10 Prohibited Drugs in Bali

Visiting Bali is the good thing  for spending your leisure time. However, be careful of bringing your luggage when you come to Bali. Bali, as the part of Indonesia, applied the strict rule of narcotics and drugs. Under Indonesian Law No. 35/2009, the country ban the three substance of narcotics and psychotropic.

Don’t take any risk by having a great deal of drugs in Bali. Some substances of drugs would trap you in a problem . As well  Prohibited Medicines in Indonesia, the governments of Bali also ban some kinds of drugs. That’s why you should notice 10 Prohibited drugs in Bali.

  1. Opium (Papaver Somniferum)

Opium is the sap of narcotic raw material obtained from the unripe opiate fruit (Papaver somniferum L. or P. paeoniflorum). As you know, its flower has the beautiful color. Some Papaver species are commonly used as ornamental plants. The opium fruit is as big as a baseball. Meanwhile, opiate is the cooked opium that ready to be smoked or consumed.

Once you consume opium or opiate, you will experience euphoria (excessive pleasure), a sense of comfort, and higher imagination. It just needs 7 seconds for opium to get to the brain. However, when your breathing turns slowly, your imagination will decline. You would feel lazy and sluggish. That is why opium is strictly banned in Bali.

  1. Cocaine

 Have you heard about Cocaine? Cocaine is an addictive substance that is often misused. It is a very dangerous substance. Derived from Erythroxylon coca, which originated in South America, it is usually chewed by locals for stimulant effects. The use of Cocaine is actually for local anesthetic, especially for eye, nose and throat. Cocaine is classified as a narcotic. Other names for Cocaine are: Snow, coke, girl, lady and.

The little amount of cocaine can activate an addiction-related brain area for more than five days. This illicit drug can change the neurons (electrical connections of the nerves) that send signals in that part of the brain. As a result, once you consume Cocaine, you will increasingly want the substance. The pleasure of this substance may only be felt for two hours, but the desire to reuse it can last up to a week.

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  1. Marijuana

 Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world. A survey conducted in 2007 found that 14.4 million people in the United States had at least smoked marijuana once in a month.
It is usually smoked like cigarettes, but can also be sucked with pipes. Rarely mixed with food or brewed like tea. Sometimes the user discards the tobacco and replaces it with dried marijuana leaves. It can also be used together with cocaine or PCP (phencyclidine).

Once you suck marijuana smoke, you would feel the effect within minutes. It could increase the heartbeat rate and weaken your balance of body. You would have wonderful dreams and have the fantasy-culminating in the first 30 minutes. These short-term effects will disappear within 2 or 3 hours, but may last longer, depending on how much is consumed, THC levels and other drug additions mixed in the ingredients

  1. Heroin

Heroin is originated from opium poppy, a flower that grows in Asia, Mexico, and South America. Pure heroin is white powder that has a bad side effect. Some heroin is dark brown, and black.

Heroin belongs to a group of painkillers called narcotics. Heroin is illegal narcotics since it has a dangerous effect and contains addictive substance. It is usually injected or sucked through a cigarette. The form of original heroin is usually the powder.

Once you consume heroin continuously, you could get a severe headache. The effect will continue by drowsiness and abdominal pain.  Many people who are addicted to heroin will inject the drugs into the blood vessels using a needle. They may inject drugs several times a day.

  1. Morphin

In the medical world, morphine is a narcotic analgesic commonly used in surgery. It is commonly used in emergency situations to withstand the severe pain. As the example, it used for soldiers on battlefields who are hit by gunshots or exposed by sharp stitches.

Morphine works directly on the central nerves system to relieve pain. The side effects of morphine are: a decrease of consciousness, euphoria (a sense that is often sought by morphine abusers), drowsiness, lethargy, and blurred vision. It also reduces hunger, stimulates cough, and causes constipation. Morphine creates a high dependence compared to other substances. That is why you should not use morphine illegally.

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  1. Ecstasy

Ecstasy is a drug that has a chemical structure of 3-4-Methylene-Dioxy-Methil-Amphetamine (MDMA). Its effects are similar to amphetamines and are hallucinogenic. Ecstasy is present in tablets, capsules, or powders. Ecstasy has others name, such as: XTC, Dolphin, Black Heart, and Circle K.

Consuming ecstasy would make your body have more energy. So, you will continue to perform activities at the maximum extent. The consumption can experience a very high dehydration as a result of the renovation of energy. In some cases, people who consume ecstasy are found to die due to excessive thirst.

7. Mescaline-Peyote

Peyotes are generally made from the top of a small plant-type cactus (Lopho-Phora). It is commonly grown in the United States and Mexico. Peyote is a cactus plant that contains eight types of alkaloids and most importantly is mescaline. All of these alkaloids have been made synthetically. When you consume mescaline in a dry state, it will cause unconsciousness and hallucinations.

  1. Hashish

 The leaves and buds of the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are covered by an active resin substance called Cannabin. It can cause psychological effects.

The substances can be separated in various ways such as extraction with alcohol solution or beaten and then squeezed. Substances that have been separated are called hashish which has ten times greater effect than marijuana. Hashish shaped in liquid or powder. The colors Hashish are: light brown, brown, dark brown, dark green to black.

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9. Methamphetamine

Maybe some of you already know this name. Yes, this is quite famous. Methamphetamine is one type of Drug that categorized as very dangerous. Compared to Cocaine or marijuana, Meth (short for Methamphetamine) is much more harmful.

Meth can cause a person to become ‘high’ within 6-12 hours or more. Compared to Cocaine or marijuana that lasted only about 2-3 hours. In addition, Meth is relatively cheap and easy to obtain. It is because Meth is an easy mixture of elements derived from some chemical reactions of simple medicines.

  1. Amphetamine

Amphetamine is a type of narcotic synthetic drug that is now famous in Southeast Asia. The color may be white, yellow, or brown, or small white crystalline powders.

The most common way in using amphetamine is inhaled through the tube. The substance has other names: ATS, SS, ubas, ice, Shabu, Speed, Glass, Quartz, and Hirropon. Consuming amphetamine will make you feel energetic. The effects of amphetamines include a sense of well-being, and make a person feel more confident. These feelings can last up to 12 hours.

Those are the 10 prohibited drugs that you should not bring to Bali. Almost of drugs is prohibited in Indonesia. For your kindness, it would be better for you avoid trafficking or possession of drugs. There have been several people got the death penalty caused trafficking drugs in Indonesia.