bringing an exclusive news for your station is a great point plus for your career. So, jouenalist is a very complicated and yet respected job.

Like a teacher, journalist can also included as a noble job. Because, you’ll bring the news, especially made for the audience everywhere around the country, in any condition. That’s why, beside it’s a fun job because you can be in a place of event which located outside of the station and telling people about the event there, being a journalist is also a very risky job. Not only because of the people who always mocking the journalists, but also the danger that will hunt the journalist in the place of event.

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8. Accountant

Money, number, and calculation, that’s only a small part of being an accountant. Many people will think that studying accounting will lead to become a bank employess or clerks, which is not true at all. Beside being an accountant in a company, you can also become an internal auditor, tax planner, or external auditor if you want it.

Maybe because of the varieties of job and also the job opportunitie which seem to be wide open for fresh graduate in accounting, The Economy and Business Faculty in some universities in Indonesia is always being a favorite one. When you’re finally being an accountant, you’ll have a lot of duties. But, the reward for it is always worth it.

9. Doctor

The other noble job that you can find in this world is a doctor. Being a doctor is not just curing the diseases of people, but also give them understanding about their diseases with calm manner and clear mind. A doctor can’t just simply give a random medicine to the diseases that unknown to them. They have to do a lot of research first about that particular disease to find the cure.

In Indonesia, being a doctor is always becoming a dream of every kids. It’s actually one of many popular jobs in Indonesia, many parents would dream that their kids can be a doctor one day. But the thing is, being a doctor is not an easy job. It’s about passion and willingnes. When you’re pationate to treating somebody, you’ll not easily give up and always try to find the answer to cure them.

10. Nurse

And for the tenth job that also included as a one of many popular jobs in Indonesia is Nurse. Even though the work of a nurse seems to just helping the doctors in treating a patient, but it’s actually not that easy. They are also the important people in the hospital. Their field of work is not just actually helping doctor, but also preparing anything and helping the patients.

With the dedication of work and seriousness, being a nurse can give you a pretty good salary, at least above the average. Not every person can be a nurse though. As a doctor, teacher, and basically every job, the people will need a decent skill. They need to learn about all information about health too, at least to prepare them to deal with the patients.

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We also have several other options in popular jobs in Indonesia that may interest you :

  1. Stated-Owned Enterprises Employees
  2. Editor
  3. Reporter
  4. App Developer
  5. Customer Service

So that’s our article about the popular jobs in Indonesia, starting from teacher to the customer service. You should find a work that really suit you. And also, don’t only look for a work that has a high salary if you don’t really have an interest in that job so you may not enjoy it fully.