13 Famous Things In Bali Indonesia

Bali is known as the gods island, the island of a thousand temples, or the island of heaven. Bali does have extraordinary natural beauty, from hills, mountains, clouds, lakes, forests, terraced rice fields, giant wooden blocks, and the endless beauty of its marvelous sea coast. Not only that, Bali has a variety of noble cultural […]

14 Things To Buy in Jakarta – Recommended!

There are many interesting and fun things you can do while in Jakarta. The city of Jakarta is indeed the target of many people, whether it’s to find a job, find a home, vacation, see entertainment centers, and shop. So that people feel comfortable and at home in Jakarta. Besides that, in Jakarta, the center […]

17 Activities to Do in Bali That You Should Try

Like we always knew, Bali is always becoming a tourists spot that get famous each year. The exotic and exclusive things in Bali are the thingthat you can’t find in many other countries. For the people who lived in a four seasons country, vacationing in Bali would be a beautiful story to tell, espedcially because […]

14 What to Experiences in Indonesia

Do you put Indonesia to your bucket list as a must-visit country this year or for upcoming year? How prepared you are to spend your time? Or do you have to go to Indonesia but unfamiliar with the country? Do you still get confused what to do Indonesia? Read 15 Enchanting What to Experiences in […]

35 Incredible Things Not to Miss in Indonesia

Indonesia is the the biggest island country in the world as it is made up of thousands of islands. The country is filled with many things for you to discover at your own pace. You’ll never run out of activities and you’ll never become bored. Here are 35 Incredible Things Not to Miss in Indonesia when […]

13 Important Things to be Aware of in Indonesia

Indonesia has been famous in the world as one of the countries with some beautiful destination spot area. In every year there are always a lot of foreign tourists who visit Indonesia for a vacation. They come to various tourisms of Indonesia that do have amazing natural beauty. If you do so, you should consider […]

17 Fun Activities to Do in Bali Indonesia

Already planned out a vacation in Bali but running out of ideas on what you’re going to do? Good thing that you’ve found this article as we’re here to help you out. Don’t waste your precious hours in Bali by only staying in your hotels. Be a little adventurous and discover the great things in […]

10 Fascinating Things to Learn in Bali

Bali is the beautiful place to be the spot of vacation. In addition to the beauty and uniqueness described above, Bali still has so many hidden treasures that are ready to explore in your next vacation to Bali. What do you think makes Bali become the best vacation spot? Yap, you would not only experience […]

13 Things to Avoid in Bandung You Must Know

Bandung is a large city in Indonesia. It is a beautiful city surround by volcanoes and tea plantations. The city is famous for its culture and places to visit. But despite the many places you can visit in Bandung, you should also know the things that you should be wary of. Since it is a […]

30 Things to Avoid in Indonesia You Must Know

Every country in the world have different habitual like when you go to Indonesia, and you come from others country such as French, Italy, England, USA, Australia and etc. You’ll find many differences. It can be part of habit, rules, religion and regulation. There is something that you have from your hometown, and then you […]