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13 Major Bussiness Sector in Indonesia

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Indonesia is a country that has many investors, both local investors, and foreign investors. In addition to the strategic location, the benefits of affordable markets and employee wages are still considered low. Therefore, many investments are grown to achieve big profits. You may want to read about foreign investment rules in indonesia


The government also through the program in order to raise the number of investors higher, this figure is intended for the opening of jobs for some people of Indonesia. Getting high investors automatically reduces unemployment in this country. Read more about types of unemployment in indonesia

Investments made in Indonesia have different variations, ranging from world investment industry to technology-based investments. All have their own roles and functions, as a real picture in Indonesia has very much investment in the form of large companies and factories, for example, the existing factories in Tangerang, Banten, Karawang and many others. It is not wrong if foreign investors choose Indonesia as a strategic place because here you can read more Reasons Why is Indonesia Good for Business.

To find out what the world of investment and business is being asked by investors in Indonesia, here are some example :

1. Stock Exchange

The world of stocks is currently on the rise, an index that can definitely rise, but there could also be factors that cause it to weaken. Investors or entrepreneurs themselves choose this business because the profits are huge. Especially for the controlling of shares in large quantities, it also has the risk that the greater the yield of only small profits, means we are wrong to apply the most basic financial strategy, higher risk higher profit or lower risk lower profit. Read more about  importance of entrepreneurship development in indonesia

2. Assurance

Who is not with this one business, insurance is an investment in the form of savings futures. Where the facilities provided are very diverse, the usual example offered by the insurance as old age insurance and health. This business certainly has a great advantage if you are smart in managing marketing strategies and other techniques. It is not wrong if many investors choose this business as a big business. Read more about healthy lifestyle in indonesia

3. Banking

The banking business will never die because almost all the people, both middle to an upper level, use the facilities of the banking business. With the advancement of technology and the development of the times, automatically make all transactions must be fast and precise. With this business provides convenience for the community in terms of financial transactions and other property.

4. Industry

The rapid development of the world of industry and advanced, making a broad contribution, especially in the economic sector and taxes. In addition to providing jobs, the industry business is also the largest tax input for the State. However, this business also does not close the possibility of penetrating in the offline and online industry. Starting from the middle to lower scale on a large scale factory and company. Some examples of today’s emerging business are Automotive, Mine and Coal, Migas, and also the latest Digital Technology industry that is rife and trendy. Also, include Fabric Factory in Indonesia.

5. Trading

Trade in indonesia  is also known as a fast and advanced South East Asian has traded a center, as evidenced by the many trade centers and studies that are used by some countries working together. Starting from trading on a large and medium scale down, all have different kinds and advantages. Examples of Indonesia’s trade that is excellent among palm oil, textiles, coal, oil and so forth.

11. Sea or Marine Products

Other Indonesian products are famous to foreign countries namely the sea. Many marine products such as fish, lobster, and shrimp are sent abroad. This is due to how rich and abundant the marine products produce excess profits for the State. These marine products are much-sought-after by local investors and foreign investors, due to abundant materials and multiple profits. However, business in this field of marine high responsibility because it is related to the state assets. So there is a need for adherence to the rules of maritime law and the prevailing policies.

12. Agriculture of Indonesia

Indonesia is known as a country that has abundant spices, from colonial period Dutch to Japanese all want this one. In addition to the diversity is also a great benefit to make the Indonesian agricultural products prompted many countries. In addition to rice production in Indonesia and vegetables are abundant, cultivated fruits have high selling value, already many entrepreneurs who export to several types of vegetables and fruits. Of course, the expected benefits are higher and able to provide a better standard for local farmers. Rice as a staple, has  Importance of Rice in Indonesia

13. Services

The need for this one is not separated from social life, whatever services offered certainly make a lot of convenience for the people of Indonesia. The current range of services offers a wide range of options, from jockeys to home installation services. The instant and fast-paced lifestyle of the people make this business increases while having a lot of good skills, then get ready to open up business opportunities in any service field.

With sophisticated technology then the way of marketing services can also be done in an instant way that is by utilizing internet technology and media digital or PC is quite reaching to all regions in Indonesia. Examples of service areas that are in demand are photography services, event organizer services or wedding organizers, course services and much more.

Of course, every business opportunity has different advantages and risks, the greater the capital spent the greater the risk to be faced. It needs a strategy and techniques in achieving it all, to get big profits is not easy. It takes a mature and professional work, able to survive in an unstable economic condition is a tough thing. Not infrequently entrepreneurs or businessmen went bankrupt, but many also survive with uncertain conditions. All that is necessary spirit and unyielding effort.

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