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20 Interesting Positive Impacts of Tourism in Indonesia

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With thousand existance of attractions in Indonesia, no wonder that so many tourists from abroad start lining up to get the tickets to Indonesia. The reason is, because Indonesia is having a lot of choices of good places that usually filled up by the natural one.


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Those natural attractions are becoming tourist magnet to make Indonesia country great again in the way of tourism. Beside having a lot of tourist, those tourism can bring some good impacts to Indonesia country, which is also our topic for today in this article. If you looking for what are that positive or good impacts that the tourism give in Indonesia, you can see more complete of them below :

1. Bringing More Investors

The rich amount of attractions that containedwithih one country is one potential to economy iprovement. And because of that, Indonesia is also has a chance to be the best country with the hight ptential of tourism benefits.

Realizing that Indonesia has so much potential for improvement, many investors mostly from other countries started to bring up their money to be planted on Indonesia. Beside money, they also help with the resources they have like equipments and vehicles.

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2. Providing Works for Many Locals

Beside proving economic potential for the investors, the existence of the local tourism spot in Indonesia can also help the locals. After making the area of them more famous and maintained or improved, the locals can also enjoy the other benefit.

The other benefit is the work. Some locals who don’t have proper job can be asked to help maintaining or guarding the location. With some considerations, both the owner and locals can have the good benefits for them.

3. Money Can Be Used to Increase Infrastructure

After the investors started to sending some money to certain area, the money from them ca be used for many things, including the improvement of the tourism object itself. But, the most important is to improving the infrastructure aroud the spot.

It’s considered as one important aspect for the tousim, because with the smooth and comfortable building and road, so mnay tourists will come to this place more easily. And by that, the place will get so many new tourists in the future.

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4. Increasing the Fame of Local Places

Of course, the founding of some certain tourism spots is making that very are more famous for everyone. The tourists cn finally find the place that haven’t found in their own area. It’s also can increase the potential of the area itself.

With the fame that he place got in recent times, the area gaining much and much economic improvement. The people will start building their own venues to make provit and making the area more favorable, either for this time or the future.

5. Promoting Local Products Efficiently

After the area got famous because of the improvement of the attraction itself or the infrastructure, the local people can also use this opportunity to make their local products more famos too. They can rent some spots inside the attraction are to sell the products.

The local products can be made and packed in the best way possible to make them more interesting in the eyes of the tourists. For example, you can see some of the apple sellers around some famous attracions in Batu City of East Java.

6. Increasing The Country’s Devisa

Devisa is really important for the country’s improvement. With the money, a country can build more well public facilities, and make a great improvement in many aspects like economy, technology, health, and also education.

The many tourism that can be found in Indonesia is really helpful hing to help the country to increase the devisa level. The money come from either the investors or the tourists who spend their holiday in Indonesia. This is actually the best option to increase the country’s devisa beside the other alternative of sending Indonesian to another country as a worker or home keeper, which mostly the condition of it is really bad out there.

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7. Introducing The Indonesian Culture to Foreign Tourists

For this impact the positive one, the tourism attraction really need help fro the humble local pedestarians. If the tourists like to spend more days to stay in either hotels or the home stays, they oftenly get out to meet the people on the way to the attraction.

By seeing how local people act, they can understan the behavior and the culture of the area itself. Like for example, the tourists really praise the local people of Bali, because they really intend to obide their religion,and the important thing is, the local people always be so kind, helpful and humble to everyone including foreign tourists.

8. Maintaining Locations Via Community Activity

With the proper community activity, some communities can be really helpful sometimes. Usually, in certain times, they would like to do this kind of charity activities with the way of restoring the condition of many tourism locations. You can see the perfect examples in the restoration of Kuta beach in past years.

9. People Can Have Different Alternatives for Their Holiday

This is maybe the best impact for the busy people who live in a busy town with busy environment. Maybe they are confused when there’s no place new to visit for the weekend. And that’s why the tourism is really heplful for them.

They can get to the places they wanted, fortunately there are so many interesting spots that can be found even in the cities.

10. Introducing Rare Animals To People

For the area or tourism spots like zoo or conservations, they usually have this kind of rare animal show that shown to the tourists in some certain times. Thaks to that show, many kids and adults will know what are the rare animals in Indonesia that shouldn’t be hunted down if they meet them in the wild. Educating yet interesting.

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Not stopping there, there’s more information waiting. Of course beside having some benefits of giving the country much more devisa, there are some other aspects that really interesting to discover. So, we want to tell you aboutthe other 10 list that will described onthe list below. Withouth further explanation, you can see the slight informations from the list below :

  1. Saving different animals with rare status
  2. Increasing the price of land around the tourism spot
  3. Because of the strategic place, people canbuild their own business near the spot to gain much revenue
  4. Many hotels increasing their service to fit the tourists
  5. People can have more connnections wit either domestic or foreign tourists
  6. Increasing the area’s economic level dramatically
  7. Introducing new culture t the local tourists
  8. Introducing the humble Indonesian people to the tourists via good environment
  9. With proper maintenance, people can love the place more
  10. Restaurants can build their own unique venues that filled with so many kinds of local dishes

So that’s our complete list about the impact, the positive one of the tourism in Indonesia. Yes, some of them are not unpredictable, but some of them are already known by some people. Of course, of this article can make you gaining much information about the impacts of tourism, especially in the country of Indonesia.

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