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10 Contemporary Art Galleries in Yogyakarta Must Visit

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Yogyakarta is special, besides known for its  typical food such as gudeg, java noodle, and bakpia, Jogja is also known as a cultural city. There are so many artists in this city.Therefore art exhibition is such a never-ending event that always be held in this city. As a cultural city which never absent from the artistic agenda, Jogja can not be separated from the existence of art galleries as a place of artists to showcase his work. There are so many art galleries that you can visit during the holidays to Jogja, as follows:


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1. Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

This is one of the most popular galleries in Yogyakarta. This place is never absent of any art-related activities such as solo exhibitions, student exhibitions, to various major art events in Yogyakarta. This cultural park is located in Sriwedari Street, Yogyakata. It was built in 1970s to facilitate the local cultures.

During that time, the General Director of Culture, Prof. DR Ida Bagus Mantra, realized the importance of making a cultural places which are supported by good infrastructure and facilities such as the theater, art galleries, open theater, and highly integrated workshop space.

This cultural park consists of several building complex such as:

  • Concert Hall which is equipped with lobby, dressing room, players’ lounge, stema room, VIP room, lighting, sound system and central air-conditioning.
  • Societet Militair Art Builiding which has capacity for 300 audiences.
  • Amphiteater for 200 audiences.
  • Open stage for open and general activities.
  • Seminar room as a place for discussion, meting, to watch film, poet reading, and workshop.
  • Exhibition room which is located in the first floor.

Anak Kolong Tangga Museum to promote alternative education through toys and past games.

The operational hour is from 09 am – 09 pm everyday, and you can visit this place for FREE! There were a theater of Kera Sakti by famous theater group from Japan, Ryuzanji Company who performed in this place.

2. Jogja National Museum (JNM)

This museum is located in Amri Yahya Street and open everyday from 09 am – 7 pm. This place exhibits contemporary art gallery which stands under Yogyakarta Seni Nusantara Foundation. The building itself was originated as Indonesian Fine Arts Academy building.

This unused academy building had a high value of art related to Indonesian artists therefore in 2006 this academy is renovated as a museum. The fund to do renovation itself is obtained from exhibition with tittle ‘Melukis Lagi di Gampingan’.

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JNM is not only used as an exhibition space, but various activities surrounding the development of art discourse, such as art discussions, seminars, workshops, all of important issues have been developing in the world of local, national, and international art.

There are big contemporary art event such as Biennale Jogja held here. the latest Biennale Jogja XIV is held in JNM in 2017 with title Biennale Jogja XIV Equator #4 #IndonesiaMeetBrazil with theme Stage of Hopelessness. Yogyakarta invites artists from Brazil as an equator line selected partner. Some famous Indonesian artists such as Adi Dharma, Aditya Novali, Arin Sunaryo, etc.

3. Bentara Budaya

This place is located in Suroto Street, Yogyakarta. The history of Bentara Budaya was begin in 1970s when the head of Kompas, PK Ojong dan Jakob Oetama are highly interested to fine arts and they started to collect paintings, ceramics, and other antique objects. Later on these items are managed by Kompas caricaturist.

These items are kept in Gramedia Art Gallery Jakarta, which is believed as the beginning of Bentara Budaya later on. Kompas Gramedia group moved the place to Yogyakarta in 1982 and it is operated in the same year.

The first event was a traditional painting exhibition by Citra Waluyo from Solo and Sastra Gambar from Muntilan. The events held in Bentara Budaya such as painting exhibitions,  photographs, graphics, ceramic sculpture, traditional art: Iron Insight, Radio Lawasan, Ancient Ceramics, Ancient Lights, Ancient Hours, Heart Lovers, Pawukon, Tjap Petruk, Wuwungan Exhibitions, Ning Tem bok, Malo Pigs; monthly movie play, book discussions, traditional art performances. The entrance ticket is free and you can visit this place everyday fom 09 am – 09 pm.

4. Jogja Gallery

This gallery was established in 1929 but officially opened on September 19, 2006 and located in Pekapalan Street No. 7 Yogyakarta. This gallery is open from Tuesday until Sunday from 09 am – 09 pm, the entrance ticket is 3000 rupiah.

