10 Importance of Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia

Entrepreneurship relies on individuals with the motivation to create their own business. Indonesia is a country where it highly encourages its people to start their own kind of business. There are risks and costs that come along with the business. However, the people believe that when you want to do something then there will always be […]

13 Types of Tax in Indonesia – Characteristics

Taxation is a policy that aimed to support a state prosperity. In Indonesia, the rule of taxation is arranged in UUD 1945. As a good citizen, you have to pay the tax on time. Actually, there are some groups of taxation in Indonesia you might know. The most common group is direct and indirect tax. […]

20 Most Imported Products From Indonesia

Indonesia is a rich country, its full of natural resources for its people to fulfill their daily needs in every single day. But yet, the needs of Indonesian people for some daily products are so abundant. The natural sources are not prepared enough for that condition. So, Indonesia must bring the imported products for its […]

Indonesia Cocoa Production – Plantation – Development

Cocoa is one commodity that can contribute to the increase of foreign exchange currency for the national economy. Indonesia is one of the world’s major cocoa suppliers after Ivory Coast (38.3%) and Ghana (20.2%) with a 13.6% percentage. By cultivating Cocoa into a quality product in the country then we have been able to deposit […]

Poverty in Indonesia – Rate and Analysis

Poverty is a situation which there are a lack of income for fulfill main needs for living. Then, poverty also a condition when life reach the lowest level of circumstances.  As well as life in a state where the human life in deprivation. On the other hand, poverty often considered in simple meaning. Such as lack of […]