13 Traditional Attractions in Flores That Will Amaze You

Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, is not only known for its amazing potential and natural panorama. The community also consists of a variety of ethnicity, languages, religions, and cultures which also attract the interest of both local and foreign tourists. Many people say that Flores looks the same as the island of Bali. Reasonable reasons to […]

13 Famous Things In Bali Indonesia

Bali is known as the gods island, the island of a thousand temples, or the island of heaven. Bali does have extraordinary natural beauty, from hills, mountains, clouds, lakes, forests, terraced rice fields, giant wooden blocks, and the endless beauty of its marvelous sea coast. Not only that, Bali has a variety of noble cultural […]

Spoil Your Tongue with These Popular Dishes in Indonesia

Beside having some spectacular locations that always being favorable places for all the tourists all over the world. Indonesia also has some things that you need to know. Its specialties in culture, art, and of course tourism, can not be ignored. But there’s one other aspect that is also becoming the colorful identity of Indonesia, […]

20 Delicious and Popular Foods to Eat in Bali

Many people visiting Bali with different purposes. There are some people who want to come to Bali for business, and there are people who just want to enjoy all the things that Bali has, especially for its famous attractions. The places like Kuta beach, Pandawa beach, and the well known Great GWK Statue are the […]

17 Traditional Practices in Indonesia

Traditional practices in Indonesia are very closely related to the culture of the people in the country. Every region has their own distinct traditional custom that makes them unique. Their beliefs and their way of living are usually display in the traditional practices that they carry out in the society. These 17 Traditional Practices in […]

25 Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Crafts

In Indonesia, the things to look for, the things to hunt are not only the natural attractions like beaches, and then tropical jungles, or maybe the historical buildings. Many people, especially the ones who came from aboard would like to spend their money to buy the Indonesian traditional crafts. Read also : Handicrafts of Indonesia […]

10 Traditional Spa in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a city famous for its traditional Javanese tradition. If you visit this city, you will always find something unique related to Java, traditional herbs, or traditional food. Traveling around Yogyakarta will make you a little tired because the weather in Yogya is a bit hot and polluting. Every now and then, you also […]

Traditional Dance in Papua Indonesia

A traditional dance is often used as an expression of culture by a particular group of people. It may symbolise the many things that the group has to face in their daily life. The traditional dance may also hold a valuable cultural element that must be celebrated. Papua is a province in Indonesia that is […]

13 Traditional Houses in Java Indonesia

A house is simply a place where people can live. It’s a shelter for families to gather, to work or to rest. The houses in Java, Indonesia, have undergone so many transformations throughout the years to look more modern. But they didn’t used to look the way they do now. Java also has their own […]

13 Traditional Food in Papua Indonesia

Papua is the most eastern part of Indonesia. It is extremely rich in culture and natural resources. Most of their nature still lies untouched and play a huge part in their lifestyle. You can see this through their food. Their cuisines are tightly woven with their surrounding nature. These 13 Traditional Food in Papua Indonesia […]