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20 Foreign Rules in Indonesia

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The growing era of advanced and also increasingly sophisticated technology to make many ways and the entry of foreigners to Indonesia. Especially for those who want to and curious about Indonesian tourism and also those who want to work to become professionals.


There are many ways for foreigners who want to live in Indonesia either as workers or just as tourists. But keep in mind Indonesia is also famous for the variety of rules and laws that regulate foreigners who come in Indonesia. This is to reduce the problems that arise such as foreign workers who overstay or divert their destination to Indonesia.

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Here are some examples of rules for foreigners from abroad who want to engage in Indonesia, especially for a long time:

1. Identity Card

For anyone who comes to Indonesia either from local or abroad must have an identity card or ID card. This card becomes one of the tools used to know the detailed bios of the person. In case of unwanted things with the card, all data can be easily viewed and browsed completely.

2. Working Passport

Every foreigner who enters the territory of Indonesia is required to have a passport, this is a proof of security as well as a sign of entry for a country.

With this passport, all visitor’s biodata data can be clearly identified and complete. If the passport expires, the person must be deported or returned to the country of origin. For work, passports have functions devoted only to experts and professionals, so this type of passport is different from other passports.


One of the obligations of documents that must be taken always by foreign visitors who come to Indonesia is KITAS or limited stay permit card. This document becomes one of the absolute requirements in visiting other countries.

Because it serves as an information data for permission of a foreigner to settle within a certain period of time, if the KITAS is exhausted it is necessary to process the extension or ready to be deported by the Immigration.

4. International Licence Driver ( SIM )

Many foreign visitors who stay for a long time in Indonesia like to drive by using private vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. Now to avoid problems with the police or the police, the person must always carry a driver’s license or international driving license.

This is useful when a foreigner has a violation on the highway or is hit by a ticket, the document will be free from sanctions and also a ticket.


Another document that should not be forgotten and very obligatory is Visa because this is one of the foreign rules in Indonesia that must be obeyed.

It is unlikely that foreign visitors entering Indonesia without a visa will be immediately returned or labeled as illegal or illegal visitors, indeed in Indonesia for foreign visitor visas have already begun to be released, but not all countries are visa-free when entering Indonesia. Therefore make sure your visa documents are valid and not illegal.

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6. Tourist Passport

Unlike special passports for tours, worker passports are more devoted to experts and professionals who are already contracted by the company or person to work for the agency.

Therefore, having a worker’s passport is very important, and cannot be transferred into a tourist passport or student.

7. Rules of Bringing Work Equipment

Before landing make sure that the luggage brought by foreign visitors is in accordance with government and customs rules in Indonesia.

If the goods carried are not in accordance with the excise tax rules, the goods must go through the excise process and require time and cost if the documents included are not clear enough.

Especially for work equipment or work equipment, there must be a clear and complete guidebook.

8. Rules of Carrying Electronics Goods

Before landing make sure that the luggage brought by foreign visitors is in accordance with government and customs rules in Indonesia.

If the goods carried are not in accordance with the excise tax rules, the goods must go through the excise process and require time and cost if the documents included are not clear enough.

Likewise with electronic goods, if it exceeds the quota or applicable rules it must go through the process of taxes that require time and cost.

9. Rules of Taking Drugs

Rules to bring medicinal products are also rules, whether consumed for themselves let alone who does not. This is to anticipate the existence of drug evaporation and also the illegal actions of the drugs brought.

If the accompanying documents are incomplete or the prescription examples are not available, prepare to record the drugs through the Directorate General of Excise.

10. Rules of Bringing Liquor

You also have to be careful carrying liquor or a type of alcohol. Because the tax has a clear rule when carrying this type of drink it does not exceed the maximum limit and size.

If violated the airport and customs officers will do the inspection and can also remove the excess of the goods. So look at once again the rules in carrying any item, so as not to experience obstacles when entering Indonesia later.

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Here are some foreign rules in Indonesia which can then be used as a guide for every foreigner who will come to Indonesia’s homeland:

  • Any stranger from any country who wishes to use the app and phone is required to register his / her identity as a no. provider. This is clearly a new rule of government to record every citizen in a detailed and detailed manner through regulation of mobile number.
  • Every foreigner must abide by the rules of law applicable in Indonesia, either written law or unwritten law or customary law and traditional law.
  • For you, foreign workers must have insurance coverage provided by companies registered in Indonesia and use the Indonesian currency as a transaction tool.
  • Use public facilities well and do not create mischief or things that are good provocations that can harm yourself and others.
  • Respect every culture and custom that exists in Indonesia and behave in accordance with applicable ethics and in accordance with eastern culture.
  • Not carrying any small sharp weapons such as knives, scissors to swords and weapons before there is clear licensing and concrete evidence.
  • Do not get drunk in public, which may disturb the comfort of others, and do not apply harm or terror.

  • Do not smoke in any place and urinate in accordance with the place provided.
  • Disposing of garbage in its place, the culture maintains the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and does not damage the publicly-provided facilities.
  • Comply with applicable traffic signs, such as using a helmet while driving or having an international driving license and so on.

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Quite a few explanations of the foreign rules in Indonesia, hopefully, the example above becomes knowledge and experience to maintain the existing rules and learn discipline and orderly. Good luck.

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