Jogja Art Gallery is hoped to be the place to conservate the cultural heritage which is very precious. Jogja Art Galery is a venue for visual art exhibitions, non-exhibition cooperation, art submissions, libraries, art awards and also as an art auction and art store.

Jogja Art Gallery as one of the existing art sites in Yogyakarta has three exhibition halls that greatly preserve the original value of Yogyakarta culture by maintaining the architectural art of the building which characterizes typical Javanese traditional buildings.

The very first exhibition in this gallery used the tagline ‘Retrospective’ and some famous Indonesian artists such as Affandi, Fadjar Sidik, Widayat, and many more participated in this event. Another exhibition is also held in the same date, this Aboriginal painting in collaboration with Wollongong University, Australia.

5. Ark Galerie

Ark Galerie was established in April 2007 in Jakarta. But in July 2013, the director of Ark Galerie chose to move the gallery in Yogyakarta, precisely at Jalan Suryodiningratan 36 A Yogyakarta.

In its early development Ark Galerie has gained an excellent reputation and become recognized as one of the most important galleries in Indonesia.

Ark Galerie provides a platform for experimental exhibitions thus encouraging artists to continuously question and redefine their artistic practice and working-with an interdisciplinary perspective, as an important part of an artists’ role in Indonesia.

Many of the artists exclusively represented by Ark have gained tremendous recognition both within the national and international scope. They have been invited to many prestigious museum shows and international biennales.  The artists such as Wimo Ambala bayang, Wedhar Riyadi, etc. Open from Tuesday until Sunday from 11 pm – 06 pm.

6. Sangkring Art Space

This gallery was established on May 31, 2007. The name itself is taken from the name of ancestor Putu Sutawijaya, artist and founder of Sangkring Art Space. The name is taken to relate us with the past and encourage creative steps in the world of art in the future.

On August 7, 2017 an exhibition titled “Adu Domba” and “Purpose” are held in this place. There are some important sculptors such as Dedy Maryadi, I Nyoman Agus Wijaya, Khusna Hardiyanto, etc. You can visit this gallery for free, the exact location is at Nitiprayan Street and it is open from 11 pm – 06 pm.

Read more about Indonesian sculptures at Historical and Famous Sculptures in Indonesia

7. Cemeti Art House

Cemeti Art House, also called Cemeti Art House, is located at Jalan DI Panjaitan 41 Yogyakarta. This gallery was established since 1988 by Nindityo Adipurnomo and Mella Jaarsma.

Every year dozens of projects have been held; both exhibitions in gallery space and site specific projects, such as solo and group exhibitions, performances, discussions, presentations from residency programs and artist talks involving artists, writers, arts activists, curators and managers, from local and abroad.

This art house is open from Tuesday until Saturday from 09 am – 5 pm.

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8.  (LAF)


The Langgeng Art Foundation (LAF) is a contemporary art institution that facilitates a wide range of art, presentation creation and discussion, especially on strategic ways in the growth and development of contemporary Indonesian art.

Langgeng Art Foundation was founded by Deddy Irianto who is the manager of Langgeng Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia in 2010. The location of this gallery is quite easily accessible, namely at Jalan Suryodiningratan 37 Yogyakarta. This lace is open from Monday to Saturday from 09 am – 06 pm.


  • Tembi Rumah Budaya: This cultural house is a  classic-style inn with a traditional Javanese house building presents a view of the green rice field stretches. Social Realism is Sentot Widodo artwork which is held at Tembi Culture House. In order to enrich your knowledge, you may read Javanese Traditions
  • Tahun Mas Art Room: It is an exhibition hall to support and accommodate all forms of art. This gallery is located on Jl. Sapto Hudoyo Kasongan Yogyakarta. The gallery, founded by artist Timbul Raharjo, is also often used as an art exhibition. It is open everyday from 10 am to 06 pm.

Actually there are still so many places for contemporary art not only in Yogyakarta but in all over Indonesia regions. These places are a perfect place for Indonesian local artists to pour their creativity and create a bright future for contemporary art in Indonesia.

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