16 Best Hotels in Jakarta for Nightlife

Exploring Jakarta would be the best idea for you holiday in Indonesia. It’s the capital city where you can find almost everything in here. For example, during the day, you can enjoy some attractions that this city has like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, some notable parks, Sea world, and also the famous National Museum or Monas that located in the center of town.

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If you want to try another type of attraction, you can try religious trip to mosques and church, such as Istiqlal Mosque and also Jakarta Cathedral. In Jakarta, there are some beautiful malls built grandly and usually located in a line like Grand Indonesia, AEON Mall, and Pondok Indah Mall. In there, you can enjoy your night time by shopping, eating at some wonderful restaurants, etc. For finding a place to rest for the night, we prepared a list for you with all the best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife for you.

1. Hotel Indonesia Kempinski

The first one is a hotel located right in the part of Jakarta city, specifically in Menteng. It has 9,6 from 1 to 10 scale from Global Review Score from different people, mainly visitors who already visited the hotel. The thing that surely you can get within this hotel is luxury. They even asking that important question in their homepage, “what is the meaning of luxury for you?”.

The hotel offers many supportive services such as restaurant, bar, meeting halls for presentation or other things, spa, transportation, shopping locations, and also Ganesha Executive Club Lounge. Kempinski also has free wifi with fast connection, making you easier to communicating with other people out of reach. There are also some wonderful rooms that differentiated to two main categories, the Deluxe type and Exlusive Suite type.

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2. Aryaduta Semanggi Hotel

Aryaduta Semanggi Hotel is part of A Lippo Group Company that famous for its housing and apartment business. It’s located in the area of Semanggi Karet, Jakarta. With some prices, you can have amazing and complete services like high quality spa and massages, pool, fitness center, business center, gym, therapeutic massage rooms, green garden spot, laundry and dry cleaning service, heated swimming pool, free wifi, 24 hours reception, and others.

Beside those services, Aryaduta Semanggi Hotel also has som interesting offers, included in them is Lippo Mall Privilege Card Promo, Maxxbox LV Privilege Card, learning at YPPH (Yayasan Pendidikan Pelita Harapan) for special members like staff, student, or alumni. And there’s also a weekend package for any Aryaduta Hotels around the country.

3. Sunlake Hotel

This hotel is located in the North Jakarta, known as one of the best five star hotels out there. If you want to take a closer look at this hotel, you can come to the Danau Permain Raya Block C1 Sunter, North Jakarta. In there, you should be able to enjoy all the facilities with fairly affordable price for a room. Remember, this is a five star hotel.

With less than a million rupiahs, you can get some many things that can spoil you, like cafe service, many kinds of resturant, free wifi, trustable security, swimming pool, spa service, 24 hours receptionist, and many others. It’s also located closely with some malls like Mall Artha Gading and Artha Gading Bowling Center where you can enjoy doing this sport.

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4. Fraser Place Setiabudi

From the North side of Jakarta city, we’re going to the south side to a hotel named Fraser Place Setibudi. Seeing the location, you may be calm because of those green vegetations that looks like surrounding the area of this hotel. Having a room in this hotel doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to have amazing comfort only, but there’s a thing.

Located around this hotel are pretty important buildings of government. That’s why, the price of a room in this hotel can be said as pretty expensive than any other hotels like this, becuase mainly the visitors of this hotel are very important people from other countries like minister or such. But, with that price, it’ll be very much worth it.

5. The Hermitage Hotel

What a palace indeed. With the vintage concept, this hotel is really astonishing in both design and service. The Hermitage Hotel itself located in the Central Jakarta. The concept of overall building is really interesting. It feels like you’re going through the time to go back to the old days way before modernization reached the country.

Even though the concept used is old, but the services and technology are of cours up to date. The services provided in this hotel are swimming pool, free wifi (but sadly only in public areas, not in rooms), fitness center, spa, and many other things including the old nuances that is a really nice touch. Spending a night would be a great time.

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6. Raffles Jakarta

The next one on the best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife is Raffles Jakarta. This luxurious hotel is located in Ciputra World 1 located on the street of Gatot Subroto 18. Luxury, majesty, and elegance are the words that can tell what kind of place this is. All the designs that putted into some parts of the hotel like halls and rooms are really great, suitable for millenials.

Beside the interesting looks, the hotel also sells us some beautiful services with the most important one, weeding facilities, and there are also multi national staffs, bar in the pool, Child care, free wifi, and many more. The design of the room is also very cozy and comfortable, with the view of Jakarta city that can complete your nightlife.

7. Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Shangri-La is a famous hotel in Hong Kong from Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited. You can have the experience to stay in one of the best hotels in the world in Jakarta. In the city, it’s located on Central Jakarta, in General Sudirman street 1. This is one of many five star hotels on this part of the city, that looks really good.

It has about 662 well preserved rooms for guests, for the people who live around Central Jakarta, it’s like the oasis of the crowd and stressing traffic in the capital city. Even though it’s a part of Internal Hotel, you can see clearly that there are Javanese designs that putted on the corners. Shangri-La Hotel also has about 7 restaurants and just 10 minutes from Soekarno Hatta International Airport Rail Link.

8. Four Seasons Hotel

And this Four Seasons Hotel is a branch of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, one of trading assets of Four Seasons Hotels Limited in Toronto, Canada where their headquarters stay there. In the world, they have about a hundred hotels located in different areas, including Indonesia. In Jakarta, the location of this Four Seasons Hotel is in the Capital Palace of Gatot Subroto street 18, on the South Jakarta.

Like they say in their homepage, the hotel is about comfort and glamour. The place looks very fashionable with all their decorations. Simple, yet very efficient. For fulfilling your needs, there are many restaurants and bars located inside like Palm Court, Alto, Nautilus, and more. For the rooms, you can choose the suites starting from executive suite to club premier suite. There’s also specialty suites like ambassador suite, and presidental suite.

9. Le Meridien 

The hotel number nine of the list best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife is Le Meridien. Le Meridien is one of many brands that created by the famous Marriott. When talking about its brand, they are always well prepared and ready to be served to customers or visitors with high quality possible. So, when visiting this hotel, you don’t need to think twice about its quality.

However, the location of this Le Meridien hotel is in Jenderla Sudirman street 18-20, Jakarta. With the key services consist of full service spa, swimming pool, fitness center, kitchen and kitchenette, and many others, the hotel can spoil you in any ways. For the rooms, there are some types that you can choose like Superios, Deluxe, Executive, Premiere, and there are some special rooms such as Diplomatic suite, Presidental, and the special Royal Kudus.

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Aside from the ten best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife above, we also have some on the list below that containing six different hotels. Please check them all below :

  1. Aston Pluit Hotel and Residence
  2. Morrisey Hotel Residence
  3. Best Western Premier The Hive
  4. Century Park Hotel
  5. Ayana Midplaza Jakarta
  6. Le Grandeur Mangga Dua
  7. Aston Marina

So which one you want to pick from our list of best hotels in Jakarta for nightlife. With all the choices above, you can choose one with the best services yet still have the cost that suitable for budget you have. You don’t need to put all your money to an hotel, because you still don’t know what’t going on tomorrow, maybe you still have an interest to some places in the city or you need an extra for accomodation.