13 Importance of Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia has opened up its land to tourism. This means that more foreigners are able to enter the country. Tourism is an important industry in Indonesia. There are a lot of opportunities that tourism can give to Indonesians. In this article, you can read the 13 Importance of Tourism in Indonesia. You might end up wanting to visit Indonesia too after reading them.

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1. Improve Indonesia’s Economy

Tourism is important to Indonesia because it brings a lot of income to the country. Tourists from all over the world will want to visit Indonesia and spend their money in the country. Their money would increase the amount of income that Indonesia can annually collect. An improved economy would mean a more improved lives for the citizens.

2. Reduce Poverty

There is currently still a strong number of poverty in Indonesia. There are many types of poverty in Indonesia. However, the tourism industry can actually reduce poverty in numerous ways. Poor people might have a higher chance on being hired. Local government may also have more budget to help them out. With more chances, poor people can slowly pull themselves out of poverty.

3. Bring More Income for Local Families

As there are more job opportunities, members from local families can also apply to these jobs. Thus, they are able to bring more income for the family. The local family no longer have to struggle to fulfil their daily needs. They can send their children to school and not force them into children labour. The tourism business gives prosperity to the Indonesian families.

4. Contribute to Improvement in Local Region

Since there are more money coming in from tourism, the local region can improve. The money can be set into certain budget for fixing buildings or making new attractions so more tourists would want to come. More improvement in the region will affects its people positively. They will live a happier lives. Other than that, the tourists would also be happy to come into a well built tourism region with new attractions.

5. Appreciate Indonesia’s Beauty

This next importance of tourism in Indonesia can increase the appreciation for Indonesia’s beauty. There is a lot of beauty that Indonesia can offer to the world. The country is the home to many temples and tribes that the world should know about. There are also a lot of traditional dances in the country that are unique in every region.  Most tourists also like these cultural aspects from a country and will highly appreciate them. Not only tourists, Indonesia can also begin to understand their country’s value when they are more exposed to the different cultures through local tourism.

6. Show the Importance on Indonesia’s Environment

Some tourism business focus on Indonesia’s environment. They take people to tour around the natural habitat in Indonesia. People from all over the world will begin to see the beauty in Indonesia’s environment. Moreover, they will realise how important it is which could also create an effort to protect it.

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7. Introduce Indonesia to Other Countries

Through tourism, Indonesia can introduce itself to other countries. There are so many things that Indonesia has which other countries don’t. The more people know about Indonesia, the more they are interested to come. This will create a further positive chain in the tourism industry. It would create a smooth flow of tourists number each year.

8. Help Protect Local Flora and Fauna

Tourism can also help in protecting the local Flaura and Fauna in Indonesia. The money collected from tourism can help in the animal welfare. There would be more sources in protecting the animals and the plants which might be endangered. In a case where there are many endangered animals in Indonesia, tourism can give them a second chance in life.

9. Celebrate Indonesia’s Heritage

The next crucial part of tourism part in Indonesia is celebrating Indonesia’s heritage. Batik for example, is worldwide known fabric that is authentic to Indonesia. There is also another important fabric similar to Batik which is Tenun. Tourists can see how these fabrics are made in the country. They will end up celebrating the Indonesian heritage with Indonesians. More people will know about them which means more people will remember them too.

10. Make Local Food Well Known

Indonesia is a heaven of food. Each region in Indonesia has their own special and traditional food. The food comes in various ingredients and taste. Moreover, some of the food are highly served only for special occasions as there is local wisdom and history in it. Through tourism, more people are exposed to the local food. They will want to try everything from every region as they all have different taste.

11. Learn Other Cultures

Indonesians can benefit from the tourism in Indonesia. As having more foreigners enter the country, Indonesian can observe how these people behave. They can speak to one another and form a meaningful interaction. From the interaction, Indonesia can learn other cultures from people. Due to tourism, there is an important cultural exchange among the people. This is why learning English in Indonesia is important as it helps in a more understandable interaction.

12. Open More Job Fields

Tourism can open more job fields. The industry will need people around Indonesia so it can maximise its full potential. For example, the tourism business will definitely need more people as tour guides for potential tourist groups. They will also need local people to expand their tourism into a larger region.

13. Cultivate Natural Resources

This last importance of tourism in Indonesia is concerned with cultivating natural resources. There are plenty of natural resources and industries in Indonesia. The tourism business can declare the region as a tourism site. For example, the cocoa factory can give entrance to tourists so that they know the whole process behind it.

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So, tourism can give a lot of benefit to everyone. Tourists are able to understand Indonesia more and appreciate its beauty. On the other hand, the locals will have a chance on improving their lives. Let’s hope that the tourism in Indonesia will continue to rise so everyone can prosper.