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15 Types of Bamboo Indonesia You Can Find

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After talking so many stuff about Indonesia like its culture, its traditional dances, its foods, or even the wonderful coffees, we want to tell you about one important plant, a bamboo. Bamboo is an important thing in Indonesia, because people can use it to be a material for building structures, especially for people who live around a village, they usually use bamboo to make some stuff like chicken coop or cowhouse.


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Beside ists usage for architecture, bamboo can also be used to creat a handicraft. Some people who live around Indonesia also grab this opportunity to gain some wealth by making, producing, and promoting their own original handicraft to the world. Their products are also go international. To know the other benefits we can get from a bamboo, we should know the types of Bamboo Indonesia in the first place, because they have different characteristic. Please look at the information below :

Bamboo in Indonesia

Indonesia is actually the biggest exporter of Bamboo. In some of its regions, you can find the bamboo garden everywhere. Maybe because of the weather and temperature that very suitable for them so they can go basically everywhere in the country. Bamboo can grow in both low and high lands with 100-2200 m above the sea. But some kinds of bamboo can not grow in a high lands with very low tempeature. They could wither in a short time.

The bamboo in Indonesia usually grow near wet places like rivers or lakes. They basically grow there naturally because of the climates aspects. Those aspects including sun, rain, and also humidity. More wet the land is. Bamboo can grow there faster.

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The Use of Bamboo

After mentioning some information above the bamboo in Indonesia, now we want to tell you about what you can do with a bamboo plant. In the modern era, especially for the people who live in a city, they usually use bamboo as decorations. They can just put bamboo in certain spots like living room, yard, or even bathroom to give the natural atmosphere.

They can also convert the bamboo into smaller pieces and put them on some spaces. Beside for decoration, the bamboo is actually has a large functionality. All the aspects from this plant like its leaves, roots, and also the thrunk can be used for so many things. For example, the leaves of Bamboo can be used as a natural medicine because it actually has some nutririon that good for body. Roots are very important to maintain the environment condition and prevent abration. Thrunk can be used and processed to be so many things, including building, small structures, or stuff like musical instruments.

Types of Bamboo Indonesia

Adn this is it, the time for types of Bamboo Indonesia information. As you can see, we include 10 in total, kinds of Bamboo that you can find across the archipelago. Let’s start with the first one.

1. Bambu Tutul (Bambusa maculata)

For the first one in the types of Bamboo Indonesia, we want to introduce you to the Bambu Tutul. Bambu tutul is actually one rare type of a bamboo. Why? Because it has something different than the others, which is its unique motives.  This Bambusa Maculata can reach 20 meters in heigh and having diameter for about 12cm wide.

It can grown on a mild land, and also it has a high resistance to cold. So, if you have a plan to habe it in your environment, you should make sure that your place is wet enough, or cold even. But, do not put this bamboo in an environment that reaches -2 celcius. The usage of this bamboo is usually for making furnitures like tables or chairs.

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2. Bambu Embong (Bambusa horsfieldii Munro)

Beside the Bambu Tutul we mentioned earlier, we also want to tell you about the other type of bamboo called Bambu Embong. The word Embong is a Javanese word that means street or way. So you may expect to find this bambu near streets. There’s an area to find this kind of bamboo, which is in Malang city of East Java province.

It’s also included as one of many rare bamboos in Indonesia. So, you have a slight chance to find a Bambu Embong in different places than Malang. Bambu Embong is also said to be the oldest type of bamboo that the world even said it to be extinct. But, during recent years it was found again in the Malang city region.

3. Bambu Pagar (Bambusa glaucescens)

A little different from the other Bambu on the list, this Bambu Pagar looks a it bigger than everyone. You should find a hrad time to distinguish this bamboo with the grass around it. It covered in grass, and you need to knife those grass to see the actual form of it. Many people of Indonesia would consider to leave it rather than clean it if that plant doesn’t disturb them in any ways.

