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Top 7 Indonesian Night Markets (5# is Popular)

by Yoga Adi

You know Night Market is? The night market is a special market that exist only during night time. So can’t find it during the day. It’s a place to buy things, when you can pay and buy everything you want in there.

You can buy anything you want in the markets. Clothes, foods, accessories, everything.  Also in the night market, there are plenty of games, kids will absolutely love this. Beside all the things you can get there, you also can see the panoramas of the night. All the lamps, all people activity is a beautiful sight.

On the other hand, in Java, especially in the Javanese royal city like Yogyakarta, there’s grand week-long pasar malam is usually exist annually. Especially during the Sekaten festival to celebrate Mawlid or the birthday of prophet Muhammad. During colonial era, the location of the annual Pasar Malam was in Pasar Gambir (today Merdeka square). It becomes the predecessor of modern Jakarta’s annual Jakarta Fair.

However, several districts in Jakarta and also other provinces in Indonesia hold Night Market weekly. Especially Saturday night in the nearby alun-alun square, open fields or marketplaces. In Indonesia, Night Market has become a weekly recreational place for local families. Other than selling variety of goods and foods, some pasar malam also offer kiddy rides and carnival games, such as mini carousel or mini train ride. What a nice refreshing place for families, right?

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Okay, beside further explanations, there are some Night Market worth to check out, those are:

1. Pecah Kulit Market

The traditional market of the Mangga Dua market, is more familiar with the name of Pecah Kulit market. It provides a variety of goods, especially due to Lebaran (Islamic Fest).

 Most people come to the market only during night time. There is also the quality of goods in this market. There are not much different from the same goods like in the traditional markets in Jakarta.

If you are visiting Mangga Dua, try to shop at this market. Anyway, this night market is lined approximately 1 km below the railway.

It provides a variety of needs like men and women pants, toys for children, and many others. You can also find a variety of traditional foods are also provided  the night market. What a great place to visit.

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2. Friday Night Market

This market is only available on friday night. You can find this market in Kemandoran Pluis street, South Jakarta. However, this Night Market is held regularly and is more specialized in selling various daily needs of people. Starting from clothes, pants, hijab, both for children and adults, underwear, women’s accessories, also kitchen utensils.

Very complete right? The Night Market also provides some children games, some food vendors such as ketoprak, sate padang, pastry pie, sweet boiled corn etc. Jakarta Night Market, a wonderful place.

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3. Kota Tua Night Market

Who does not know the Old Town (Kota Tua) area in Jakarta?. This area is always crowded with tourists who want to spend the night with more lively. Just doing some photographs in the old buildings of the Dutch era or also just shopping. Whether it is t-shirts, souvenirs or just rent a bicycle for traveling around.

The night market in Kota Tua opens since 5 pm until midnight. Well, if for culinary , you can enjoy a variety of street snacks  to accompany your relaxing time such as roasted corn, satay, brains, kebabs, and also meatball. Really, its a great market to visit when you travel to Jakarta.

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4. Jaksa Street Night Market

Every year, Jaksa Street in the South of Jakarta is not open because the city government always holds the Jaksa Street Festival.

For two days, from noon to midnight, street vendors selling their products from Jaksa street until Kebon Sirih.

Then, it filled the night market with various snacks, food, souvenirs, and also live music performances from local bands and art performing from local artists. Beside that, in this festival also there are displayed a variety of regional arts ranging from Ondel-Ondel toTanjidor. So, the Jaksa Street festival is really noisy and very nice place to visit.

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5. Santa Night Market

No, this isn’t Santa Claus, but this is a wonderful night market. Santa Night Market located in Kebayoran Baru  is indeed one of the old market in Jakarta. In the morning, this market is fill with housewives who shop for daily necessities. However, when the night comes, there are a wide range of people ranging from college kids, young executives, school children to tourists.

Starting from the parking area that has become a trademark of Sate Padang Ajo Ramon. Up to the 1st floor there’s a food court with various foods ranging from Black Dog (black hot dog).

As well as dimsum, grilled chicken, takoyaki, ice cendol duren, and many more. Not to mention the unique store of Shoebible that provides premium shoe-cleaning services such as sneakers. Also Laidback Blues that sell vintage albums in the form of phonograph records. One of Popular Indonesian Night Markets especially in Jakarta.

Apparently, Santa Market has now turned into one of the market that put forward lifestyle changes in Jakarta, which make it very dynamic.

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6. Pecenongan Night Market

This market is famous and also one of the culinary center in Jakarta. It is said that Pecenongan is an area that became the forerunner to the proliferation of the tent stalls in Jakarta. Along the way you can find a variety of foods ranging from martabak which is Martabak Bandung Original 65A in front of Red Top Hotel. There are also soto ceker, fried rice and the place to eat with family, like Sundanese seafood restaurant.

Not to forget, there is also Sinar Garut that makes a unique blend of chicken porridge and various ice mix. Anyway, many kinds of foods you can choose! Come here from 6 pm until past midnight until 2 am. You will be super satisfied !

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7. Tjap Toendjoengan Night Market

This legendary market exists in Surabaya. There are 100 or more stalls that sell Surabaya food in the legendary night market that opened a full month. Night Market Tjap Toendjoengan held a full month in the area of ​​East Coast Pakuwon City Surabaya. Actually, this market is a series of annual events to welcome the 724th anniversary of the city of Surabaya.

Tjap Toenjoengan Night Market is packed more hygienic nowadays. Thus, the visitors don’t do direct transactions with rupiah money that is considered to bring germs. Transaction of the sale and purchasing of food use a special card that can be filled with nominal rupiah.

Visitors are not only do culinary visit at Tjap Toenjoengan Night Market as one of Indonesian Night Markets. To add to the vibrant night market, there are also presented various traditional spectacle such as ludruk, ketoprak, and various competitions such as krupuk eating competition, cooking, and so forth.  Really really a must visit place, if you already in Surabaya.

Finally, that’s it, The Indonesian Night Markets. Those are wonderful place to visit. You should try it, and experience it yourself. Well, enjoy the Night Markets, don’t forget your duty, and stay happy. Have a great day !

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