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17 Effects of Mass Tourism in Bali That You Can See and Feel

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Bali is a lot of fun. This small island which is smaller than the Java island or the other big islands in Indonesia can attract way more people than them. What’s the secret behind this? Why this small island is very appealing? The answer is the tourism. Bali is always increasing the quality and variants of tourism in order to attract more tourists and “maintain” them.


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Thanks to that effort to improve tourism, there’s always massive number of tourists who visit the island each year. The existence of tourists may bring good things to Bali island and its people. People are starting to get along with the tourists, all seems nice. But there’s always the other side of the coing. There must be bad effects from this. That’s why we her to tell you about the effects of mass tourism in Bali, the good and bad side of it.


1. Bali is way crowder now

The first effects of mass tourism in Bali that is pretty clear is the situation around Bali. Years ago, Bali is like a lone island located in the east side of Java island, inhabit by a great kingdom of Bali which is really strict with culture and local rules, so people from outside the island really hard to enter it. But now, after many years of development, Bali became most visited island in Indonesia.

With all the testimonies or reviews about some good places, spots, or attractions in Bali island, many people are massively come to this island to feel the experience directly. Of course they want to spend their time, efforts, including financial supports just for visiting Bali island with many purposes. Thanks to them, Bali island is no longer a lonely island.

2. Many hotels were built

To accomodate the numbers of tourist that start growing up from years, the goverment including the privates want to give the best accomodations for them. That’s why, even in small areas on the island, you can see hotels lining up like they are marching or something. They were supposedly built there, and of course the owners are really happy because their hotels can always full.

The hotels are not only good for both tourists who want to look for comfortable places to rest anthe owners who gaining much profit from their property business, the government can also get a benefit from this. In Indonesia, or many other countries, there’s a tax for hotel that included in local tax, not national tax. So the government of Bali can get some portions from the legal hotel business.

3. Increase in government financial because of taxes

If some of you may not know about this, the government income are coming from many sources. You can name it, the investations, profit from national companies, retributions, and also taxes. In Bali and most areas in Indonesia, there are three different tax systems, the national, provinci tax, and also local tax.

This other effects of mass tourism in Bali can increase the government income in tax, especially the local taxes like hotel tax, restaurant tax, entertainment tax, parking tax, etc. The tourists really depend on those, and the owners should respect those taxes in order to make their business legal and way from fines. They always use hotel, and of course enjoying the entertainments available in the island. The tourists should park their vehicle when stopping somewhere.

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4. Name of Balinese culture if more famous

Like said many times not only on this site but also around the world, the things that hipnotizing from Bali island are not just the attractions. Yeah, they are really pretty, especially the ones that look really exclusive and can’t be found in the other areas. But, for some people, the Balinese culture is the best reason to come to this island.

In an unique culture, they can find realy different aspects and colors, and feel interested to learn about them some more. That’s why, some of them are willingly to join the art performances such as learning Kecak Dance, learning to make Balinese Batik, having good times practicing to cook traditional Balinese meals, and many others.

5. Unemployed locals can have decent jobs

The mass tourism in this island is of course really giving an impact for the locals. With the foreigners coming to their areas, they need to do something to make the situation around more comfortable, secure, and safe in order to give their true face of Balinese people, which is really friendly, humble, and always helpful.

Even though the existence of those attractions can give several bad effects to the environment if the corresponding management did no take the social responsibility seriously, it’s helping to locals to have a pretty decent job. They can be anything they can, like guide, stall owner, parking staff, and many more. With decent skill in English, they can even be hired by big companies as guide or area analyst.

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6. Increases in people’s wealth

With the interested tourists coming along to Bali island, people who live in Bali for such a long time as locals should use this opportunity to increase their wealth. They can create some things that have the Balinese value and having a great quality for any tourists who interested in things like craftings and any othe cultural stuff.

And then, they can sell their products to the most notable places or markets in Bali. For example, there’s a perfect place like Sukowati Art Market, a market complete with so many Balinese thingies. People should be creative to produce new stuff that looks really interesting and eye catching. With the market competition out there, it’s really nice to see people can get really creative with their ideas.

7. Becoming a media to meet different people around the world

With a lot of people coming to this island in almost every holiday, Bali is undoubtedly a suitable place for meeting and in the same time, refreshing. Many business meetings, especially international business that reaching South East Asia region always take place in Bali island. The reason? Because of the good environment, for oth stress relieving and business.

Aside from business purposes, you can just come to Bali to meet with different people from all over the world. Like, if you want to meet Eurpean, American or other races, you can just come to Bali and having high probability to meet them. It’s also a good place to practice your English, because phyisically practicing in literatureis very important.

8. Many locals are able to speak in English

One of the great thing that people have in this world is English. Yes, the language is the internationa language that can unite us all. People who coming from different parts of the world can speak, communicating with the others who also came from different countries with this language. So, we should understand that learning English is very important.

The massive tourism force the locals to study English as soon as possible. With decent skill, they can even open up new business that specially built for them. Also, they can understand each other more easily, and can be friends for the future prospects. Doesn’t it look beautiful when people can understand each other through a medium called English?


Of course, there’s always the other side of the coin in the effects of mass tourism in Bali.

9. Many people in Bali, especially teenagers start to forgetting or abandoning their culture

Because of its features, Bali island can be famous even in only short period of time. People then starting to come in, with their different norms, cultures, and behaviors. If the locals can stay to believe their own principals in live, hold their culture and religion firmly, then they only have a slight chance to be affected by foreign cultures.

If not, something bad will happen. This phenomenon is already happening. Teenagers and people who live and work really close with the foreigners  are starting to copying and abandoning Balinese culture. Yes, not all of them are doing this. But still, it’s very concerning, remembering that Bali island is mainly known as very religious and cultural island.

10. Foreign cultures are slowly penetrating

Yes, without a certain “defense” like conserving, maintaining, and respecting local culture, people can easily get confuse, and finally decided to choose the best culture that can suit their life based on their perspective by abandoning and fully forgetting their original culture. This one can be really bad, because the culture is like one of many core values we have in our life.

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Aside from both of them, we also have the other bad effects of mass tourism in Bali that you can see below :

  1. Many people have made some places look very bad
  2. Many buildings, villas, and resorst are making the green areas in Bali narrower
  3. Many tourists are disrespecting Balinese culture
  4. Investors are coming to rip-Bali-off
  5. Vandalizm actions done by the tourists
  6. The island is getting hotter and hotter each year
  7. Trash can even be found on the beach water

That’s the effects ot mass tourism in Bali. So, after visiting Bali or seeing the island through different types of media, what do you think about this island? Can the Balinese people survive from this upgoing modernization that can slowly decay their culture? Please submit your comment below

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