Rafting in Bali – Best Places for Rafting

One of the most popular water sports for tourists from both foreign and domestic is the sports activity of Bali rafting. So many enthusiasts in rafting activity went to Bali to experience it for many things. Like guaranteed safety and security, service factors, the availability of instructors and river characters that are perfect for beginners. On the island of Bali, there are so many rivers that serve as recreational objects in the form of rafting activities. Sports rafting is a fresh water sport where we are brought across the river flow with the fast flow of a large river that can trigger our adrenaline rush.

In sports rafting, you would need to have great physical body endurance and also teamwork building during the strenuous hours of the adventure of experiencing the river rapid to the rushing finish at the end of the river. Below will be discussed the rivers in Bali that are good for rafting.

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1. Telaga Waja River Rafting

Telaga Waja River has clear water and offers views of rice fields alongside the river and the flow is very heavy. It is suitable for those of you who have a soul of adventure. The next reference is an area called Telaga Waja.

Telaga Waja river flow is one of the streams that can make us feel tense and make our adrenaline peak. Water in Telaga Waja is known to be very clean, with a cool air breezing along the route. The total length of the rafting route in Telaga Waja flower flow is 16 kilometers long.

To the north side, there is also the view of Mount Agung which is the highest mountain in Bali. It will be a great experience if you try rafting on Telaga Waja river. Rafting activity in this river is perfect for those aged between 7-65 years old and want to feel a challenge in life. Telaga Waja River certainly offers a significant difference with other rivers in the area. Telaga Waja River has the longest Bali rafting river flow. If you are rafting on Telaga Waja river and want to walk along a 16-kilometer river track, then you will need to spend about 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

The natural beauty scenery during the river adventure is very captivating and charming because of the atmosphere of an unspoiled area of gardens and rice fields of local residents. There are 3 waterfalls that we can encounter during the rafting along the flow of this river. So you really are going to be presented with the adrenaline rides. When you reach the finish line then there’ll be restaurants that you can use to squash your starving from the heavy activity of rafting and you can find other facilities available at the finish rafting side such as changing rooms and toilets that are also very adequate.

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2. Ayung River Rafting in Ubud

Ayung River is located in Payangan Village Ubud Bali. As you know, Ubud Bali is one of Bali’s most famous tourist attractions. To go to Ayung Ubud River will take 1 hour if you depart from Ngurah Rai Airport Bali. During your trip to the Ubud tourist attraction, you will pass the tourist attractions of Kuta, Denpasar city, and Sanur tourist attractions.

The time taken for rafting in Ubud is approximately 2 hours, with the length of the track or river path about 13 kilometers. During the trip rafting on the Ayung River Ubud, you will be taken to enjoy the rapids of Ayung river, you can also take the photo on the edge of the Ayung Ubud river which has background carvings along the river wall. Engraving on the river wall is characteristic of rafting activity in the Ayung river Ubud

Ayung River is a place famous for its rafting tour, where the flow of this river is suitable to serve as a place of good rafting sport in Bali. The rafting trip route that can be reached in the Ayung river is as far as 12 Kilometers. During paddling, we will be carried along the Ayung river stream with a loud rush of river currents that endlessly douse and wet our bodies completely. Doing rafting exercise in this river must be accompanied by the instructor because of the risk of rafting exercise is that when we fall down from the boat we ride and collided with the rocks of the river that can cause severe injuries if not treated well.

The risk of being squeezed between the rocks is also to be avoided. Therefore the existence of instructors who really experts we must use to accompany us and guide us during paddling along the river rafting.

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3. Melangit River Bali Rafting

For the river Melangit in the village Bakas Klungkung, the most famous provider for rafting trips on the river Melangit is Bakas Levi Rafting. Provider Bakas Levi Rafting is the only rafting operator that provides water rafting sports services on Melangit River. Rafting in the Melangit River Klungkung offers a challenge that is not much different from other rafting places on the island of Bali. The location of the river Melangit has advantages with the natural conditions that are still pristine and very natural.

Natural conditions in the Melangit river also beautiful, the typical rural scenery can hypnotize us with a dish of cool air that makes the body becomes fresh. The water in this river is very cold. The length of the rafting route in this river is 7.5 kilometers. Not only the scenery of a waterfall that we can find here, birds chirping and forest animals crowding along the river come to make us feel comfortable and truly in an area free of noise and pollution. Activities of local communities that are around the river Melangit can also be seen during the paddling trip in this river. The rushing sound of the river becomes a sensation of its own

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4. Rafting in Pakerisan river

If you have ever heard of Tampaksiring Palace location, then Pakerisan River is the main river in the area. Tampaksiring Palace is synonymous with former first Indonesian President Ir. Sukarno. The atmosphere along the rafting route in the Pakerisan river is very peaceful with no machine noise that is disturbing. The length of the rafting route in the Pakerisan river is 4.5 kilometers.

River rafting here is not so hard so maybe you will be safer during the rafting activity along the Pakerisan river.

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5. Rafting in Petanu river

The next reference is rafting along the Petanu river. The Petanu River is also known to have very clear water. Some of the travel routes contain several large boulders that might bother us a little while we are rowing our rubber boat.

The cleanliness of the Petanu river flow is greatly appreciated by the local people, as the community is aware that the Petanu river is used as one of the tourist destinations in Bali. Some of the natural scenery like a rather steep cliff will also be found during the river flow along the Petanu river which also has very cold water.

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On the other hand, there are other places for doing rafting in Bali, as follows:

6. Rafting in Penet river: Penet River on the island of Bali is also used by the people of Bali for rafting activities favored by local tourists and foreign tourists. Penet River is a river that may not be as low in the Melangit river. So maybe this river is perfect for beginners sports rafting. Some locations of waterfalls along the Penet river will certainly create a unique sensation for the rafter. Some natural caves also add exotic rafting in this place.

7. Rafting in Unda river: Unda River is also used as one of the areas to carry out the best rafting tour package on the island of Bali. Unda River is located adjacent to Telaga Waja river. This watershed area also began to be preserved by the local government as one of the destinations for water sport in Klungkung area.

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In addition to the attention of the government of Bali concerning around the river flow then they are also required to maintain the sustainability of the river used as a place of rafting. Given the existence of a natural environment that is a joint responsibility between the government and the community as a whole in maintaining the natural habitat.

The river above is an example that the waterway is very useful for humans, either as a source of drinking water and as a means of recreation that can be an alternative choice for tourists who visit the area. Hence the more tourist came the better it is for local people to grew their economy and spread prosperity.