15 Popular Types of Batik Motifs in Indonesia

Do you know that UNESCO has set Indonesian batik as a humanitarian legacy for oral and non-cultural culture since October 2, 2009? Therefore, every October 2 finally becomes a memorial moment for the national batik day in Indonesia. In its development there are various types of batik scattered in Indonesia. Diverse motives usually depend on […]

10 Local Types of Rambutan in Indonesia

Indonesia is the country of crops and agriculture. It because it has the fertile land that could grow everything here. It is also a country with the most various fruits are exist here. Can you count how many kinds of fruits that are available in Indonesia? There are many which couldn’t be counted. One of […]

10 Local Types of Durians in Indonesia

Not everyone likes durians. For some people, durian is not a delicious fruit to eat. However, some people also think that durian is the best fruit in the world. Although some people do not like the smell, but not a few people like it. Even some others are crazy about the sweetness produced by the […]

4 Common Type of Malaria in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with the most malaria sufferers worldwide. Although most malaria sufferers in the world are not Indonesia, but Indonesia has many difficulties to eradicate this contagious disease. Of the many countries, Indonesia is the country that has the most types of malaria mosquitoes in the world. In fact, there are 25 types […]

10 Different Types of Agriculture in Indonesia

As an agricultural country, Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural wealth plus Indonesia’s position which is considered very strategic. Starting from the geographical side, Indonesia is located in a tropical region that has high rainfall so that many types of plants can live and grow quickly. Aquatic areas in Indonesia are rich in food sources […]

13 Type of Forest in Indonesia as the Lungs of the Earth

Forest is an area that is overgrown with trees and other plants. Such areas exist in large regions of the world and serve as carbon dioxide sinks, animal habitats, hydrological current modulators, soil conservationists, and are one of the most important aspects of the Earth’s biosphere. Indonesian forests rank third as the largest forest in […]

10 Common Type of Mango in Indonesia

It is not only in Indonesia mango becomes one of the favorite fruits in the world. For mango problem, Indonesia is the 4th mango producing country in the world with an average production of 2 million tons / year. Interestingly, in Indonesia, mango is the second largest agricultural commodity after banana. Malayalam maanga or i […]

13 Unique Type of Chicken in Indonesia

Indonesia is a very rich country. Not only rich in natural resources, Indonesia also has various types of flora and fauna. There are thousands and even millions of animal species that can only be found in Indonesia. One of them is chicken. Chicken is the most common poultry compared to other types of birds because […]

21 Typical Family Life In Indonesia

Family life cannot be separated from the life of society and also nation. Many Indonesian families who have background, history, education and family principles that can not be separated from the tradition of the nation. Every family has different principles, how they lead a happy and successful life. The definition of a family is a […]

10 Types of Market Structure in Indonesia

When vacationing in a city, don’t just  visit the beautiful places. A unique and various place like the market is turned out to be a fun tourist site. Several cities in Indonesia have various markets that become the target of the tourists both domestic and foreign. Before visiting the market, there are the times you […]