13 Importance of Religion And Ecology In Indonesia

As individuals and citizens of the Indonesian nation, according to the principle of Pancasila, the first principle of the divinity of Allaah is clear that each of us who become a citizen has a guide and a foundation of religion. Regardless of any religion, every religion has its teachings and rules on the divinity as well as life on earth as a devout servant.

Religion teaches how we can distinguish the black and white, the good and the bad, the lawful and the haram and every behavior that we do will certainly be rewarded both worldly and the afterlife. Therefore it is very important for the existence of religion both individually and socially.

With religion undoubtedly a person will become a whole person, outwardly man was created to be his servant who always obey and piety. However, not a few people who forget religion, even no religion though.

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However, every person has the right of freedom to define a religion even without a religion. As an example and form of religious benefits, here’s the importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia that you can feel:

1. Religion Using Intellect and Mind

Man is advised to think about the creation of the Universe, the alternation of day and night, why and why is a man created ? is there a man who will not die and man will eternal eternal life, is there a day of vengeance ? is there life after death? and certainly, there are many other questions that challenge people to seek answers to those questions.

The role of religion is very important to foster the character and mental human in living this process because in religion there are rules and guidelines so that we humans can and are able to do all the activities and behavior so that humans again facing the god with good circumstances as well.

2. Religion as Choice, Principle, Belief in Life

One importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia are religion. Especially Islam, Islam encourages people who embrace the religion of Islam as a whole (kaffah) is not half-half, so with such conditions that our sense of belief in our religion should be maximized by seeking it with mind, it means, in Islam there is a very foundation fundamental called tauhid, namely the understanding and the belief that God is the one, God.

This explanation is not negotiable because it is the main pillar that must be understood correctly by Muslims. History records, that the prophet Muhammad always teaches politeness, politeness, honesty not only to people of religion, even people outside of Islam too he respected. Of course, this is also taught by any religion.

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3. Religion as the Place of Forging and Learning of the World and the Hereafter

Every religious individual certainly encouraged in any religion to study science anytime. Thus, the high position of a science makes everyone will understand and know how to appreciate each other in the eyes of God and others.

With the science of opening insights to be able to accept the different from us, learn to appreciate and live tolerance side by side with sincere and loving.

4. Religion as Place for the Obedience of the People

In performing worship in any religion, certainly facilitated with the house of worship or the temple as a form of obedience to God. In running the worship of every individual in Indonesia is guaranteed to run in peace and also with full freedom.

Houses of worship such as mosques, churches, temples, monasteries and so forth become one place for people to perform worship and rituals intact and obedient. The house of worship also creates peace, hospitality, ecology for every Jamaat and also the surrounding population.

5. Religion as Savior of Life and Other Beings

The importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia is a religion is not only intended for mankind, but other creatures such as animals, plants, mountains, sea, wind, air have a religious power that makes them worship the One God.

Every living being that animate will get the reward and hisab later. Therefore, for those who do not appreciate the surrounding environment either with fellow human beings and other creatures, then he is not able to run his religion well. The foundation of a religion is to love and to love every creature without being.

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6. Religion as a Place to Eliminate Sin and Fix Errors

As a human being who is not perfect, it is fair to make many mistakes and sins. However, any sin in the eyes of God can be forgiven by immediately repenting and repairing yourself to not do it again.

Religion as a place to redeem all sin by worship and do according to the commandments and rules of God. Every soul will not necessarily live in the so-called world. Later it will come too late if we have become corpses and buried as bodies in the ground.

7. Religion as the Carrier of Truth and Peace

The importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia is religion as a carrier of truth, peace, and coolness for every living being in the world. If you have known and deepen your religion, it will create a calm and coolness in the soul and the physical will feel fresher.

Every religion has a doctrine and commands to keep the peace, to create the love of every creature and to keep the environment more orderly without destructive by rampant. When a man is blind to that, then the impending destruction of this world.

8. Religion as a Balancing Universe

The universe was created for all living things, with the exception of animals, plants, mountains, seas and so on. In the creation of the universe certainly, God has made scenarios and rules that can serve as the foundation for human life.

All the universe is governed by God and goes according to his will, just imagine this universe if not regulated would not run in a balanced way. Therefore, keep the natural environment around then we will be guarded by nature and God.

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9. Religion as the Unifier of the Nation

Religion as the belief of every individual becomes one of the media to unite the nation. As one of the importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia which gives good impact in the life of society.

With religion creating a life of mutual help, help, tolerance, and unity of religions whatever it is. Religion also makes individuals care about each other, other beings and also the surrounding environment and nature.

10. Religion As A Form Of Human Behavior

The behavior and habits of a person without being offset by religion certainly will not lead to self-correction.

One person will not know what is right and wrong, the haraam and the halal, the good and the bad. With the basis of a good and strong religion, of course, any behavior that is not true will be shunned, and increasingly increasing the day itself by increasing obedience to God Almighty. With the religion of every human being will be good, honest, fair and full of positive aura.

The importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia can be exemplified as:

  • One system of faith or order of belief in the existence of something absolute outside man.
  • One system of worship of man to whom he perceives the absolute.
  • One system of rules governing human relationships with fellow human beings and human relationships with other natural, appropriate and in line with the order of faith and order of worship.

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Thus the explanation of the 13 importance of religion and ecology in Indonesia, may be useful and to meet again.