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Most Expensive Buffet in Jakarta, but Very Fancy !

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Hello again, in the previous article we already talked about the interesting Japanese restarurants located around Jakarta city. They are pretty fine for the people who would like to try the Japanese or any other seafoods. But, for people who want to try anothe different experience, they could come to  the buffet restaurants. In Jakarta, there are so many of them.


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A buffet restaurant is the best for family actitivties or group gathering. Because of so many variants of food inside, people can have their favorite cuisines in one place only. And sometimes, the price of foods there are considered to be more expensive. That’s true because you can get as much foods as you want, sometimes there’s even all you can eat resturant where you can get any amount of meal to fill your stomach. For the choices, here we provide you with the most expensive buffets in Jakarta that ready to fill your body with satisfaction!

1. Kokoro Restaurant

Kokoro Restaurant is one of the well known Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. It’s one of the most expensive ones however. But the price is of course really worth it, because customers will get top quality of service and the five star cuisines for them. It’s also hidden, there’s no signboar or anything that used as an identity of this restaurant.

Kokor limites the customers 48 people each day. So, those customers will be lucky to have a seat at Kokor Restaurant, the most exclusive and fancy Japanese restaurant in the area of Jakarta city. The customers will get those wonderful Japanese foods that made exclusively by the cooks. Owner of Kokor Restaurant wants to bring the enjoyment of authentic Japanese cuisines to each person who visit the place.

2. Shy Rooftop

For the people who want to feel the western atmosphere of a restaurant, they could come to this elite one called Shy Rooftop. Located on the rooftop is making the location looks so exclusive and limited for anyone who could pay the price. It has the alite and “expensive” concept of a place, whihc is really suitable for modern people.

It is an elegant restaurant and cafe. The customers can see directly the Jakarta city view from above, with a glass of premium wine and whiskey. The cuisiness however,are always decorated with such a beautiful platting. It’s very instagrammable and also very calming. For anyone who want to visit it, please come to Kemang area of South Jakarta.

3. Namaaz Dining

Each story has their own taste and anything you see here, has a percentage to be eatable. Namaazz Dining offers one of a kind culinary journey for its customer. It’s almost looks like a magical show. Customers will be on their own seats, and then “the show” can finally begin. If you already booked a seat here, be sure not to get late.

Mr.Andiran Ishak, which is the owner and also becoming the chef in this wonderful dining place wants the customers to feel the foods that made from molecular cooking technique. Almost all the foods in here are using chemical reactions, which is awesome. They have a very unique look, but of course eatable. The visitors need to pay for about 1,25 million rupiahs to enter this journey.

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4. Amuz

For the people who love the situation and enviroment around the city of Paris, they can get the exact experience when visiting Amuz, a restaurant that located in Sudirman Business District of Jakarta, which is one of the busiest place in town. Its existence is like a perfect oasis from the crowd and pollution of the city.

Upon entering Amuz, you’ll be greeted with Parisian interior. You can see the stuff like the well made chandelier, replica of Eiffel Tower, or even paintings. Thanks to one amazing person called Idirs Samad, who designed the interior of Amuz. People usually come to this place hoping for a romantic dinner. And of course, they wouln’t be disatisfied.

5. Sriwijaya

The name Sriwijaya is actually a name of fallen Kingdom, that was a great kingdom back in the days. It’s the Kingdom that was standing to conquer Indonesia in 8th century. In order to tell people how great that Kingdom is, the owner of Sriwijaya want to give the exact impression to the customers who visit this restaurant.

If offers the best Indonesian cuisines, anything that you want to try and presented in front of the customers in European style. The service and the foods compeleted by the existence of calming ambience, which showing the old Indonesian type of music. Surely, this Sriwijaya can be the best Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta.

6. Altitude

In MH. Thamrin Central Jakarta, you should see the The Plaza Office Tower to visit one of its wonderful restaurants, Altitude. With an authentic theme of place, Altitude seems to hipnotize the customers with it looks in the first place. Then, they will be presented fine dining tables that wonderfully created out of woods.

You can choose not one, but three types of foods starting from American, Italian Cuisines, and also Japanese. The most known food here is the chef Luke Mangan’s signature dish that contains meats and seafoods. Those foods can be combined with the wines like Enmaru and  Gaia for those who like it.

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7. Bistecca

Looking for a place to eat a steak? Bistecca can be your best choice of all available place in town. Serving as an Italian restaurant that newly opened, Bistecca have several outstanding meals for anyone who would try the best tasted steak ever. It’s also being an icon of an establishment, taking inspiration from New York Steakhouse.

You can notice this place easily when going on to Jenderal Sudirman street Jakarta. It’s located on the 52nd – 53rd Kav of the area. Then from there you should go to the Parc Place Tower, to its ground floor. And you can visit Bistecca, a restaurant that known for having its delicious signature meal, Bistecca Fiorentina.


The next restaurant named VIEW. It is located inside the Fairmont Hotel, precisely in 22nd floor. The VIEW restaurants is bringing the fresher theme to the world of culinary by combining European and Asian aspects into its cuisines. The ingredients are mostly locals because they already in a great quality, importing is not needed.

With the hands of Chef Andrew Zarzosa, you’ll be surprised with the taste and the looks of the foods offered. They are designed neatly with some colourful additions. But not only visual that hipnotizing, but also the taste.  They all presented with such an art.

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9. Sana Sini Restaurant

Sana Sini Restaurant is the best family restaurant you can get in Jakarta. With excellence reviews, This restaurant will bring a pleasurable experience in family gathering. It’s located in Pullman Hotels and Resorts, which is highly strategic location. For the choices, customers can get Japanese, Indonesian, International, European, and many more.

This Sana Sini Resraurant can be a heaven for vegan, because they also serve vegan options. People usually refer this restaurants as the best location for having wide varieties of cuisines. A great place, complete brekfast, and wonderful Sunday brunch are becoming high points of this location. Certainly one of the best and most expensive buffets in Jakarta.

10. Seasonal Taste

A restaurant specially made for vegan, is Seasonal Taste. There are kinds of foods that suitable for vegan to eat. People can also choose the International dishes if they want to switch from vegan meals. Seasonal Taste is also a well place for having a buffet dinner.

With excellence services and varieties of foods, Seasonal Taste is always being a favorite place by the people around Jakarta. It also got the sertificate of excellence by TripAdvisor for being a great restaurant that has excellence point from reviewers.

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Aside from the different kinds of buffet restaurant above, we also have several others waiting on our list below. You can have them as a choice for hang out if your favorite place is full. Wasting your time in these most expensive buffets in Jakarta wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

  1. KOI Simatupang
  2. Al Nafoure
  3. Signatures Restaurant
  4. Arts Cafe by Raffles
  5. La Brasserie Restaurant

So that’s out topic for today, which is the moest expensive buffets restaurant in Jakarta. They are the best place for having meals with friends, family, or even love one. Sometimes, the portion of a  meal is a big enough for one person, so maybe you should gather some friends first before actually trying to visit one of these restaurants.

The restaurants provided on the list above are also giving the customers many kinds of cuisines. One restaurant can have about three of four types of meal, and even more! And usually, a restaurant that has those many choices of meal can always have their place filled quickly because people will always coming to them. Also, if the place is supported with a very best environment and services for customers, even the price is high enough, there will be customers waiting in line for the restaurant.

A View of Namaaz Dining

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