The Process of Getting Married in Bali

Getting married in a dreamy place like Bali must be every couple’s wedding goal. Not only the domestic couple, people or tourists from different countries are coming to get married in Bali. It is proven that Bali Indonesia is recognized by the nations in all around the globe. Many wedding ceremonies are held here, in […]

14 Lovable Facts About Indonesia Weddings

Talking about marriage is definitely anyone couples and people want to do a sacred and historical ceremony in a lively, luxurious and unforgettable life. Not a few couples who spend hundreds or even billions of rupiah to hold their wedding party. Wedding is a sacred, true and life-long promise between lovers to establish a beautiful […]

10 Unique Wedding Venues in Jakarta

After the marriage proposal, when the wedding date has been set, one of the important things that you should prepare is to determine the venue or place will be used for your wedding party. It is off course not something easy, but it’s better not to gain time. Because once you get the right venue, […]

10 Steps How to Divorce in Indonesia

Divorce is the end of a marriage. When both couples decide not to continue their marriage, they can ask the government to be separated. Ending a marriage is certainly not an easy thing. There are so many aspects to note. However, the most important is the readiness and steadiness of a person when deciding to […]

10 Steps How to Get Married in Indonesia for Foreigners

For couples who will get married, various preparations related to the marriage will be very time-consuming them. There are many things that must be prepared from the beginning, including the fulfillment of various mandatory requirements for the marriage itself. Moreover, for special couple who has different citizenship. Here are some tips how to get married […]

20 Common Rules for Marriage in Indonesia

Almost 99% Indonesian people will get married in the age of 19 until 20 years old, many Indonesian people decided to marriage although they are still young and have opportunity to get more benefit career. There some factors that make some younger want to marriage, like they already have relationship for many years, their parents […]

13 Rules for Getting Married in Bali

Due to the huge amount of attention that Bali is receiving from the world, many people would like to make it into a part of their special moment in life. The island is surrounded by wonderful people, unique culture, beautiful locations and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder that there are couples all over the world who […]

10 Types of Indonesian Wedding Culture – Ceremonies and Customs

Marriage in Indonesia is something sacred and is usually celebrated with specials. Indonesia’s diverse culture also affects certain wedding ceremony type. Well, in Indonesia, there are some unique marriage customs are difficult to find in other places. Indonesia has a variety of unique tradition that is interesting to see, including the marriage culture. In fact, […]