Unlike the two types of Bamboo Indonesia above, this Bambu Pagar can also be found even in residental area in Indonesia. Even in a modern resident, you still can find it, especially on the land that has no building. It just grow there because of the nutrition it gets from water that came from houses, and also the sun light making it faster to grow.

4. Bambu Duri (Bambusa blumeana)

If you exploring an open area because of outdoor activities like camping or trekking, you should be careful of anything around you, including the plants. There’s some types of plant that can hurt you, for example is this Bambu Duri. Like the name says, this type of bamboo has some thorns on some parts of it.

The thorns are located on its leaves and also smal parts of its branches. The Bambu duri also has several nicknames such as Haur Cucuk, Pering Gesing, Pring Greng, and the others. It also still in a family with the other types of bamboo like Bambu Tutul, Bambu Putih, and also Bambu Cina. Usually this bamboo is used for constructions.

5. Bambu Apus (Gigantochloa apus)

The next one is Bambu Apus. Bambu Apus is String Bamboo in English. Beside that, it also has some different names like Bambu Tali, Deling Apus, Tiying Tali, and Tiying Tlantan. It’s actually the bamboo that mostly grows in tropical areas such as Indonesia and the other countries located on South East Asia region like Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

It can reach for 22 meters high. And like most bamboo in Indonesia,it also covered in some kinds of black and chocolate fur in its thrunk. The bamboo was firstly found in Burma and South Thailand. Some prehistoric people then brought it up and planted it in Indonesia thousand year ago. Bambu Apus is also being an important thing in Indonesia, because it can be used for many things like handicrafts, house pillars, roofs, and also walls.

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6. Loleba (Bambusa atra)

Mostly known as the black bamboo, Loleba or Bambusa Astra can be found mostly in the areas like Australia and some regions in Asia like Papua. It’s also included inside grass family or Poaceae. It maybe the shortest bamboo because it only reach about 6 or 7 meters in height. But, even though it’s not that high, it has a very thick skin.

This type of Bamboo is actually a native one in some different areas in Indonesia like Maluku, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara islands. Beside Indonesia, it can be found in the other tropical countries like Philippines, New Guinea, India, and Sri Lanka. In Indonesia, Loleba is always used for window decorations and also thatching.

7. Pring Ori (Bambusa arundinacea)

The next one that also included as one of many types of Bamboo Indonesia is the Pring Ori. The word Pring is actually a Javanese word which means Ori. This Pring or Bamboo Ori can be found in some places in Indonesia like East, West, Central Java province, and also some eastern parts of Indonesia like Papua and Sulawesi.

The bamboo was found in some different islands like Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, and also Sumatra island.  Its thich reed is usually used by people for making structures, house parts, house furnitures, kitchen utensils, bamboo toys, and many more. And its sprouts can be cooked to make tasteful Indonesian foods.

8. Bambu Cendani (Bambusa multiplex)

Many say that planting this bambu Cendani can give you a good fortune. Is it because of a myth? Thanskfully it’s not. Bambu Cendani is actually have a pretty high value. Why? Because to make a strong Joran, you need a strong material like this Bambu Cendani. Because of that, now many manufaturers use it to make their own valuable Joran for fishers around the globe.

Beside that, Bambu Cendani has a high commercial value because it can also be used for house decorations. Many people who live around the modern type of residental area want to have this bamboo cendani to make the front part of their house looks more interesting. But, even though it’s a really valuable plant, not so many farmers are cultivating it.

We mentioned earlier that there’s so many types of bamboo Indonesia. It’s like impossible to put them all in the article. So that’s why we also include some more on the list below :

  1. Bambusa vulgaris
  2. Bambu Petung (Dendrocalamus asper)
  3. Bambusa tuldoides
  4. Bambusa tulda
  5. Bambusa balcooa
  6. Bambu Cengkoreh (Dinochloa scandens)
  7. Bambu Batu (Dendrocalamus strictur)

That’s our topic for today about the types of Bamboo Indonesia. Hope you can get all the information about Indonesian bamboo and maybe try to create something with it based on your own creativity. See you later !

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