Tongkonan, A Unique Traditional House From Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a village located in South Sulawesi with its downtown located in Makale. It has around 2000 km2 in width and 260.000 people living there. Torajan people live mostly in the mountain and they still keep their ancient tradition running among them. As Austronesian descendant, Torajan people still practice its lifestyle which resembles […]

11 Most Popular Traditional Wedding Ceremonies in Indonesia

Wedding is every person’s dream. Finding the right person and invite them to take care of each other and spend the rest of your life together is one of the goal that everyone dream of. From getting know to each other to falling in love together must be a surreal experience for everybody. That’s why […]

7 Best Time And Place To Surf in Indonesia

Surfing is a popular sport known as riding a wave. It’s a bit challenging, but most people seem to love doing it. This ancient sport firstly introduced to America in 1928 by George Freeth. In fact, this sport is founded in 1778 by Captain Cook in Polynesian region. While this sport seems to be easy, […]

Indonesian Cuisine Ingredients: Recognize The Herbs and Spices

Indonesia has various kind of traditional food that you can find from Sumatra to Papua. Each of them has specific seasoning that makes its taste very different from other food. Each province also has different taste depending on their social cultural background. For example, Sumatra Province is famous for its spicy foods and Yogyakarta is […]

Recognize Congklak, A Traditional Game From Indonesia

Indonesia has various kind of traditional games. It derives from generation to generation to teach children respect, togetherness, and kindness. Each of traditional game in Indonesia has its own philosophy. For example, Lompat Tali (Rope Jumping) teaches Indonesian children that life is full of challenge. Once you accomplish a level in rope jumping, another challenge […]

11 Hiking Tips to Mount Prau: Lesson For Beginners

Hiking can be very fun activity if you do that with your friends. Climbing the summit of a mountain can also be big challenge and unexpected experience. Nonetheless, this activity is getting more and more popular today. One of the popular mountain in Indonesia that every hikers dream to reach its summit is Mount Prau. […]

11 Fascinating Places to Visit in Ubud to Heal Your Soul

Ubud and Kuta, two popular destinations that you can find in Bali, Indonesia. The difference is Ubud has more traditional sentiment instead of Kuta. While Kuta has more modern approach such as restaurants, hotels, and some beaches located near street, Ubud offers some natural and traditional way in offering the visit. You can find traditional […]

10 Facts of The Eastern Island in Indonesia, Papua

Papua is one of the interesting island in Indonesia. Located in east Indonesia, it’s directly bordered with Papua New Guinea as its neighbour. Papua has around 800.000 km in wide making it the largest island in Indonesia and the 2nd biggest island in the world. Originally, it consists of one province, Papua. But in 2003, […]

The Growth of Technology in Indonesia (Opportunity and Challenge)

The world has now entered the era of industrial technology 4.0. Everyone in the world now lives virtually and digitally in so-called internet. Most of every aspect in the world now is connected to computer and data base. It’s no wonder now that people rely too much on internet connection nowadays than 10 years ago. […]

Get To Know About Sumba Island, Another Paradise in Indonesia

Sumba is an island located in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. It has four administrative regions; Sumba Barat (West Sumba), Sumba Barat Daya (Southwest Sumba), Sumba Tengah (Central Sumba), and Sumba Timur (East Sumba). The most advanced city in the island is Waingapu, in East Sumba. It has an airport and a harbour connecting Sumba with […]