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All 15 Restaurants with The Best Breakfast in Jakarta

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Breakfast is very important. People from students up to workers need to eat some brekfast before starting their activities in schools and offices. In the cities like Jakarta, it’s pretty easy to find a place that serves a nice set of breakfast during busy hour in the morning, so we can get an additional energy for our busy schedule on that day.


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For the people who don’t have enough time to make a breakfast, these places are really helpful. They can even choose their favorite meal they want that exclusively available only for the morning. No wonder that restaurants that will be mentioned below are always crowded. So, without further talking, here’s the restaurants to find the best breakfast in Jakarta. Check them out !

1. Mr. Fox

The first one on our list of best breakfast in Jakarta is Mr.Fox. It’s located right in the ground floor of a building named The Energy Building in Senayan Jakarta. You can order up some breakfast menu and lunch at the same time because it usually opens starting from 11 am to 1 am. If you work overtime, this restaurant is ready to serve you.

In Mr. Fox, there are three main dishes, the American, Desserts, and also Asian meals. With all the services like breakfast menu, full bar, vegetarian friendly, live entertainment, valet parking, and of course free wifi, you can get both productive and keep being healthy. For the menu, you can choose some beautiful meals such as Nashville Chicken Burger, Grilled Salmon, and Japanese Fried Rice.

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2. Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen

The second is the Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen. The restaurant located in the Plaza Festival, South Parking area in the street of H.R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan Jakarta. From Monday to Sunday, it opens 24 hours long. With that operating hours, you can come to this plac every time, including when you want to get a very nice breakfast.

In this restaurant of Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen, you can choose a breakfast set that consists of scrmbled eggs, toasted brioche, mashed potato, beef sausage and half tomato for less than hundred thousand rupiahs. You can also order a traditional meal, like Bubur Ayam Sukabumi for example with a price cheaper than the set.

3. Bubur Cikini H.R. Suleman

One of many special Indonesian meals is bubur or porridge. The most popular one is Bubur Ayam, which is usually sold by the sellers that circling your area on any moments in Indonesia. Usually the ride a motorcycle, and having a big wagon with the name “Bubur Ayam” that putted on the motorcycle. It’s really easy to notice it actually.

In Jakarta, there’s a well known place that can give you a bowl of Burcik or Bubur Cikini. Many say that this shop is legendary for its unique taste. No wonder that the place seems never empty of customers. The location of Bubur Cikini H.R. Suleman is right in front of Cikin Station. If you’re riding a train and stop in that very station, make sure that you have a bowl of Cikini porridge as your beautiful breakfast.

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4. Flip Burger

You’re late on your way to work because of traffic and working overnight. But, despite you’re being in such a situation, you still need a decent amount of carbo and nutrition in order to work efficiently. If you’re happen to work in Senopati area, it’s not a wrong thing to visit a place named Flip Burger. Here you can get a burger with fairly cheap price possible.

The location of this restaurant is in the street of Senopati number 27 Jakarta, it’s hard to miss it. They serve halal foods and also breakfast menu that will work to give you some stamina in the morning. You can choose from Biggy 12, Biggy 6, and Biggy Chikn for a party of 6 or more people. If you’re coming alone, the other burgers like Smacker, Beef Burger, and Eggsy Burger are ready to accompany you.

5. Seasonal Tastes – The Westin Jakarta

The next one is a restaurant located in the Westin Jakarta on the street of H.R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan Jakarta. Beside serving you with the breakfast menu, it also has some great services like halal foods, private dining area, smoking area, buffet, full bar, and also free wifi for customets. So, while waiting for the foods, you can update your work or assignments.

For the foods, they are also very variatife. The breakfast menu alone consists of wonderful Nasi Uduk that has the price Rp120.000,-. Compare to the other Nasi Uduks you can find in the city, this one is maybe the most expensive. But, inside it, you can find things that more complete than them such as coconut fragnant rice, fried chicken, sliced omelet, vermicelli, chili sambal, and prawn crackers.

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6. Sate Ayam Pertok

And after talking about the traditional meal like Burcik or Bubur Cikini above, we also want to take you somewhere to get a chicken satay. But this is not the ordinary chicken satay, but it’s a Sate Ayam Pertok. This is really suitable for the workers who live around the area of Pondok Indah Jakarta. One plate of lontong and Sate Ayam Pertok would be enough for the morning.

As usual, the meats used in this Sate Ayam are of course chicken meats. The owner somehow managed to make the meats very tender. So, it’s not hard yo chew and swallow it. It’s even better when combined with nut sauce, to complete it. For you want to try it, you can just come to Niaga Hijau district in Pondok Indah Jakarta.

7. Ketupat Sayur CNI

Anyone who are working as workers sometimes have struggle to have a decent meals. Sometimes, the breakfast packages that served in some restaurants or places that serve fast foods are not suitable for them because of lack nutrition. That’s why, we’re telling you there’s a special place in Puri Indah Mall that can sell you a portion of Ketupat Sayur.

In this area, the shop is one of some famous shops that sell breakfeast menu like this. So it’s not too strange anymore that this place is always full of people, especiallly workers during breakfast and lunch time. This traditional meal consists of tofu, lontong, delicous soup combined with many other things can fit your nutrition right away.

8. Ketoprak Ciragil

The next traditional food you can get for breakfast is Ketoprak. Yes, this Jakartan food is already too familiar in their ears. Sometimes it’s very easy to find one. But if you’re unlucky, finding Ketoprak sellers will be much hard. We have a recommendation in the area of Senopati Jakarta called Ketoprak Ciragil that still exists until now.

If you live around that area, maybe you already familiar with this one. You can fill up your stomach until lunch time with only a portion of this ketoprak. There’s a difference between this Ketoprak and the usual Ketopraks you can find out there. That is the sauce that combined with cashew, making it more crunchy and tasteful. You can also order some eggs to complete your Ketoprak is you want it.

9. On Three

Senopati seems to be a great spot to look for places to eat breakfast. Aside from the places that already mentioned above that located in that particular area, there’s also one restaurant called On Three. This restaurant serves coffes, teas, desserts, and of course breakfast menu for you. It also has outdoor seating that suitable for eating in the morning.

About the foods, you can order some things like omelette rice, scrambled eggs, salads, sauteed mushrooms, chicken salad, and the others. For the drinks, you can pick from coffes, teas, and lattes. Most people who came in here were satisfied about the ambience and the vibe of this place. No wonder that this place oftenly used as working or studying area.

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As you can see, those ten places are great enough to provide meals to add extra energy on the morning. But, aside from the places to find best breakfast in Jakarta above, we also have another small list filled with the other spots that have a nice breakfast menu.

  1. Nasi Uduk Gondangdia
  2. Sabang 16
  3. Nasi Gandul Bu Endang
  4. Hei Kopi
  5. Toodz House
  6. Imperial Kitchen and Dimsum

So that’s our topic for today, places to seek the best breakfast in Jakarta. Jakarta indeed has a large varieties of restaurants that always serve breakfast menu, remembering that this city is very big and complete. If you’re one of the people who don’t have enough time to make a decent breakfast for your day, these places are always recommended because aside they are having a fairly cheap price for their meals, the nutrition that they have is also sufficient.

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