13 Unique University Life in Indonesia

The university is a high educational institution for the students. They are required to follow the campus policy that has been binding after officially becoming a student at the college. The university life has many interesting twists and turns. This is because in college today, most do not put forward the equality of social status, they are not required to wear special uniforms, using private vehicles, and others. Furthermore, you could read these followings University Life in Indonesia.

  1. The students of University don’t not wear any uniform while studying

It is quite different with School Life in Indonesia, the students at university mostly don’t wear any uniform for the daily study. They just need to wear the polite outfit that determined by the campus rule. The students of university have been considered as adult that could manage what they wear. That is why there is no rigid rule for the outfit. However, there are still a number of universities in Indonesia that determine the uniform for their students.

  1. Boarding house for the students from out of town

The students of university come from the various areas in all the part of Indonesia. Because of the distance, usually the students who come from out of the city would rent a boarding house. It is impossible for them to be a commuter when the distance is so far. That is why there are found many boarding houses in around of campus.

  1. Each faculty has their own building

As like the university in most of countries, campus in Indonesia also divides the building for each faculty. It is done to manage the system in campus. The students would not be confused to find their class before studying. Imagine that all of the students from various faculties use the same building. It would be such a crowded area that not well-managed.

  1. The students organization

There are many organizations that available in university. The most prestigious organization in Indonesia is called BEM (Students Executive board). Through this organization you could be the popular person in the faculty. There are two kinds of BEM. The first is BEM of University that the administrators are the representative students come from various faculty. And the second is the BEM of faculty. The function of the BEM is to deliver the students aspiration toward the lecturer or the dean of the campus.

  1. Joining road demonstration to correct the government policy

If you see the road demonstration in Indonesia, almost of the members are the students of university. Do you know why? It is because the students of university are believed as the agent of change. They could purely deliver their aspiration without influenced by some political issues. That is why many student of university do the demonstration to correct the government policy.

  1. Moving class system

While at school you use the same class all day long during your study hour, it would be different while studying at university. You should search your own class by looking up on your schedule. Then, the lecture has been nicely waiting at the class.

You could also join another class to fill up your presence while you couldn’t join a class that has been scheduled. So, you could manage the schedule by yourself as long as you wouldn’t miss any material from the lecturer.

  1. Transportation that used by students

There are some various transportation that used by the students of university in Indonesia. Because the students of university are categorized as adult, it is allowed to use any car or motorcycle to go to campus.

However, most of Indonesian students would go to campus by motorcycle. Especially for elite campus, there would be several students who go to campus by luxurious car. Don’t worry if you don’t have any transportation vehicle, you could still go on foot or by taking some of Public Transportation in Indonesia. There are many students go to campus by them too.

  1. Students Community

At the university life, there are also some students communities that you could join. The most favorite community among the students is nature lovers. In Indonesia, it is called “Pecinta Alam”. By joining this community, you could experience Trekking in Indonesia at some Highest Mountain in Indonesia.

 9. The students’ obsessions

There are definitely some different obsessions of each student. Some groups of students are obsessed to get the good mark only without joining any organizations. While other groups of students are obsessed for being popular at the campus by joining many organizations until they couldn’t manage their studying time well. As the result, they could graduate on time. This kind of students usually called ‘mahasiswa abadi’ in Indonesian language.

  1. The result of study would be accepted once in a semester

In the end of the semester, each student would get the result of study called KHS. In KHS, there would be the list of your mark and also GPA (Grade-Point Average). While your GPA is under 3.0, it is a warning for yourself to study harder in the next semester. If not, you could do the remedial by rejoining the same course next semester.

  1. The short semester to repair the mark

The short Semester is an optional semester for students to rejoin the course. It will not be counted as a part of the Duration of Study set for a particular program. The time of short semester is usually conducted during the semester break. This is one of the ways to do remedial for the course that has the bad mark.

  1. Research and thesis before graduated is a must

Before graduation, the students have to conduct a research and do the thesis for the final assignment. There would be at least a lecturer to guide the students in doing the thesis. Usually, the students would give at least 6 months to finish it. However, there are still a number of students that couldn’t finish their thesis on time.

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  1. KKN and PKL

KKN is actually a community service program that done by the students of university. They would live in the middle of community and serve some programs to solve the problem as well. However, PKL is a field practice done by the students of university. They would apply the knowledge that they got from their study at the work reality. After finishing the PKL, they would get the certification of their field practice as one of requirements for graduation.

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