13 Cultural Activities in Jakarta You Must Know

Jakarta is the busy capital city of Indonesia. The city is packed with many people from all over Indonesia. So, there are many cultures coming together that make Jakarta very unique. But not to worry, if you are interested in learning the culture of Jakarta then here are the 13 Cultural Activities in Jakarta. You can know more about the whole history of Indonesia too.

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1. Visit Taman Mini Indonesia

When you are in Jakarta, definitely visit the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The park lies in the eastern part in Jakarta. It is a cultural park filled with a miniature design of Indonesia. Moreover, you can learn about the different cities and culture in the miniature design. Also you can ride the cable car in the park. From up there, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

2. Go to Jakarta Fair

Each year Jakarta holds an event called as the Jakarta Fair. It is an annual fair that anyone can attend. In the fair, there are music performances, art performances and other various forms of entertainment. Moreover, there are many food that you can try in the fair. Other than that, there is also firework shows.To find the annual schedule for the fair, you can check it out the internet.

3. Attend Jakarta Fashion Week

If you have the chance to attend Jakarta Fashion Week then you should definitely do. It is a great way to understand the culture within Jakarta in a stunning way. Some clothing design in Jakarta Fashion Week have designers from all over Indonesia that put the Indonesian culture into their fashion statement.

4. Visit Monas

Another cultural activity is to visit Monas. Monas is the Indonesia’s National Monument. It reflects the struggle and the celebration of Indonesia. What better way to know a culture than visiting the country’s national monument. It is Jakarta’s icon. The best time to visit Monas would be before or around the time when the sun is about to set.

5. Go to the Istiqlal Mosque

When you are in Jakarta, definitely go to the Istiqlal Mosque. This mosque is one of the the largest mosque in Indonesia and is the largest one in Southeast Asia. It is very close to Monas. Anybody who is not even a Muslim may come to the mosque. However, try not to visit during prayer time. You can wait outside until people have finished praying. Moreover, wear modest clothes when you come to the mosque.

6. Visit the Jakarta Cathedral

Do not miss out the chance on visiting the famous Jakarta Cathedral. It stands right on the opposite of the Istiqlal Mosque. This is how you understand the Indonesia’s value of harmony and tolerance. In the Jakarta Cathedral, enjoy the historical architecture. The place holds a precious history for Jakarta.

7. Visit the Museums

What is a cultural activity without visiting the museums? There are so many museums that lie in Jakarta. For example you can come to the Jakarta History Museum, the Puppet Museum and the Museum of Fine Art and Ceramic. Moreover, definitely spend some time to visit the National History Museum. There is another interesting museum that you can go to in Jakarta. It is the Kite Museum. Kite is a cultural part in Indonesia since a lot of people are passionate about it.

8. Take a Walk Along the Surabaya Street

If you love antique things then take a walk along the Surabaya Street. There are plenty of shops that line up on the street. All of them sells antique things. You may enter the shops and take a look at what they have to offer. Remember to be careful as you do not want to break anything.

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9. Visit the Old Batavia

To know more about the Jakarta history, absorb in the atmosphere in the Old Town. The Old Town is also known as the Old Batavia. Many historical buildings still stand there. You can observe the buildings and take a glimpse into the past life of the people in Jakarta.

10. Spend Time in the Thousand Islands

Make sure that you visit the Thousand Islands. The islands are made up of small islands in the northern Jakarta’s coast. You can take a boat ride from Ancol. The ride is around 3 hours. You can see how the people live their lives there. Moreover, you get to swim around the water in the beaches and enjoy the stunning sunset.

11. Attend National Gallery

Attend the National Gallery of Indonesia while you are in Jakarta. It is one of the famous Indonesian art gallery. The place displays thousands of works from artists all over Indonesia. So you can learn more about Indonesian artists as well as their works. There are sculptures, photographs, paintings and ceramics for you to see.

12. Spend Some Time at Sunda Kelapa Port 

Don’t miss out the chance to spend some time at Sunda Kelapa port. This port is a crucial part in the history of Jakarta. It is an important place for trade in Indonesia. Without this port, Jakarta would not be as good as it is now. You can see the ships and the sails used in the port.

13. Eat Food at Seribu Rasa Menteng

Food lovers would love this particular place in Jakarta. The restaurant offers a wide array of Indonesian cuisine. It is called Seribu Rasa Menteng. It is a famous restaurant with a historical atmosphere. The place has a colonial touch to it. In this restaurant, you can have a taste of Indonesia especially the spices in Indonesia that make Indonesia great.

So these are some cultural activities that are worth your time while you are in Jakarta. Don’t miss out on any of them because you’ll also be missing out on a huge chunk of Jakarta. A large part of Indonesia’s history and culture lies in Jakarta. Discover everything that Jakarta has to offer and you might end up loving the culture.