15 Endemic Fish In Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its rich marine state and also as a maritime country. Of course with the motto that makes Indonesia a country producing abundant marine resources. Many marine resources, as well as aquatic products, are used as food commodities and decorations.

Indonesian endemic fish is a type of fish found only in Indonesia and not found elsewhere. Not even a few of these endemic fish are only found in one particular island or region in Indonesia alone. Indonesia is one of the countries rich in freshwater fish species.

Indonesia is in the 3rd position as the country with the largest freshwater fish species in the world, with total species reaching 1155 species.

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Much Indonesian endemic fish that live in freshwater and saltwater, to find out what endemic fish in Indonesia, here’s an example:

  1. Saltwater Fish

The abundance of marine fish in Indonesia also means the variety of marine fish and processed cuisine is also very diverse.

As Japan is known for its Salmon sushi-sashimi, some regions in Indonesia also have excellent marine fish. For example Cakalang in the area of North Sulawesi and Teri in North Sumatra.

2. Mackerel Tuna or Tongkol Fish

Originating from the same family, the cob fish is at first glance similar to skipjack and tuna.

With a slightly darker and svelte color, the length of tuna fish is about 60 cm in average. The back of the cob is a metallic dark blue with a striped pattern. Tongkol more consumed Java and Sumatran society.

3. Cakalang Fish

Cakalang has a lighter color than cobs, so it is often called “white cob”. The main difference lies in the formation of body fatter than cob.

The color is purplish blue to dark. Cakalang is a favorite food of Sulawesi and Maluku.

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4. Anchovy Fish

Although usually small, anchovies have many benefits. Anchovy is said to be good for heart health, bone and regulate blood sugar because of high calcium content, omega 3 fatty acids and low saturated fat content and carbohydrates.

Anchovies can be found in dry, wet or salted conditions. Read more here about why you should eat lots of wet fish. But the content of calcium and phosphorus is more prevalent in dried anchovies. Anchovy became one of the most popular epidemic fish in Indonesia.

5. Snapper Fish

There are two types of snapper, red snapper (Red Snapper) and white snapper (White Seabass). Although both named snapper, these two fish come from different fish tribes.

Red Snapper is touted as a favorite of professional chefs because it is easily mixed with various spices and thick flesh and thorns that collect in the middle. The taste is also stronger than the white snapper.

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6. Baronang Fish

One of an endemic fish in Indonesia is Samadar fish in Maluku and Biawas in Central Java, long adult Baronang reaches 20-45 cm.

The shape of his body widened and flattened with small scales according to his type. Some types of Baronang include Baronang tompel, wind, milk, batik, kea-kea, and pepper.

What needs to be attention is the back of Baronang fish equipped with poisonous sharp spines embedded under the skin. The poison of the spines is not deadly but can cause severe poisoning. Although thorny, fish meat Baronang quite safe to eat.

7. Mackerel Fish or Tenggiri

Again from the same family as tuna and bloated, the processed mackerel fish is probably the most famous in Indonesia has even become an export commodity.

Adult mackerel generally sized elongated even less than 1 meter. There is also a mackerel Malay whose length can be more than 2 meters.

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8. Mullet Fish

This fish is a fish that lives in tropical and sub-tropical seas. With an elongated shape and flat, physical mullet fish at first glance similar to milkfish.

This fish is also known as one of the economic sea fish with a very affordable price. The texture of this mullet’s meat is a little hard if fried.

9. Freshwater Fish

Fish Consumption derived from waters on land is usually referred to as Freshwater Fish consumption. How to catch freshwater fish was almost by catching seawater fish by fishing directly or caught with a net.

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10. Baung Fish

Baung fish or scientific name Mystus spp. is classified in freshwater fish found in ASEAN countries including in Indonesia.

Baung many fish in the river including the river of Central Kalimantan and its size can reach 20 kg. The bait that will be used for this fishing is usually the brown-green ant.

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11. Pomfret Fish

Pomfret (Bramidae) is a family of Perciformes. In general, pomfret fish is divided into two types: white pomfret (sea water pomfret) and black red pomfret (freshwater pomfret).

White pomfret is higher in demand than black pomfret. Bawal fish are found in the Hindi Ocean beside Africa, Indonesia, and Japan.

Bawal fish live and swim to form a small group. pomfret is also said to often be found along with the shrimp at the bottom of the water, these fish become endemic fish in Indonesia is healthy and tasty.

12. Eel Fish

Eels are good for health, including iron, arginine, zinc, isoleucine, B2 (riboflavin), omega 3 leucine, high calories, vitamin A, sodium, protein, calcium, omega 6, B3 (niacin) B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), B12 (cobalamin), B1 (thiamin), C, E, magnesium, cholesterol, selenium, and phosphorus.

Eels have several properties, such as nourish the brain and help the child’s growth process (isoleucine), source of vitamins, prevent anemia (iron), protein sources for all age groups including children, muscle protein formation (leucine), heart health and cancer treatment (arginine), bone strengthening (phosphorus), and stamina enhancer (calories). Read more about  Traditional Practices in Indonesia


Examples of some endemic fish in Indonesia fresh water are as follows:

  • Betok Fish. Fish Betok is commonly found in small rivers, trenches, rice fields, swamps and also in ponds with open waterways. These fish prey on small aquatic animals and various insects. Fish Betok is rarely nourished and is more often caught as a disturbing wild fish.
  • Betutu Fish. This betutu fish does have a distinctive appearance so easy to remember by us. With endurance for hours without moving a bit from its place, fish betutu dubbed as fish lazy or stupid fish because when it is full not want to touch the food even in front of him though.
  • Fish Cork. Fish cork or fish cursing commonly found in rivers, swamps, lakes, and fields to the waterways. This fish preys on various insects, small fish, frogs, and tadpoles. Often the corks are carried away by flooding into the trenches and being around our homes, or entering fish-raising ponds and certainly becoming pests because they will prey on the pets in the pond.
  • Gurame Fish. Live gurame fish, river, and ponds. Occasionally these fish come to the surface of the water to breathe directly from the air. Mains of carp, for some time, will protect and nurture her children. The eggs are attached to aquatic plants or placed in nests that have been made from herbs. Read more about Facts of Indonesian Tea
  • Catfish. Catfish or Keli Fish is mostly farmed in Indonesia for consumption. fish keli usually obtained by fishing and cultivated. Assessment of the taste of catfish meat varies, some say have a wonderful taste delicious, some also think it has a bad taste. Catfish is one of endemic fish in Indonesia that sell well and cheap price.

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Thus some examples of endemic fish in Indonesia are healthy and safe for consumption in your daily menu. See you.