10 Unique Wedding Venues in Jakarta

After the marriage proposal, when the wedding date has been set, one of the important things that you should prepare is to determine the venue or place will be used for your wedding party. It is off course not something easy, but it’s better not to gain time. Because once you get the right venue, as you wish, it will be easier to prepare other things. You also have to take into account some things you need to consider in determining the best venue according to the concept of dreams. If you live near Jakarta, here are ten unique wedding venues in Jakarta that are recommended.

  1. Rumah Ranadi

Located in the area of Kemang, Rumah Ranadi can be an option to organize your wedding party. The capacity of this venue is only about 500 people only, so it is quite appropriate for those who want to conduct a party with warm atmosphere and limited invitation.

With its beautiful and shady garden area, Rumah Ranardi will give the nuance of a warm and romantic party at the wedding later. The location is quite close to downtown Jakarta and easy to reach, of course it can be one of the considerations to choose this venue. If you are interested to book it as your wedding venue, it had better to hurry up that you might be in a queue.

  1. Rumah Maroko

Rumah Maroko is a Function House located in the center of Jakarta. It is located in Menteng area. You can’t possibly find a Jakarta wedding venue that is as unique as this place. This large mansion has a capacity of up to 500 people.

With the shape of the building and interior design that resembles this ancient Moroccan era building, you can invite your guests to medieval invitation in Morocco without having to issue a plane ticket. You can make your event unforgettable in this unique function house. Besides wedding venue, this place is also often used as exhibition place and other events.

  1. La Seine

The other unique Wedding Venue Jakarta is La Seine. Wedding venue located on 17th floor of Cyber Tower building, provides indoor and outdoor facilities. So, for those of you who want to do outdoor wedding but fear the weather, La Seine is a very appropriate choice.

Uniquely, this place is on the 17th floor, so you can celebrate your event while enjoying the beauty of Jakarta. This venue wedding can accommodate 500-600 people. Moreover, if you can celebrate your wedding at night, it will be more beautiful with the city light view of Jakarta from above, what other favors are you still deny?

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  1. Azila Villa

If you are looking for a venue in East Jakarta, Azila Villa can be one of your choice. With the concept of resort villas like in Bali, Azila Villa can accommodate up to 400 pax invitations. Equipped with a swimming pool and an open garden, Azila Villa also offers 7 beautiful bedrooms that can be used as a preparation room & stay before the wedding begins.

Not only marriage, Azila is also very suitable for you who want to hold private pre-wedding events such as splash, engagement, recitation, even pr-wedding photoshoot though.

  1. Omah Pawon

This building is still very thick with the nuance of Netherlands. It is located in the area Tamansari, West Jakarta. The building that used to be an administrative building, can now be used as a wedding venue. With a very affordable rental fee, the Archive Building can accommodate up to 1000 guests.

The Archive Building is also suitable for those of you who want to organize an outdoor wedding, especially at night. With good lighting, the classic romantic atmosphere must be getting more and more intense.

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  1. Felfest Faculty Club Universitas Indonesia

Venue which formerly called Faculty Club UI is now rebranded into Felfest Faculty Club UI. Felfest Faculty Club is located near Mang Engking restaurant located within the campus area of Universitas Indonesia. In addition to having an indoor area of 2-storey building, this venue also has an outdoor area with a lake background and also beautiful forest.

Do not worry if you will invite many guests, because Felfest Faculty Club can accommodate up to 800 pax. With a very affordable rental fee, you can get a very complete facility for your wedding day. Felfest usually has many promo tablets for you who want to get married there.

  1. National Arsip Building

The building which is often the location of this marriage was once the home of the Dutch Governor’s estate, General Reyner de Klerk. Most weddings held here are outdoor weddings. No wonder still because the Archive Building has a beautiful outdoor concept. Coupled with the game lighting at night, this building looks more grand and photogenic than during the day.

There are 2 locations that can be used if interested in getting married here is a grassy back garden that can accommodate up to 1,500 people for standing party and also the back garden on a smaller cement floor so that it can only accommodate 150 guests for standing party.

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  1. The Hermitage

This 5-star hotel located in Menteng was once a historic building in the Dutch era. Yes, formerly The Hermitage is the Dutch communications office. The Hermitage has 4 ballroom rooms that are not too big but have a classic European style interior is beautiful. Yes, the room at The Hermitage has the hallmark of a high ceiling and also a white interior.

If you use all the ballrooms there, you can accommodate up to 200 guests. It is suitable for both applications and intimate wedding. One of the advantages of this venue compared to other venues is because this location is shaped hotel so you do not need to bother anymore looking for accommodation for family and also yourself.

  1. Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

The building built in 1914 is arguably one of the historic buildings in Jakarta. Before finally becoming a restaurant, this building also serves as the Jakarta Immigration Office.

This high ceiling building has various rooms with different themes. For a taste of food, do not worry! The food here is well guaranted because the restaurant is managed by Tugu Hotel Group which also has many other ethnic restaurants such as Lara Djonggrang and Babah Elite Kitchen Restaurant.

  1. The Roemah 7A

The vintage atmosphere can also be felt in The Roemah 7A. Not just the vintage atmosphere offered by The Roemah 7A, but also the Java theme. Not just romantic atmosphere that you can feel if married in The Roemah 7A, but also warm and sacred. The white nuance of this building will change your marriage into sacred event.

The capacity of people you can invite there is 600 people. The Roemah 7A is located on Lebak Bulus I Street No. 1. 7A, South Jakarta. If you want to conduct a party there, it is recommended to be held night, so your guest can feel the romantic nuance.

Those are some unique wedding venues that might be good recommendation for those who prepare the wedding. The locations are not too far from Jakarta. So, you don’t need to pay much fee accommodation for transportation.