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13 Common Indonesian Breakfast Menu You Must Try

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Breakfast is very important both your body, especially if you have an ulcer disease that will recur if you eat late. But most people often skip breakfast and consider it trivial, especially for those who are always in a hurry to go to activities.


The types of breakfast menu are different for each person, some people from outside Indonesia consider to eat bread, milk and cereal for breakfast. However, the Indonesian breakfast menu is very varied. No wonder, if Indonesia has a variety of menu choices that can be eaten for breakfast. The following is the common Indonesian breakfast that you would easily find here.

  1. Fried Rice

Indonesians really like to eat rice. One of the family’s favorite menus for breakfast is fried rice. Fried rice is already famous in the world, especially Asia. But fried rice in Indonesia is more famous because of the spices used. It is usually combined with various flavors such as meat, shrimp, petai, or various chili sauce.

But it should be noted that sellers of fried rice or street vendors in Indonesia will only open at night. So, nai goreng for breakfast is usually only made at home.

  1. Bubur Ayam

Bubur ayam is chicken porridge in Indonesian. This type of porridge is very legendary in Indonesia. You will find more porridge sellers anywhere during the morning,

This is made from rice which is processed into porridge and then sprinkled with chicken flour. Do not forget to add a sprinkling of onions, fried onions, and other complement. In addition, the porridge is doused with gravy. Then you just eat porridge with crackers as a complement.

  1. Sate Lontong

Sate Lontong is chicken satay which is sold one package with Lontong. Lontong is steamed rice in long form and wrapped in banana leaves. While chicken satay is Indonesian food. Chicken Satay is made from chicken meat.

In general, chicken satay is cooked by baking using charcoal and served with a choice of peanut sauce or soy sauce. This satay is usually served together with rice cake or rice. In the morning, you can choose this food as your breakfast menu.

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  1. Pecel

Pecel is a food that comes from the City of Madiun, East Java, Indonesia. It is made from decoction of vegetables in the form of spinach, bean sprouts, long beans, basil, turi leaves, krai (a type of cucumber), other vegetables served with sambal pecel.

The concept of the pecel dish is almost the same as the European salad, which is fresh vegetables doused with mayonnaise topping. The difference is in the topping. Topping pecel is sambal pecel, while salad topping is mayonnaise or sauce. Same with salad, this food is usually used as a breakfast menu in Indonesia especially Java.

  1. Ketoprak

This mainstream breakfast menu is everywhere in Java. Ketoprak is one type of Indonesian food using ketupat which is easy to find. Usually Ketupat is sold using strollers on the streets or on the street. Ketroprak is an authentic Indonesian food.

The main components are tofu, vermicelli, cucumber, bean sprouts and can also use boiled eggs equipped with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and a sprinkling of fried shallots. Can also be served with additional crackers or melinjo chips. Some versions also include tempe as a component. The tools used to process ketoprak are not difficult, you only need Ulekan and knives.

  1. Nasi Uduk

The next rice menu for breakfast is Nasii Uduk. In the morning, you will find many of these food vendors in Indonesia. Nasi Uduk is the name of a type of food made from basic ingredients of steamed rice with coconut milk from grated coconut, and seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass and pepper.

This food is then served with fried chips, fried tofu, sliced egg / fried egg, shredded, dried tempeh, fried onions, fried chicken, cucumber and chili sauce from peanuts.

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  1. Mie Goreng

This is a menu for people who want to be fast, practical, and cheap. Indonesia is a country that is very famous for its instant noodles. Because Indonesians are the biggest consumers of instant noodles. For this reason, many Indonesians become instant fried noodles as breakfast menus.

Because the method of cooking is easy, many people are in a hurry to do work activities or school choose this menu. Sometimes the menu is served with boiled eggs, fried eggs, chicken, meatballs and vegetables.

  1. Telor Ceplok

In Indonesia, Sunny-side up egg is also known as the Ceplok Egg. Sunny-side up egg is a dish of eggs (usually chicken) fried in hot cooking oil without stirring first. This menu is super light food for a side dish of rice as a breakfast menu.

In Indonesia, some people have followed the western breakfast style by eating Sunny-side up egg with bread. This menu is even sold at pretty good prices in restaurants. In Indonesia, this menu usually made as the side dish. The main food is always rice.

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  1. Soto

Soto is a typical Indonesian food such as soup made from meat and vegetable broth. The most commonly used meat is beef and chicken, but some use pork or goat meat. Various regions in Indonesia have their own traditional soto with different compositions. This menu is usually used as a breakfast menu because the taste is neutral.

The way of serving soto varies according to the peculiarities of each region. Soto is usually served with rice, rice cake, ketupat, noodles, or rice noodles accompanied by various kinds of side dishes, such as crackers, cakes, chips, sambal, and peanut sauce.

  1. Bubur Sumsum

Bubur sumsum is a kind of food in the form of white porridge which is eaten with sweet gravy (brown sugar water). It made of rice flour. This food is native to Indonesia and is also found in Malaysia. The name of Sumsum is taken from its appearance like  marrow which is called Sumsum in Bahasa Indonesia.

This porridge is not widely sold in the market, marrow porridge is easily made by yourself in the family kitchen. Usually, this menu is often used for breakfast because the texture is soft and light, so it’s very friendly in the stomach.

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  1. Nasi Jagung

Nasi jagung (nasek empog, nasi ampok, nasi empok) is a typical Indonesian food made from corn as its basic ingredient. Corn used in making Nasi Jagung is the dry corn. In the market, shredded dry corn is easy to find because the price is relatively cheap compared to the price of sweet corn or young corn. Corn rice is the same as white rice, usually eaten with other side dishes. It is usually use as the breakfast menu.

Nasi jagung  is well-known in Java, especially for the people in Central and East Java. An example of a city famous for its corn rice is Surabaya and Madura Corn rice is a variety of rice typical for Madurese people. Even so, corn rice is also well-known in rural areas, because villagers also consume rice, because of the high price of rice.

  1. Bread with chocolate jam

This is the menu of the people that live in the big city of Indonesia. For some Indonesians, cooking in the morning before starting the daily activity would spend much time. The quickest way is eating the white bread that is rubbed with chocolate jam.

This menu also used as packed meal to lunch at the work place or school. It is so practice to prepare and easy to make then many people prefer to eat this food as the breakfast meal. However, you should take a brunch to refill your energy since it doesn’t contain much calory.

  1. Lontong Sayur

This type of Lontong spreads a lot in Indonesia. Almost all cities in Indonesia have this type of rice cake, for example: Lontong Sayur Medan or Lontong Sayur Betawi. The ingredients made in this food are lontong (rice cooked in banana leaves and elongated), coconut milk, long beans, fried onions, and side dishes depending on the taste of the skipper. Usually, the side dishes know or chicken.

Lontong Sayur is not difficult to find in the capital city, this culinary presence shows that this food indeed characterizes the cultural distinctiveness of each blood that inhabits the area for the first time.

Those are the menu for Indonesian breakfast. While you visit Indonesia, don’t worry to be hungry since you can find the breakfast menu everywhere with the various choice.

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