5 Best Christian Universities in Indonesia

As a nation dominated by Muslim believers, the tolerant country of Indonesia does not close the opportunity for its citizens to have Christian-based education institutions as their place for university studies. Besides, not only that these Christian universities are present for its believers, other non-Christians may also be interested to enroll for certain disciplinaries it […]

9 Best State Universities in Indonesia

Approaching a new academic year in every August, high school students especially in the third year are usually looking for a higher level of education. The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education ranked universities in Indonesia based on some areas they have worked on. Fortunately, they not only center these universities in Java but […]

List of 14 Universities in Indonesia for International Students – Best Ones for You

Aside from all things, education is still being an important aspect of our life. Just like a wise man once said, learning is not based on the age of someone. It’s only because in the want to expand our head for new information. Especially in the industrial age like this that reaching its 4.0 where […]

The List of Universities in Bali Indonesia

Education is one important element in our life. As humans, we always grow to be a better person. Growing to be much wiser and smarter, we need to get educated starting from kindergarten up to Universities. In Indonesia, we can easily find so many Universities, both privates and National on each region of this country, […]

13 Best Psychology University in Indonesia

Indonesian students always show a high interest on entering the Psychology programs in universities. Each year, they compete with one another to earn a seat at the university that they want. Some universities only accept hundreds of them when there are thousands who wish to be enrolled. These are the 13 Best Psychology University in Indonesia […]

13 Best Private Universities in Indonesia

Education is not something that should be played around with. It’s important to choose the right step as you are investing your money, skill, time and energy. Picking out a good university that suits your needs is a serious matter. Indonesia has private universities with excellent quality that students can look into. You may want […]

13 Unique University Life in Indonesia

The university is a high educational institution for the students. They are required to follow the campus policy that has been binding after officially becoming a student at the college. The university life has many interesting twists and turns. This is because in college today, most do not put forward the equality of social status, […]

Top 10 Medical Universities in Indonesia – Best Grades

Do you remember that particular school time when your teacher asks you to raise your hand and tell everyone about your dream job? Many of us will relate to it with the sounds of other kids cheering, “Me! Me! I want to be a Doctor!!”. Yeah, Me too. You probably know that medicine is one […]